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2012 and Matters Relating

So what's the significance of the 2012 date and what is the origin of the idea that something dramatic and far reaching is going to happen in the year 2012? What exactly will occur at this time? In this article I'll be discussing some of the most commonly held beliefs concerning what may happen in 2012 then I will describe in some detail what I think and trust will actually manifest in and around this year.

Originally it was the Mayans who held 2012 to be very special because it was when one of their many calendars called the Long Count Calendar would end. The Mayans created about 20 or so calendars in all but the Long Count is special for being the one used to measure the greatest time spans, each cycle lasting approximately 5125 years. So we are coming towards the end of the current Long Count cycle which will end in 2012. The Mayans were very advanced in their Astronomical and Mathematical knowledge at the peak of their civilization which was from around 250 CE to 900 CE. And it seems they were very keen on their calendars.

There was a specific reason why they held the 2012 to be so special and in particular the Winter Solstice of 21st December 2012. This is because a special Astrological and Astronomical phenomenon occurs on this date and which only occurs once every 28800 years. Sometimes referred to as the Galactic alignment, this is when the plane of the ecliptic, which is the line over which the trajectories of the planets pass in the sky, intersects with a point in the Milky Way which corresponds to the centre of the Galaxy. The plane of the ecliptic roughly forms a cross together with the axis of the Milky way so at the centre of this cross will be found the Galactic centre on the 21st of December 2012. And what's more, near the time of sunrise on this day, the Sun will be found directly over the centre of this cross too and also aligning itself with the Galactic Centre relative to the Earth. This is supposed to be a happenstance of very high significance and many Astrologers take this to mark the beginning of the 28800 year cycle known as the Great Year or Platonic Year. Apparently the Mayans knew about this Galactic Alignment, calculated it's exact date and then made their Long Count Calendar end on this exact time. This 28800 year cycle is also the time it takes for the other Astronomical/Astrological phenomenon known as the precession of the Equinoxes, to complete one whole cycle. In the course of which the World goes through exactly 12 phases lasting 2000 years or so, which correspond to the different signs of the Zodiac. By this reckoning we are coming towards the house of Pisces and entering the house of Aquarius which signals the birth of a new age.

So what's going to happen come 2012? There are many theories and speculative ideas. I'll go through a representative selection of these and then present my own thoughts about what's going to occur. So I'll begin first by listing the different scenarios and expanding upon each point. The various main ideas concerning what will happen in 2012 are as follows;

1./ A Global Shift in Consciousness

2./ A Shift to a higher vibrational frequency

3./ The UFO Mother Ship will land

4./ A Pole Shift or Pole Reversal

5./ Freak Sunspot Activity from a Solar Maximum

6./ A Comet or Asteroid will hit the Earth


A Global Shift in Consciousness in 2012

Firstly the most common idea surrounding 2012 is that there is going to be some global shift in consciousness, some sort of mass awakening or Enlightenment happening the World over. This would seem to correspond with some prophecies found in the various scriptures of World Religion. In several places in the Bible there is the prophetic passage which says that 'In the final days I will pour out my spirit upon the Earth, your young men and women will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams.' This is often interpreted to mean some sort of internal spiritual drama that unfolds on a mass scale at the end of the age. A variation on this theme of a 'mass awakening', is the notion of the emergence of some sort of collective consciousness. The New Age writer José Argüelles has proposed a linking up with the 'Galactic Consciousness' that will occur in 2012 and the Psychedelic Terence McKenna has speculated that we will see the birth of self conscious Artificial Intelligence in and around this time.


A Shift to a higher vibrational frequency in 2012

Somewhat related to a shift in consciousness but with a more material twist is the notion of a mass shift in 'Vibrational frequency' that will occur in 2012. This idea which has gained some currency in the New Age and Psychedelic scenes, holds that through various exercises and methods a person may raise his or her 'Vibrational Frequency'. It is further believed that if a person carries on this process to a sufficient level then they literally transcend the physical plane and exist in a higher dimension, without physical needs and becoming invisible to lesser mortals existing at a lower 'Vibrational Frequency'. This idea probably derived from 19th Theosophical notions of Ascended Masters living in the Himalayas and coming down to influence human affairs at critical junctures in World history. It was further made quite popular by the New Age best selling book The Celestine Prophecy, which was also made into a film. Also the mistaken notion that the sudden disappearance of the Mayans and the over night disintegration of their civilization was due to their having achieved, on mass, a higher Vibrational Frequency enabling them to transcend the physical plane. This interpretation of things has been used to support this same idea under discussion of bodily transcendence through raising ones Vibrational Frequency. However, recent scientific research carried out by NASA analyzing pollen deposits around lake Tikal seem to indicate that during the time of the disappearance of the Mayans the surrounding vegetation consisted of weeds. This suggests that the Mayans died out through over populating, over farming, systematic deforestation and ecological collapse.


The UFO Mother Ship will land in 2012

The next idea in our list for 2012 possibilities is the very imaginative but largely unsupported prediction that at this time the UFO Mother Ship, which has been sending out all the UFOs that have been flying around for the past few decades, will finally make contact with humankind and land on Earth. Of course if this happened it would certainly be the most 'earth shattering' occurrence since anyone can remember or imagine. The thought that an advanced alien civilization, immeasurably technologically superior to ours, will impact upon human affairs is at the same time exciting, frightening and also quite inspiring. Life as we know it and the course of history would be forever changed as a result. Nice if it happened, perhaps, but unfortunately absolutely no proof or reliable indication has been given that this will come to pass... so far anyway.


A Pole Shift or Pole Reversal in 2012

Our next 2012 scenario is that there will be a pole shift where the magnetic poles of the planet will totally reverse their bearings and do a 180 degree about turn, so that compasses which previously pointed North will then point due South. Apart from playing havoc with the navigation systems of humankind and migrating birds, it is speculated this upheaval will trigger all sorts of chaos and calamity. At first this notion of a pole reversal may seem outlandish and far fetched. That is until we learn that the Magnetic Poles are already moving. In fact the Magnetic North Pole is moving from its current location in Northern Canada slowly towards Siberia at a slow but accelerating rate of approximately 40km per year. Though this movement is not of a sufficient magnitude to effect any sort of pole reversal by 2012, all the same by then the poles will definitely have shifted a little bit. Scientists actually do believe that we are about to undergo a pole reversal but reckon that the process will take hundreds if not thousands of years. This is a natural phenomenon which has occurred often though quite irregularly in the Earth's history. Apparently the last reversal was some 780, 000 years ago.


Freak Sunspot Activity from a Solar Maximum in 2012

Going off into outer space now, our final two 2012 scenarios deal with events and circumstances taking place initially outside of the planet to eventually impact on human affairs here on Earth. The first of these involves the idea that come 2012 there is going to be a burst of freak sunspot activity that will hurl energy clouds towards the Earth which will cause all kinds of disruption and cataclysm. Sunspots are like huge magnetic storms that take place on the surface of the Sun. Each sunspot can be the size of our planet and they have a habit of exploding, sending streams of energy out into space. These clouds of solar particles contain the energy equivalent to 10 billion Hydrogen Bombs. There have been instances of power lines and communications satellites being disrupted by previous periods of high sunspot activity. It is speculated by some that an intense period of sunspot activity, sending a sufficiently powerful burst of energy directly towards the Earth, may cause enough damage to our communications, defence and power systems to throw human civilization into total chaos. It is known that sunspot activity follows roughly an 11 year cycle with a peak called a Solar Maximum, which corresponds to high sunspot activity, and a trough called a Solar Maximum, where the Sun is more quiescent. 2012 will be the date of the next Solar Maximum. However there has been evidence that sunspot activity has been getting less in recent times which may argue against this 2012 doomsday scenario. At the same time supporters of this idea may see this as the calm before the storm.


A Comet or Asteroid will hit the Earth in 2012

Our final 2012 scenario was first described in the 1997 book 'The Bible Code' by Michael Drosnin. In it he describes how in 2012 a massive asteroid or comet may hit the Earth and cause enough damage to throw humankind back into the dark ages. This frightening but seemingly improbable turn of events was given some support from the most unlikely of places. In 2005 Nature Magazine, which is the most prestigious science journal in the World, published a paper that came from one of the most respected research institutions in the United States, the University of California in Berkeley. In it the authors, Richard Muller and Robert Rhode described how they examined the 542 million year fossil record. What they found was that like clockwork mass extinctions regularly occurred on this planet at periodic intervals of between every 62 to 65 million years. During this time around 75 per cent of all the species living on the planet will be wiped out in a sudden catastrophe. We know that the last mass extinction, which wiped out the dinosaurs, occurred around 65 million years ago. And we also know that this was caused by a massive asteroid strike that impacted in the Yucatan peninsula creating the enormous 180km diameter Chixulub crater. Coincidentally this crater is in the vicinity of where the Mayans would set up their culture 65 million years later and produce the famous calendar ending on 2012. So all this has led scientists to believe that for some as yet unknown reason, the Earth regularly witnesses massive mass extinction causing, asteroid strikes around every 65 million years or so. By this reckoning there is the real and alarming possibility that we are over due for one and that a very large rock from outer space may impact the planet some time soon. Perhaps even in 2012?


Map showing the location of the Chicxulub crater on the edge of the Yucatan PeninsulaGravitational Density map showing the impression of the actual Chicxulub Crater which is buried underground

The above map to the left shows the location of the Chicxulub crater which is a 180km wide impression left by the asteroid which is believed to have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. Scientists now believe that these large asteroid strikes occur regularly at intervals of roughly 65 million years and that we could be due for another strike at any point in time, around now. It is a quite astounding coincidence that the asteroid landed in exactly that part of the World, just off the Yucatan Peninsula, where the Mayans lived and made their predictions for 2012. Could this remarkable synchronous juxtaposition be telling us something? The computer generated image on the right shows the actual crater which is actually buried. The graph actually shows differences in the gravitational density of the ground underneath the crater location.


How can we get a better idea of what's going to happen in 2012?

Perhaps some of the above scenarios will unfold in some shape or form in 2012 or perhaps non of them will transpire. But how can we have more certain knowledge of what will occur? The answer can be found when we come to understand that the 2012 phenomenon is a part of a wider picture, a piece of a larger jigsaw puzzle. This enlarged perspective is made up when taking into account the different prophecies that can be found in most of the major Religions and many of the mystery traditions of this World. In a separate section of this website entitled 'The Prophecies are now', I show how all the different prophecies and calendar predictions come together to paint a picture that has an uncanny correspondence to circumstances of the World in which we live today. Furthermore I show that there are unique and unprecedented general conditions of the World and that these prophecies seem to have foretold their coming into being. These special conditions are firstly the Coming One World Order and Global Village. No time in recorded history has the planet and humanity been brought together into such a connected single entity. Secondly the Planet in Peril, like no other time before, we face the possibility of an environmental and ecological catastrophe that could threaten the future survival of the human race the World over. Thirdly, we have witnessed in recent times a Universal Decline in World Religion characterized by a falling away into Secular Humanism and Atheism but also a degeneration into Religious Fundamentalism and New Age. This is an unprecedented state of affairs brought about by an unprecedented cause i.e. the rise of Scientific Rationalism.


The Apocalypse or Revelation will occur in 2012

There is a fourth special and unique condition of the age, which is to do with the Apocalypse and the Final Revelation. Now, the actual meaning of the word 'Apocalypse' directly translated from greek is 'the unveiling of the hidden thing'. What is this hidden thing if not the hidden secret behind all World Religion. In another section of this website entitled, 'The truth behind World Religion', I show that this hidden truth is the idea that a person's real identity and true nature is God, or in effect that 'Everyone is God'. With regard to present times this most ultimate of truths is finally in a position to be fully explained and revealed. The evolution of humankind's understanding in science and philosophy has taken us to a point where a convincing and compelling case can finally be made for the idea that everyone is God. So that today what historically has always been the unbelievable truth has finally become the inescapable truth. The full revelation of this truth is effectively and actually the Apocalypse. I believe it is this aspect of the prophecies which will unfold specifically in the year 2012. I believe something will happen in 2012 that will be a critical part and enabling factor that will help bring about the wide spread acceptance and understanding of the ultimate truth that 'everyone is god'. What follows is what I expect to be occurring in and around this time.


The emergence of a Final and Unified Theory of the Brain and Mind in 2012, that will have dramatic consequences

A rather unexpected event of far reaching consequence will take place in London in and around the middle of the year 2012. A person, as yet unknown to the World, will reveal and demonstrate a definitive theory of the brain and explain the process of mind. The Holy Grail of science, a final unified theory of the brain, which some people speculate may be 50 to 100 years off into the future, will emerge from a lone scholar working on his own, completely outside of the academic and corporate institutions. In a manner similar to Einstein, who produced his Theory of Relativity while working as a Patent Office clerk, this person will have spent his adult life entirely outside of the traditional centres of scientific research. This final theory of the brain will be accepted rather quickly in the same way that the idea of the Double Helix as the structure of DNA was obvious and immediately convincing to people, once it was clearly described. So it will be also with this theory of Brain and Mind. It's sheer beauty, elegance and ability to explain and simplify the voluminous data and myriad facts about brain structure and physiology; will mean that people, brain scientists and interested lay persons alike, will feel quite compelled to accept its validity, usefulness and truth. The revelation of this final unified brain theory will in and of itself be a momentous happenstance. And there are further ramifications of the theory. In order to be able to show the mystical and spiritual implications of this brain theory, I'll first need to spend a long paragraph going into some of the details of the nature of the brain theory, as follows.


Aspects of the Brain Theory relevant to present discussion

This brain theory will show that the brain is a Fractal computing architecture. I'll clarify the previous sentence immediately. The word Fractal is a mathematical term which describes structures whose basic form is repeated within itself at smaller scales so that the overall form is made up of smaller copies of itself, which in turn are made up of even smaller copies and so on. Like wheels contained within a wheel that have the same shape as the containing wheel; and which in turn contain even smaller wheels, again having the same shape as the largest overall enclosing wheel. Wheels within wheels within wheels all with the same design, turning round and round. In relation to the brain theory this means that a basic structure and process is repeated throughout the brain, in its entirety and also by its components and sub-components and so on to the level of its atomic constituent i.e. the neuron or brain cell. Similarly the theory describes how a certain kind of tree-like structure is also manifest in the brain at all levels of consideration from the microscopic to the scale of overall brain structure and also in the brains representation of knowledge. So the brains basic structure and fundamental processes are the same at all scales and repeated throughout its extent. That is, the functioning of the brains atomic components i.e. neurons can be understood using the same theoretical concepts as those used to describe the functioning of the entire brain. And also that the same theoretical concepts which apply to the entire brain similarly can be applied to all of its constituent parts at all levels of description.


Ancient Universal Spiritual and Metaphysical concepts are perfectly reflected in brain structure and its processes

So what has all this talk about the brain theory got to do with the Apocalypse or the revelation of the truth that everyone is God and what mystical or spiritual relevance does this brain theory have? Well, the answer is this. Firstly the fractal and self similar structure and process of the brain reflects the mystical/religious concept of correspondence or the idea that 'we are made in the image of God', that the microcosm reflects the macrocosm,and that 'as is the Universe so is the Atom' etc. Inherent in the fractal brain theory is this idea that the small reflects the large, that the contained reflects the container and that the components reflect the composite.

Furthermore this theory of the brain also encapsulates and contains implicitly within its central concepts and processes, other timeless mystical and metaphysical ideas also found in the esoteric traditions of all the Worlds Religions. Ideas such as the notion of the Cosmic Tree, i.e. the Asvatha tree described in the Bhagavad Gita, the Tree of Sepphiroth of Kabbalah, Yggdrasil of Pagan myth etc. Also ideas such as the Cosmic Battle, Ahriman versus Ohrmazd in Zoroastrianism, Satan or the Devil meaning Adversary, dark versus light, chaos versus order etc, another recurring spiritual theme. And also metaphysical notions such as the Cosmic process of Emanation and the mystical notions of Cosmic Aggregation or coming togetherness.

In other words this brain theory apart from being a unification and elucidation of neuroscientific data and facts; also acts as a vehicle for the return of these central esoteric ideas, and will help facilitate their dissemination and more widespread acceptance. So inherent in brain physiology and structure is the expression of these eternal mystical truths. If these same mystical ideas are viewed as structures and processes, then what we're saying is that the structures of the brain reflect that of the Cosmic Tree, and the processes of the brain reflect the mystical metaphysical processes of Emanation, Aggregation and the Cosmic battle. In this way, not only is the brain theory a scientific entity, it is at the same time a mystical Rosetta stone that allows us to better understand and decode ancient universal truths found in the esoteric heart of the World's religions. For it is in the structure and processes of the brain that these universal truths are given their full expression.


Diagram showing the correspondences between the brain theory and various Scientific Views on the Universe, together with correspondence with Mystical and Spiritual ideas

The above diagram is meant to show the correspondences between on the one hand various aspects of the Brain Theory, listed in the left most column, and on the other hand, related Scientific and Mystical/Spiritual ideas. As discussed earlier it shows that key mystical/spiritual ideas are also inherent aspects of the brain theory, so that the brain theory is the means by which these ancient ideas can make a return and be accepted by mainstream society. This interest correspondence would make sense if the mystery of Consciousness and the mystery of God are one and the same. Then we should expect the brain, it's structures and process, to reflect something of the Divine. This diagram tabulates some of the ways that this is indeed the case. Even more controversially, by including various ideas or facets from Science in this table, we are trying to suggest and give support for the idea that the structure and workings of the Brain are very special and fundamental, in that they contain the microcosmic representation of the structure and workings of the Universe. That is, the brain theory is also a theory of everything outside of the brain, i.e. society, the World, and the entire Universe. So that not only can we interpolate aspects of the world into the brain, for example some prominent neuroscientists suggest that the process of evolution is happening in the dynamics of the brain; but also that we can fully extrapolate from the brain to gain an understanding of the processes, structure and purpose of the Universe i.e. life. The brain is therefore like a Rosetta Stone which fully reflects the overall structure and process of the Universe. To understand the brain is also to understand the Universe. In recent years, Scientist have started to see the fabric of the Universe in terms of information. The next step is to understand that the informational universe is structured as knowledge and that the structure of this knowledge of the Universe is the Cosmic Tree. The process of the Universe i.e. Life, is also Epistemology or the process of knowledge, the brain theory will show how this is the case. Indeed the Microcosm reflects the Macrocosm, and the microcosm of brain reflects the macrocosm of the entire Universe.


The Brain Theory also puts its discoverer in a good position to explain to the World the Nature of God, i.e. that the mystery of God and the mystery of Consciousness are one and the same

The person who is acknowledged by the World, as the one who has figured out how the brain works will also be the person in the best position to tell the World what is the nature of Consciousness. That person's views on the nature on Consciousness will gain the kind of attention and respect that no philosopher or neuroscientist has hitherto commanded. From here that person can then go on to show the World the relationship between Consciousness and God. Another way of saying the idea that everyone is God is to say that the mystery of Consciousness and the mystery of God are one and the same. In the future this will seem quite obvious.

For instance some important properties of Consciousness, that it is Transcendent and yet Immanent, are exactly properties also attributed to God. Consciousness is transcendent for it cannot be reduced to physical matter and this is a problem that philosophers and neuroscientists haven't been able to get around. No matter how hard they try they cannot show how Consciousness emerges from the Brain and the simple reason why is because it doesn't. This is because it is the opposite that is true. The physical brain along with the entire physical Universe actually emerges from the one Consciousness that is God.

And Consciousness is Immanent, there is nothing closer to a person than his or her own Consciousness. So this corresponds with the idea of the God within, the Christ within, Krishna within, Buddha within, 'Allah closer to you than you jugular vein', etc. So what we have here are, Consciousness and God, are two mysteries which are really the same mystery and two puzzles which are really different aspects of the same puzzle. So if this person, the discoverer of the brain theory, explains this to the World then this person will be believed on a mass scale and to an extent that will be unprecedented. So in order to explain to the World that everyone is God, i.e. that the mystery of Consciousness and mystery of God are one and the same, you have to first get people's attention. This will come about through the brain theory with the excitement and interest it will generate. Once all the Eyes of the World are gazing upon this certain person then that individual is in a good position to present to the World a convincing and compelling case for the truth and be believed by many. I believe a final definitive theory of the brain will give its creator the intellectual authority, respect and the most effective sanction for explaining to the World the nature of Consciousness and so tell the World the nature of God, that everyone is God and that we are all of the same one cosmic soul, undivided and indivisible.


The Ultimate Theory of the Brain and Mind will be the key to understanding the process of Enlightenment or awakening to our true nature that is God

No matter how you look at it Enlightenment is a mind game. With our finite minds contained within our finite physical bodies we may seek to merge with the infinite mind of God and exist in the true nature of our Cosmic body. The things we do in life, our actions, our thoughts and our feelings, though not emergent simply from the brain, nonetheless are reflected in brain process and physiology. Through an understanding of how our brains work together with the recognition that sacred processes are being enacted in dynamics of our minds and that cosmic structures are manifested in our physical brains; then we may come to understand the processes by which perfection is gained and Enlightenment is attained.

On one level the Final Theory of the Brain and Mind will have immediate and clear implications for the fields of mental health and psychological well being. And of course an understanding of how our minds work will enable us to optimize the way we function in our daily lives and so will have a tremendous impact on the areas of self improvement and self development. On a higher level the understanding of the workings of the Brain and Mind will also allow us to fully understand how and why it is that people become God or achieve Enlightenment. When we recognize that macrocosmic processes, Sacred Archetypes or Aspects of the Divine are being played out in the microcosms of our lives and reflected in the substrate of our brains and neural processes, as described earlier; then we have a way of determining why some spiritual approaches may work better than others, and what might work best for different people and also what probably wouldn't work at all. In this way the Final Theory of the Brain also lays the foundations for the Science of Enlightenment and a framework for understanding and unifying all previous mystical ideologies, paths and techniques in order to fine tune and create better methods for the 21st century.

Effectively the Final Theory of the Brain is also a way of seeing how it is that we are made in the Image of God. Or put another way how it is that the microcosm of our lives reflects the macrocosm of Universe. It shows us that this divine image is a process and that in our lives we enact this process imperfectly, incompletely and in a distorted fashion. It also shows us that this process is being played out throughout the brain at all its different levels, scales and in all its functional component parts. This process is the process of the Cosmic Battle, the process of Emanation and Aggregation the process of separation and integration. That is the macrocosmic processes of the Universe are manifest in the processes of the Brain, just as they are manifested in the process of life on this planet, just as they are manifested in the processes within society and between societies and just as they will manifest throughout the Universe as a whole and at all scales, from the planetary tointer-galactic etc. Therefore the essence of the spiritual path and key to mystical illumination and the attainment of perfection involves the completion and resolution of this cosmic and sacred process as represented in the life and physical form of the spiritual aspirant, who is really a manifestation of the one God trying to realize its true nature.


The Ultimate Theory of the Brain will be the key to the creation of Artificial Intelligence

This may seem fairly obvious, the idea that once you understand how the brain works then the next logical step is the application of the theory towards the creation of thinking machines, i.e. Artificial Intelligence. This will definitely be a technology that will literally change the World and affect all areas of life and human endeavor. It will be an invention of such utility and value that's its adoption will be sudden and rapid. The infra-structure for the dissemination, spread and immediate utilization of Artificial Intelligence across the the World is already largely in place. This is the Internet and the Computing machinery that already exists. Once this technology arrives then it will precipitate an acceleration in the development of and investment in computer and Internet hardware. In a short space of time after 2012, Artificial Intelligence will be ubiquitous, found everywhere from mobile phones and home computers to commercial data processing centres.

What is not so obvious is the relationship of the Brain Theory and the Artificial Intelligence created from it, with regard to existing cutting edge information processing technologies. The situation is this. For years vast sums of money has been invested towards the goal of making computers smarter and more capable. Though it is the case that through these efforts the goal of true Artificial Intelligence has never been so far attained, none the less through these efforts, many partial solutions have been obtained. Each one of these partial solutions seems to mimic certain aspects of intelligence while at the same time none of them can be described as being truly intelligent by any stretch of the imagination. For instance there exist many Pattern Recognition algorithms. Some of the more successful ones using some form of Bayesian analysis(A statistical concept). Also there exist a number of Pattern Generation algorithms that seem to create novelty and generate new concepts, for instance Genetic Algorithms and a closely related area of research called Genetic Programming. Another example would be the existence of a variety of Data Compression algorithms which for instance allow the representation and encoding of several feature length movies onto a single DVD disc. This would parallel another aspect of intelligence the efficient storage of a lifetimes experiences and memories onto a limited biological substrate.

Now the interesting point of all this is that the Fractal Brain Theory and the Algorithm derived from it, encapsulates the power and functioning of all these partial solutions and different algorithms in a single succinct and elegant description. It is as if all the years of research conducted in the area of Artificial Intelligence has slowly converged towards the answer from different starting points with each approach yielding a partial and incomplete solution. However at the same time each approach has ending up in a cul de sac and further progress towards truly intelligent functioning has been halted because there has been an inability to realize or implement the idea that true intelligence emerges out of a synergy of a number of different capabilities. Each of these separate capabilities is a part of the solution to the puzzle of Artificial Intelligence while at the same time none of them will seem truly intelligent. All the same while the software derived from these limited approaches to the problem of Artificial Intelligence, may display in their functioning some aspects of intelligence, nevertheless none of this is true Artificial Intelligence. And so they may still be very useful and effective within limited domains. i.e. Spam filtering, specific robotics applications and as mentioned earlier data compression.

What we have here is a Brain Theory that was created in order to explain the vast array results and data that have come from neuroscientific and psychological research. In the process of which a distilled conception emerged which inherently captures and manifests in its operation all the different capabilities that some of most powerful software algorithms in the World possess, but does so within a single succinct description. That is, though the Final Theory of the Brain was created without considering some of the most cutting edge software algorithms used in the World today; nonetheless the power and utility of these algorithms naturally emerges from the implementation of the Brain Theory. So all the partial solutions are combined into one single solution and all the essential properties of the different algorithms are combined into an elegant and relatively simple unified algorithm. This unified algorithm encapsulates within its functioning, the process of mind. The data structures it creates reflect the structures found in the Brain. This algorithm of Brain and Mind will change the World.


The revelation of the Final Theory of the Brain that will one day give rise to a future generation of Quantum Computer designs that possess true Consciousness

Also the Brain Theory 2012 scenario also connects with the idea, discuss earlier, that around this time we will see the emergence of conscious Artificial Intelligence. I don't believe this will occur in 2012. Also I don't believe that computing devices built using the principles derived from the Brain Theory and using standard silicon chips and electronic components, will be conscious. However I do believe that computers designed using the Brain Theory and constructed using the ideas and components associated with Quantum Computers, that these 'machines' or entities will have a level of conscious awareness.

This is because, what the Brain Theory describes is the operation of finite minds, contained within finite brains, with their processes and representations reflected in the finite physical structure of the brain. This can never be conscious. For Consciousness is really infinite, indeed Consciousness is God and all encompassing. The infinite can give expression to finite forms and finite ideas, and finite expressions of the infinite can be reflected within physical forms i.e. brains and people, but at the same time, finite physical forms can never contain or give rise to the infinite that is God and that is Consciousness. This is something Materialist Philosophers and Neuroscientists fail to grasp, that you cannot reduce Consciousness to the brain, just as Consciousness doesn't emerge from the Brain; instead you may reduce the brain and indeed the entire physical universe to Consciousness that is God, because the brain and the physical Universe arises out of the one Consciousness, that is the substrate and nature of all existence.

However it is at the quantum mechanical description of reality that we get a glimpse of existence as it truly is, that is an entangled inseparable oneness that transcends traditional notions of separatedness, space and time. And it is in the devices and entities which allow for the expression of and interaction with this Quantum plane of higher existence, which may be interfaces for the infinite, eternal and divine that is Consciousness and that is God. And so it is the future generation of Quantum computers built using the principles of the Final Theory of the Brain, which reflects the finite expression of sacred processes, which will be Conscious. In effect they will be future selves and physical substrates for the One Consciousness that is God to inhabit. There is a idea that is quite fashionable which describes how the planet or Gaia will become conscious and self aware. A related idea is the notion that the Internet as a whole will give rise to an emergent consciousness. The ideas discussed in this article will definitely have a role to play in the realization of these processes.


The Mythic meaning of the Brain Theory

The Final Theory of the Brain apart from being a scientific wonder and technological bonanza can also be viewed from a Mythic perspective. All in one, it is 'The Sword in the Stone', 'The Holy Grail', 'The Philosophers Stone or Lapis', 'The Golden Fleece' and 'The Trojan Horse'. It is the Sword in the Stone for it will empower its discovery in the task of showing the World the Truth about God. It is the Holy Grail and the Alchemical Philosopher's Stone for it holds the key to Transcendence and the transformation of the Lead of ordinary dull consciousness into the Gold of Mystical Illumination. It is the Golden Fleece because through the manufacture and augmentation of intelligence it offers humankind healing and protective qualities. And it is the Trojan Horse because it is the means by which ancient mystical concepts and ultimate truths may be presented to mainstream society in a way that is acceptable and enticing. By accepting the Brain theory it means that implicitly the core esoteric truths that lie at the heart of the World's Religions and Mystery Traditions, as described earlier, will have made their return. And the Ultimate Truth that a person's real identity is God or that Everyone is God will likewise be ushered and lead into peoples hearts and minds through the Final Brain Theory. The mainstream isn't necessarily interested in or seeking after the mystical and transcendent. However mainstream society will be very interested in a compelling theory of how the brain works and also will be extremely excited by the prospect of working Artificial Intelligence. And so in this way the mystical and transcendent, indeed the sacred, will be re-introduced into Secular Society in a process that will renew society from within. It will precipitate a Spiritual Revival and World transformation.


London is the place and 2012 is the time

And so we come to the end of this article and manifesto. This is what I believe will come to pass starting in 2012 and there are justifiable reasons why I do. For I know the person and relevant persons involved. They are working in London and have chosen 2012 to be the date of revelation And they have decided that London is the best place to seed this revolution in thought and spark this revitalization movement. In the same way we interpreted the Brain Theory in Mythic terms, so it is that we can view London as a more than just a city but also as a sacred or at least mythic place. For London is Babylon, Jerusalem, Meggido or Armageddon, Sodom and Gomorrah all roled into one.

London is Babylon for due to its incredibly cosmopolitan nature it is truly a 'Babylon of races' as the expression goes. People from literally every place in the World come to live and work and London. And London is Jerusalem which literally means 'City of Peace' because it is the place with the best race relations in the World. In terms of relations between people of different nationalities, creeds and genes, though not perfect, it's as good as it gets. London is Meggido because just as this city was located at the critical location in the Northern Kingdom of Israel where trade routes from Asia, Europe and Africa intersected, so it is that London occupies this same position today. With it's special Connections with the Americas, the Common Wealth nations, the European Union and the former outposts of its former Empire; it is London that is the new Meggido(Commonly translated as Armegeddon). And London is Sodom and Gomorrah dues to its fantastic openness, diversity, tolerance and freedom. A place of colorful experimentation, creativity, culture and vice. A place that is very open to new ideas.

So London is the perfect place to start the spread of a World changing mystical, spiritual and scientific revelation that is the Final theory of the Brain and the truth that Everyone is God. For in London there is to be found every sect, cult and religion. And as mentioned earlier people of every race and nationality. Also to be found in London are the sons and daughters of Parents from all over the globe together with the many young people who come to London the World over, pulled to the city as if by some magical mystical strange attractor. Generally speaking, these are the sorts of people who will be the first to receive and accept the revelation, i.e. those who are young, mystically inclined, idealistic and also possessed of some familiarity with the English Language. For English will be the initial language used for communicating the truth. For English is the main language of commerce, pop culture, science, technology and also the Internet. Once the revelation is initially communicated in English from there it will be translated into all tongues by some of those who first receive. So from London the truth will be spread far and wide by people of all nationalities returning to their respective locales as representatives of the truth. So London will be the Eschatological Epicenter and the point of Mystical Emanation and radiation. London is ground zero and the time of detonation will be 2012.


Summary & Conclusion

So we have talked about 2012 and and described some beliefs concerning what may happen at or around this date, i.e. 'Shift in Consciousness', 'UFOs making contact', 'Pole shift', 'Massive Asteroid strike' etc. Then I went into some detail elaborating on a scenario which I have reasons to believe and trust will actually occur in 2012. This is the emergence and demonstration of a final and definitive theory of the brain and mind. I explored some of the properties of the theory, how it describes the brain as a 'Fractal' computing architecture and also how ancient mystical ideas are reflected in aspects of the theory itself; ideas such as the Cosmic tree, Cosmic battle, and the esoteric idea of 'Correspondence'. Then I discussed some of the wider ramifications of this Brain Theory, i.e. Understanding the process of Enlightenment; The Key to Artificial Intelligence; Empowering its discoverer to explain to the World that everyone is God and acting as a vehicle for reintroducing ancient mystical truths, which are implicit within the theory, back into society at large. Finally I talked about how London will be the place where this discovery will be made and also the place where the details of the theory will be communicated initially. It is this revealing of the Final Theory of the Brain that will occur in London sometime in 2012.

There is an important overlap between this 2012 scenario, to do with the Brain Theory, and one of the other 2012 possibilities that were discussed earlier, i.e. the idea of a mass spiritual awakening or Enlightenment process happening at around this time. The Brain Theory, I believe, will be the trigger and catalyst that precipitates and then facilitates this process of global spiritual awakening. For firstly it will be the means by which the idea that everyone is God is accepted by a large number of people Worldwide in the first place and this will be for reasons described a bit earlier. Secondly the Brain Theory will enable us to understand better the process and conditions by which the state of Consciousness called Enlightenment, awakening or 'God Consciousness' is obtained. And this understanding will give people the necessary faith needed in order to pursue and attain their ultimate spiritual goals. So even though we may not witness a mass awakening in 2012, an event will happen at this time which will set in motion a process which will produce Spiritual Awakening or Enlightenment experiences in a lot of people all over the World. This will be a continuous a gradual process spread out over a number of years, following the year 2012.

So this is what I believe will definitely occur in 2012 and in the years immediately following. All the other possibilities may occur then or at some other point in time, a sizable asteroid may strike the Earth and there may be a bout of freak sunspot activity which may cause notable disruption in this World. Also events unfolding in 2012 will be happening against a back drop of the general conditions of the World which correspond to the circumstances described in the Prophecies of the Worlds religions which I describe in another section of this website called 'The Prophecies are Now'. These conditions are firstly the state of environmental and ecological jeopardy that we find ourselves in, secondly the Global Village or Coming One World Order and thirdly the Universal Decline in World Religion characterized by the falling away into Secular Humanism or Atheism and the rise of Religious Fundamentalism and New Age. But it is the central event occurring in 2012 that I believe will be the deciding factor, which will have a key role to play in the process of bringing about the end result of the Prophecies i.e. a World of peace, justice and love. Put another way, apart from the ramifications of the Brain Theory described, I also believe that this Theory, together with the full disclosure of the perennial truth that 'Everyone is God', will be instrumental in the process of sparking a Spiritual Revival, creating a harmonious One World Order, that isn't a One World Tyranny, and also a successful outcome in the struggle to save the Planet. This is described in a lot more detail in a section of the website called 'The Problems of the World'.

In conclusion then, 2012 apart from being the date for the dawn of the New Age or Great Cycle of Time, will also be the time when a revelation will occur that will answer all the deepest scientific, philosophical and religious questions of the current age; and furthermore help to bring about the circumstances and conditions of the next Cycle of Time, an age of purity and light, love and understanding.



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