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Everyone is God
The Prophecies are Now
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The Messiah is within
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About Us

A passion for communicating the truth concerning the nature of God and the essential unity behind all Religion. A yearning for the peaceful bringing together of all humanity. A Desire for the re-unification of science and religion. And a mission to help contribute to the saving of the planet and the creation of a better World.

My name is Wai. I've lived a very unusual and rather deviant life. As a result, I have experienced and learned extraordinary things. This website is about my life and my personal experiences. But most of all this website is about interesting knowledge that I have been granted by the Universe or else have acquired through my own efforts.

In this website you will encounter a collection of ultimate truths about ourselves and about reality which provide the keys to definitive answers to some of the most central questions in life, such as... Who am I? Why am I here? What happens when I die? Is there a God and what is my relationship to God? Also the knowledge contained in this website provides the means and solution to two long sought after goals of the human spirit, that is, firstly the definitive interpretation of the meaning of World religion and its final unification; secondly the bringing together of all human understanding in the unification of science, religion and philosophy. Also the truths about which I speak provide the definitive answer to one of the biggest questions of present times, that is... What is the nature of consciousness? Last but not least, I also believe that these ideas may provide a positive doctrine for helping to influence in beneficial ways, the process of world transformation that we are witnessing today. These eternal truths about which I speak, I strongly believe, can act as a powerful catalyst that can help to bring about a World of Peace, Love, Unity and Respect.

So what are these ultimate truths about ourselves and the nature of things that can have all these wide ranging and powerful properties? The most central of these truths are listed as follows, I will then expand upon each of these important truths in turn ...

  1. Everyone is God
  2. The Prophesies are now
  3. The Messiah is within


Everyone is God - The biggest secret and the ultimate truth about a person's ultimate identity. All through the ages people have experienced themselves as being God or being at one with the Universe. These people have time and time again found themselves branded as heretics or else dismissed as being insane. However, it is my purpose to demonstrate in reasonable, convincing and compelling ways that the experience of being God is not some illusion, but rather the attainment and apprehension of the true nature of things. It is my desire and aim to show people that what historically has always been the unbelievable truth has finally today become the inescapable truth. The progression of history and the advancement of human knowledge in the areas of science, philosophy and theology, have conspired to setup the necessary conditions by which this most unexplainable and unspeakable of ideas, can finally be stated clearly, argued reasonably and revealed fully. In these the latter days of the latter age, the heretics will finally win.

The Prophesies are now - We are living in tumultuous and calamitous times. Like no time before in history, there is definitely a planet to be saved. Like no time before we are living in the age of the coming one world order. And like no time before we are witnessing a period of accelerated and accelerating cultural, political and technological change that will create a world, very different from the one we know today. However there is something very significant and remarkable about present times which most people are completely unaware of. For it is the case that the issues which define the age and also the things which make the world we live in today so special, unique and unprecedented; have long ago been prophesied in all the great religions of this planet. That's right!, all the World's religions contain prophesies and the events and circumstances they portray, uncannily correspond with the current World situation. Long predicted and eagerly awaited, the prophesies are finally now. It is my intention to communicate a reasonable interpretation of the prophesies and their outcome, in order to present a vision of what is happening in the world that leads to positive action and that also provides a message of hope. A coherent and rational view of the prophesies that the mystically minded can understand but also one that the secular humanist and scientific materialist can also accept. A sensible interpretation of the prophesies that stands in counteraction against those nonsensical fairytale views of the prophesies that expect supernatural religious figures to appear in the sky, ones that expect the UFOs to land and save us; or else those new age interpretations of the prophesies that tell us we'll all be transported to another dimension when the time of maximal calamity is upon us. What this website presents is a credible view of the prophesies for thinking people.

The Messiah is within - The expected one. A universal and recurring theme in all World religion. The Messiah is the long awaited World saviour, the bringer of peace and the unifier of humankind. Also known as the return of Christ to Christians, the Kalki to Hindus, Imam Mahdi to Muslims, Maitreya to Buddhists and the Saoshyant to Zoroastrians. Who or what is it? I believe that the Messiah is to be found within us all. It is an essential archetype of self and an aspect of God which lies dormant in the depths of our being, waiting for the right conditions to awaken and manifest itself. This archetype is the ultimate human potential and also an awesome source of creative and transformative energy that has the power to reshape our lives and literally change the World. Indeed, these are perilous times in which we live, and like no other time in history there is definitely a planet to be saved. In present times and like no other time before, humankind is being brought together in an emerging one world order, the so called global village. Never before has there been such a need for the peaceful resolution of the conflicts, clashes and disputes that this global merging of the human race will inevitably be accompanied by. Truly the world needs the intervention of the World saviour(s) and the World peace maker(s). I say, it is up to us to save the World and it is up to us to help bring about peace on this planet. It is foolish to wait for a supernatural or extra-terrestrial agency to do this on our behalf. Peace, harmony and a safer World will only come about through our own actions. Therefore, the time has come to awaken the Messiah within.


So essentially the communication of the above central themes is what a great part of my life is all about. This website expands and elaborates on these core topics and also discusses various related issues and subjects. I hope you'll enjoy this website, as much as I've enjoyed creating it.



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