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The Brain and Mind Sciences

Here I shall talk some about the brain and mind sciences, which include such areas of knowledge such as neuroscience, psychology, psychiatry, cognitive science and artificail intelligence. I will discuss the passionate semi-obsession I have had with these fields of human understanding. Also I go into some of the deep relationships that questions about the brain, mind and consciousness have in relation to the spiritual, metaphysical and mystical.




Sideways MRI scan of my Brain

Here we have a sidewards view scan of my brain. During 2003 I was doing quite a lot of paid brain scanning work at the Institute of Psychiatry in London. This would typically involve having your brain scanned while playing computer based tests and exercises. Sometimes the tests also involved being dosed up on some drug. For these trials, you'd get paid loads more money. But for me the real reward was being part of the process of advancing humankinds understanding of the brain and behaviour. Also it great fun to talk neuroscience with all the doctors and researchers.






Collage of MRI scans of my Brian at from different views

If this website is a window into my mind then here are some windows into my brain. In this diagram we have various cross section slices through my brain. The technology behind these photos is called MRI of magnetic resonance imaging. It not only is able to get a view of static brain structure but also amazingly it can show dynamically which parts of the brain are active during a certain task. Special thanks to Martina Mittershiffthaler of the IOP, for taking the time to provide me with these images.





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