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Frequently Asked Questions

There follows some generic answers to some relevant and recurring questions that I have often been asked at the end of my public talks, during meetings with people or else via email.

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Question - 'Why IAWWAI, what does it mean?'

Answer - 'This website is called iawwai and has the address www.iawwai.com because both www.wai.com, my own name and my name spelt backwards i.e. www.iaw.com were unavailable. My name spelt backwards i.e. IAW, also happens to be an ancient Egyptian Judaic gnostic name for God. This is a website about God so I thought it was meaningful to call the website IAWWAI.

Question - 'Is this a cult?'

Answer - 'No. If anything this is an anti-cult. I say, 'Be your own God' and also that ultimately 'The Guru is within'. It is true, I am trying to spread spiritual and mystical beliefs. And I do dearly desire that other people believe in same things that I do. However I really dislike the idea of having to look after a whole load of followers and have people hang around me all the time. Also I believe that people should honour their Parents and keep in close touch with their families.' The classic cult goes something along the lines of someone saying, 'I am God and everyone else is my slave', whereas what we're saying is that 'Everyone is God'.

Question - 'Are you another one of those people who think that they are the Messiah?'

Answer - 'I believe that everyone has the Messiah within them. There is definitely a planet that needs to be saved, and also I think that the Earth would be a more peaceful place if the World's religions can be reconciled with one another. I believe it can be a very positive and proactive thing, when people take it upon themselves to try to do things that help to realize these worthy ends. The World isn't going to be saved by one person, obviously it's going to be a collective effort. Therefore it is imperative that more people awaken the Saviour and mythological hero that lies dormant within all of us.

Question- 'Why should you consider it your role to say the things that you do? What are your qualifications? Who do you think you are?'

Answer - 'I say, the truth is its own justification. My sanction and authority does not come from any human institution, rather I am supported in what I do by the Universe and by God, that I know is both within me. I don't necessarily consider myself as anyone special. I'm just a grass root, part of a bigger and wider grass roots movement. What I really am is a voice in the wilderness.'

Question - 'Wouldn't it be better to not keep using the word 'God', with all its negative connotations and uncomfortable associations with organized religion.'

Answer - 'I thought about this a lot when I first started doing this thing. I believe that it is important to use the word God because it really is the only sensible word to use for the eternal, unchanging and ultimate. To use any other word would be allowing the religious fundamentalists to define the meaning of God. There is a battle of ideas going on and this conflict is fought over the meanings of symbols. To not use the word 'God' is to relinquish the struggle and hand an automatic victory to those who would distort the meaning of the word 'God' and those who would use religion for unspiritual purposes. It is true that God has been given a very negative image over the years. In which case it is time to reclaim the word 'God' and produce a redefinition of the word for the 21st century. That is to express the eternal and ancient truths about God in modern language, the same truths which have been suppressed, lost and forgotten.'

Question - 'What is your ultimate aim?'

Answer - 'To me, all this stuff is not merely an academic exercise. I truly believe that these ideas concerning the mystical, metaphysical and prophetic, have the potential to change the way people think and to change what people do. They have he potential to literally transform the world. There are many things happening on this planet currently, that quite frankly bother me. Such as what's happening to the environment, certain political trends and various social concerns. There are also other things taking place today in the World which I find very encouraging and desirable. Examples here would be the ongoing integration of the peoples of this planet, the rapid evolution of technology and the ongoing advancement of culture and human knowledge. I guess, the ultimate purpose of the ideas I'm promoting would be to try to help rectify what is wrong with this World. And importantly I also hope that the ideas I present will stimulate, support and encourage some of the things on this planet which are good and positive.

Question - 'This website contains in several places, references to psychedelic drugs. Are you trying to promote their use?'

Answer - 'No, it's just that these substances have played a role in my own personal evolution for better or for worse. This is an aspect of my story I can't really omit even though I realize that it opens me up to a lot of flack. I'm not trying to promote the use of psychedelic drugs, neither am I going to criticize other people for using them. What I am trying to do is give an honest assessment of the role that psychedelics have played in my life, the role they have played in the history of religion and also their influence on more contemporary culture. However I do believe there are dangers and limitations to the use of psychedelic substances as a facilitant to a persons spiritual development. And because of this, I would like to share my personal experience and what I have learned in order that others may benefit or not.'

Question - 'Why are you doing all this? What are you getting out of it?'

Answer - 'When you uncover an awesome secret that you know will change the world for the better then there is naturally a desire to communicate it to as many people as possible. I'm doing what I'm doing because I believe it is my purpose and destiny. What I'm getting out of it personally is a great sense of fulfillment. The things that I talk and write about are what gives my life meaning. It's something I've come to really enjoy doing and also it's a great way to meet like minded people.'


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