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The Green Angels

The Green Angels was a very special counter culture hang out until it closed sometime in 2004. All kinds of things would happen there, from musical jam sessions, parties, talks and vegan raw food gatherings. It was a place where you could always meet some interesting people many of whom were into mysticism and spirituality. Many of the people who used to hang out there would also be into things like alternative lifestyles, experimental diets, yoga/meditation and all things ecological and holistic. It's a real pity it had to shut, but then I suppose all good things eventually come to an end.


Photo of me giving a talk at the counter culture Green Angels centre near London Bridge in 2003


From 2003 to 2004 I did several presentations at the Green Angels, all of which I thoroughly enjoyed. I suppose it was like home turf. Many people associated with the venue already either firmly knew that they were God or else suspected that it was probably so. Also probably most of them also believed and took it as a matter of fact that something prophetic and apocalyptic is going to occur imminently and definitely within our lifetimes. So the reception I received at all the talks I did at the Green Angels was generally positive.


Photo of me giving a talk at the counter culture Green Angels centre near London Bridge in 2003


An excellent bunch of people, one of the real pleasures of public speaking is that it provides an excellent opportunity to meet people and make new friends. And the feedback I have received, both positive and negative, has been invaluable in helping me to evolve my message and improve the way I say the things that say. Also it has enable me to get a much better idea of what people a thinking and get a better idea of their deepest yearnings and their most anxious fears for the world.


Photo of me giving a talk at the counter culture Green Angels centre near London Bridge in 2003


In the pictures shown here, I was giving a talk about the idea that everyone should consider themselves as the Messiah. This is really the idea that it is ultimately down to us all to save the planet and to create a better world. This is in counter action against those ideas that imagine some outside agency is going rescue us from the troubles that we are facing collectively as a species. Jesus never appears in the sky, the UFOs never seem to land and we should not all wait and expect to be transported to another dimension when things get really calamitous and dire. Also in this talk, I discussed the role psychedelic substances have played in the early evolution of religion, its impact on more contemporary culture and what role they are playing in the unfolding of the prophecies. It was a pretty full on presentation, and I really enjoyed giving it.


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