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On February 17th 2008, T.B. from Wisconsin, U.S.A. wrote:

Hello, I'm a 19 year old college student from Milwaukee Wisconsin. It seems as though I have so many things I would love to talk to you about. In the past 2 years I had started contemplating the meaning of life, my place, where we came from, where we are headed. I had been brainstorming with a few friends, when I had came to this conclusion which i will lay out. After I found my conclusion I found your website, almost like it was a sign I was on the right track, it really inspired me. Originally I had came up with this triangle theory, but couldn't quite fit the pieces together. With your theory on religion though it kind of put it all together. Looking at history, evolution of thought, consciousness, technology, political and religious control, I had come to a conclusion. My Conclusion was, that through evolution, on many scales ( i.e. thought, consciousness physical body, technology ect...) and time humans will understand everything, thus become “God”. I laid my hypothesis out in a triangle....

-----God / \

Evolution / \ Time

------- Humans

This is where I believe human beings are headed, meaning all are not God yet, but we will be, and very soon. In order for us to become God, humans have to think as 1, work as 1 and live as 1. Thus becoming one. The advancement of technology has increased the speed of evolution of consciousness, communication and time. Meaning time, this 4th dimensional plane is getting either too slow or fast for our 3 dimensional manifestations of ourselves.

So once the mass of consciousness’s wake up and realize what we really are, and where we are headed, then "God" will wake up. This is when ultimately good triumphs over evil. When I say evil I mean the suffering of people, which occurs 2 ways, morally and naturally. Moral evil is suffering of a person or people caused by another person or people. It comes from within. If everyone thought like they were God and everyone else was too, we could eliminate this evil. Once we accomplish this, we would just have to rise above natural evils as in earthquakes, floods things of that nature. These could possibly be avoided or changed with the advancement of technology.

People need to work together, and stop waiting for some magical outside force to solve every problem. It’s up to us as people to get to this next level. I think of people who think like us as if we are "Mutations” in the evolution process of consciousness, and human beings. Just like mutations in DNA, this is how evolution works. Once we do we will see that these separations of people: race, age, gender, desires, prejudices,envy etcetera… are just illusionary perceptions made to keep us divided and hidden from the simple truth. The truth that we are all one.

With this knowledge, it is my task to use it for the good of all. I plan on becoming a political voice, with the message of truth that will inspire the masses to see that nothings impossible, unless we perceive it in our minds that way. Your thought of everyone is God, is right and its how all people should think. I was wondering what your thoughts were, and if you had any advice. Also what are your future plans? I'm kind of new to writing and this is a work in progress, so i apologize if anything is unclear or needs more clarification. If you have any questions let me know, there were very many interesting steps I took to get to where my thoughts are right now, i would glady share them with you if your interested.

Anyways Thanks. ~T.B.


I replied:

Hi T.B

Sorry about this late reply. Full time job and social commitments take me away from what I really enjoy, which includes corresponding with like minded people.

Well, what can I say. I don't think there's anything in your email that I disagree with. Yes, totally things evolve towards God. There's a simple reason for this and it's because all things in the Universe emanated from God in the first place. The process of the Universe is one whereby everything returns to its original source i.e. God. So what we think of as the beginning of the Universe i.e. the big bang, is really the point of reflection, and what we think of as going forwards in time is really going backwards. Some mainstream physicists thinks along very similar lines though for different reasons. Also because the Universe, that is the body of God, is inherently fractal or self similar on many levels and scales; not only does the Universe become God, called variously the omega point, celestial Buddha, Universal Vishnu, Cosmic Christ etc. but also people become God, Society becomes God, planetary Consciousesses become God as so on to the inter-stellar, galactic and inter-galactic etc. etc. At the same time we are talking about one God and the same God. All these manifestations of God are expressions of the same life and embodiment of the same soul as we all are.

I also believe technology is intrinsic to this Cosmic process. It is through the advancement of science, which is really the discovery of the knowledge of God, and the progress of technology that we realize Heaven on Earth, and also faciliate our personal journeys towards Enlightment, I believe. On a basic level, it's because we have constructed for ourselves technologically advanced industrial/post industrial societies, that we actually have the time and freedom to contemplate and pursue the transcendent, in the first place. In the future the path to a better happiness and more optimal organization of society will be better informed by a scientific understanding of who we are and our true nature. Indeed future technologies will allow us to prevent or circumvent suffering caused by earthquakes and various other natural disasters but it is really through understanding ourselves that we'll be able to help prevent the cause of the greatest suffering on this planet, our own selfishness, ignorance and the evil within.

I see we do think alike. Also your ambition and confidence of youth reminds me of, well... me, when I was your age. It's great to have these sorts of aims. It's a very natural expression of the sort of ideas we've been talking about, once you see the bigger picture then naturally we want to play a role in the unfolding of the cosmic drama, as its being played out on this planet in present times. It's really the young who are in the best position to make something of this knowledge. People not weighed down by mortgages, careers and other mundane worldly concerns. So it is especially heartening for me when young people write in.

Do I have any advice? Well, my advice would be to get yourself ready for Cosmic struggle ahead. Learn necessary skills and knowledge. Connect with like minded people, keep your goals in mind and don't let anyone dissuade you from your chosen path.

What are my future plans? Finish the website, complete the first book, do a lot more with internet video. In the long term there is a lot of work relating to a brain theory I've been working on and related software, in the pipeline. This is where most of adult life has gone into and I believe will be key to making the truth that 'everyone is God' into a mainstream notion, accepted by many if not the majority. From one perspective what we're really saying is that the mystery of God and the mystery of Consciousness are one and the same. The person who delivers to the World the definitive theory of how the brain works is also the person who is going to be in the best position to explain to world what is the nature of consciousness, and for the masses to believe that person. So therefore the final theory of the brain/mind is also the means to revealing the nature of God. I'll be writing loads more about this in the future, loads of video material about the brain coming up too.

Keep in touch & Best wishes




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