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Concerning the view beyond Good and Evil, also the purpose of tragedy and suffering.

On 1st Feb 2007 Noel.Edward from Galway Ireland wrote:

Do you think the current state of affairs in the world are just the way they are supposed to be, i mean, if we are all one consciousness and a god-consciousness at that, well then maybe things are exactly the way they are meant to be, because what can oppose the will of God? Nothing, maybe the governments of the western world are our greatest teachers and are performing a role of the greatest importance to us. I don't know if you are familiar with a fellow called Eriugena, but he lived centuries ago, and his concept was that we shouldn't apply such terms as goodness and justice and so on to the divine nature of God because God is, in a Nietzschean sense, beyond such concepts and beyond our capacities of understanding. What I'm asking you is if we eventually realize our God-consciousness, we'll have done so through the trials and hardships in which the evils of this world have brought us, and so shouldn't we acknowledge that tragedy and suffering have been fundamental to our development and feel a gratitude towards them? Anyways enough of me ranting and raving but it's on my mind and i don't hear people addressing it too much.


I replied:

  Definitely I believe everything is a perfect set up, everything that happens is the cosmic will and it leads inevitably to the creation of the events and conditions of the prophecies on this particular planet, and on a more cosmic scale the universe inevitably becomes the Cosmic Christ or Universal Vishnu, i.e. A unified entity whose body is the entire physical universe and also experiences the final enlightenment, realizes that my God! I am God and I'm also the Universe as well!  

  I agree with you, though it's an idea that certainly isn't very popular, the notion that the evil in this world is the necessary evil. And the accompanying viewpoint that the true and ultimate God is both Good & Evil, Male & Female. However that is not to say that we should be evil, because life and happiness derive from the Good. Therefore life and politics is really the choice of the lesser evil. At the same time when it is understood that we are God then from that perspective life and death, happiness and misery are really flip sides of the same coin. All experience whether joyous or miserable are merely transient points along an eternal never ending journey. I totally accept that when politicians do seemingly evil things either out of necessity, stupidity or because they are intrinsically evil, that in the cosmic scheme of things it serves a wider purpose though we may not grasp it at first, or even see the positive side for hundreds perhaps even thousands of years. A case in point is when a Jewish Kabbalist rabbi in Isreal called Hitler a servant of the Messiah because without him there would almost certainly not be a modern state of Isreal and so no fulfilling of the famous prophecy in Isaiah, in the Old Testatment.

   And definitely we see this time and time again, that it is suffering which precipitates the spiritual as well as artistic quest, which perhaps leads to God consciousness or artistic inspiration. As for the individual, so for human history and so for the evolution of the Universe. People become God, society becomes God(eventually) and ultimately the Universe becomes God. And evil is an indispensible part of the equation which allows this fractal unfolding to come about.


Noel wrote back:

Yeah, i totally agree with you on the whole opposition theory, between good and evil, and so on, and that we've a choice; i wrote a thesis once on Nietzsche's The Birth of Tragedy and drew a lot from Hegel's philosophy too, which reminds me, have you ever read Bernard Mandeville's The Fable of the Bees?  It was written nearly 300 years ago but it's so relevant today.


I replied:

Hegel and Nietzsche are definitely two of my favourite philosophers. German idealism gets really mystical. I take it from your mail that you studied philosophy, that's really interesting.

It's funny you should mention bees. Some friends of mine keep a bee/honey farm in London. They are having difficulties because the global warming is wiping out their stock every other year. something to do with the flowers coming up at the wrong time. Anyway, one of them gave me a book 'Sweetness and Light' by Hattie Ellis, he said it was really spiritual. I've just checked the index and Mandeville's name is there. So perhaps this is the Universe telling me I should give the book a look into.


Noel then wrote:

Glad to hear all is well with you, and if you don't mind you might answer me this, i came across a fellow called Alex Jones on the internet there a while back and have listened to two or three of his radio shows, is he to be taken seriously do you think? and yes sir yes indeed i studied philosophy and Nietzsche's probably my fav. too.


I finally wrote back:

Alex Jones, I watched several of his documentaries and I quite admire him, though of course many of his conspiracy theories are just that. They may be way off the mark, but it's great that people like him encourage the general population to question the official US and UK government line on things like 9-11, 7-7, Iraq/Afghanistan etc. I also respect people like John Pilger, Noam Chomsky, Bill Moyers etc. etc. I don't respect David Icke, who basically plagarizes off people like the aforementioned and throws in the lizards and a lot a personal bitterness.

You know, I was reading Will to Power a bit the other day. Nietzsche's description of the great man is exactly correspondent with the discussion of the positive effects of evil upon society and world history that we discussed in earlier emails, but played out within the life of a person. He's basically describing schizotypal personality disorder(or advantage).


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