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Concerning Black holes, Parallel Universes and God

On June 29th 2007 Stephen Conger from the U.S.A wrote:

I am thoroughly impressed my friend.  I too share many (if not all) of the same beliefs.  Though I must say I fall short on the research end.  I appreciate your inclusion of fractals in discussion of God.  I have a question I have been toying with in my mind.  I have always found the idea of the big bang absurd, wondering instead if it is more likely that the universe has always been here.  Yet I believe in the concept of infinite alternate universes.  So if the latter is true then there are universes different from ours it is possible that there must be a "definition" within for a "zero" universe with "nothing" in it.
So how can a universe condense to nothing and still have the "instruction" required to re-expand?

My definition of God=the sum definition of all that which is beyond your control.


I Replied:

Thanks for the positive feedback. concerning the big bang, it's only really an unverifiable conjecture, based on the observations of an expanding Universe and then plugging this information into the equations of Einstein's general relativity. The very latest data, showing that the expansion of the Universe is actually accelerating has shown that the physics community is far from having a picture of the evolution of the Universe that is in any way satisfactory. There are a load of different guesses, the idea of the big bang singularity(A point of infinite density), as the origin of the Universe, just happens to be the most popular. Personally I like the idea of the oscillating universe.

The idea of parallel Universes has become popular recently as a way of explaining away some of the puzzles associated with quantum physics and also due to research going on in the field of quantum computers. Along with Parallel Multiverses of each and every divergent quantum history, there are also Multi Multi Verses, i.e. each Universe with laws that follow a different super string theory(of which there are an infinite number) or/and enabled with different cosmological constants. And each of these separate Universes in turn existing as a parallel Universe of all possible quantum permutations and combinations.

But at the end of the day, all these perspectives are flawed in the same way that the idea of the existence of a single physical Universe that's 'out there' is . In the words of the great physicist John Wheeler, who worked with Albert Einstein, he said ' There's no out there, out there!'. He was really pointing out the paradoxical nature of Materialism or the Ontological position that the nature of existence is physical. In the section of my website 'The nature of reality',

URL http://www.iawwai.com/NatureOfReality.htm

I show how the idea of Materialism is flawed and that it is the Ontological position called Idealism or the belief that existence is really consciousness, is the truth of the matter. Pardon the pun. I also show what's behind the illusion of physical reality using the famous mathetical object called the Mandelbrot set as a metaphor.

Concerning definitions for God, I believe God is beyond definition for God can only be directly experienced. This experience is beyond expression, however all systems of knowledge and understanding can be reinterpreted to point towards this direct experiential truth. Richard Alpert had a neat expression for it, he said 'You cannot understand God, you can only be God.'



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