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The brain is a probabilistic recursive fractal

On the 2010 8th July, Luke Clayborn Hopper wrote on my Facebook wall:

"The brain is a probabilistic recursive fractal whose design is at an understandable level of complexity." - Ray Kurzweil :)


I Replied:

I couldn't agree more. All brain structure and process also reduces to a single recursive algorithm and ultimately to an atom of recursion which encapsulates within it and expands into all possible brains and brain processes. In some ways some of this might seem obvious when we consider that ontogeny and therefore also neurogenesis is arecursive process deriving from an atom of recursion i.e. the singularity created by acts of love. 

The theory of the brain that I have in mind actually captures the process by which brains come into being, together with the process by which they evolve, in a way that shows it is continuous and the same as the process by which the brain works. So ontogeny is as phylogeny and is as the fractal brain process, which includes and scales up to intelligence and mind, and of course superhuman minds. 

Evolutionary theories of the brain are definitely on the right track. However evolution is an incomplete theory in that currently it's purposeless. Of course brains and therefore brain process is purposeful, i.e. serves the purpose of the organism. Currently scientists and philosophers are interpolating from outside reality into the brain, in the future people will be extrapolating from a complete theory of the brain that is evolutionary and purposeful, out into society, the process of life and the Universe. So indeed the microcosm will be exactly as the macrocosm and everything in between. 

There's far more to the brain than meets the eye or most people's minds eyes, I believe. I look forward to meeting Raymond. :)




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