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On 14th July 2008, Mike Bolitho from New York City, U.S.A. wrote:

I must say I came across your site purely by chance while searching for our "purpose in the universe". I was born and raised Roman Catholic but was always very inquisitive and when I saw liturgical contradictions I would question them. I grew tired of the benign responses to questions I would ask. I soon considered myself an Athiest but had an insatiable drive to find someone or something that could convince me otherwise. Someone who did not throw scripture (which was what I was mostly questioning) at me as an answer to every question. This site has set me on a journey starting with my rebelief (since childhood) in a God! I am no longer an Athiest. I have yet to explore every inch of your site but I am slowly reading it all.

My backround is very mainstream. I have above average intellect but I am by no means an intellectual. I am around your age (born in 1965) and do not subscribe to cults or sects and have actually ridiculed people who have done so. I keep an open mind and am careful never to dive into anything, a conservative you might say. I am really looking forward to your book. Any idea on when it might come out? Also what religion were you brought up as?

Lastly I love the way you incorporate all of the religions scriptures into your visions as opposed to citing scripture and incorporating it into a vision.

Best regards Mike


I replied:

Hi Mike

Thanks for your email and positive feedback. I was very interested to read about your journey. I experienced something similar a few years back. I thought I was some sort of atheist or agnostic, but then I discovered that my real identity was actually God. Indeed life is full of irony. My religious background from my family is Taoist/Buddhist but only in a superficial way. I also absorbed a lot of Christian beliefs and morale precepts. I remember I was very spiritual as a child. However in my teens what influenced me the most was science.

I'm currently working in an Anglican Communion church as part of my religious education and what I've learned is that a lot of the people involved, including many of the priests, don't really know what they believe. This is because the C of E is quite liberal and open to a lot of questioning. It's a better situation than you'd get in a Pentacostal/Evangelical set up where they believe absolutely everything as it's literally writing in the Bible. Or perhaps in Catholicism where there is a more strict control and maintainence of orthodoxy. Religion as it has traditionally existed is basically incompatible with honest reasoning, scientific understanding and modern archeological evidence. Even though religion and spirituality are most important it's right that people should have abandoned the old structures of belief. However what has come in it's place, i.e. the Worldwide rise of Religious Fundamentalism, the New Age and emergence of a myriad number of fringe Cults, also the Post-modern secular world view; isn't necessary any better than what came before.

My goal, in this lifetime, is to formulate and put into place a consistent and coherent system of belief that provides something quite different from all of the above and one which has at its foundation the truth that 'everyone is God'. In response to the Religious Fundamentalists I would in opposition to the rigid fixation on the fundamental rules, rituals and regulations of religion; instead try to show people the original mystical and spiritual foundations of World Religion. That is the Spirit of the Law instead of the merely the Letter of the Law. Also to show that these foundations are the same for all the World's religions, so setting better conditions for the reconciling and eventual unification of all World Religion.

In response to some narrow minded Scientific Materialists and Secular Humanists, especially the so called Militant Atheists exemplified by the likes of Richard Dawkins and co; I would like to try to show people that the last remaining mystery of science, i.e. Consciousness, is really the same as the ultimate mystery at the heart of Religion i.e. God. Another way of saying the idea that 'everyone is God' is to say that the mystery of consciousness and the mystery of God are one and the same. Even many leading Atheist scientists, philosophers and thinkers admit and openless express that consciousness is a highly mysterious thing. I believe that through convincing and compelling lines of arguement, even they can be shown how far the mystery extends. That the properties of consciousness can be seen to perfectly correspond with key metaphysical assertions made about the nature of God in all the World's great religions. Of course this doesn't mean that they'll accept this way of looking at things. However, through this exercise it can be clearly demonstrated to all, that the God that science has disproven and undermined, was not God at all, but a series of fantasies created to allude to the true God.

I like the idea of the God in the gaps. That God can only be in the places that Science has not yet uncovered. Many Atheists see Science as a process which will eventual lead to the complete elimination of God. However it is in this last important gap, i.e. Consciousness, that God was to be found all along. Many scientists believed that the process of Science was something that stood in opposition to God and Religion, but all the while the knowledge of the Universe is the knowledge of God and one of the consequences of Science will be the re-establishment of the original true Religion that was lost and had to be refound.

In a way similar to yourself I look upon the world of Cults and also the New Age with a sense of reservation. From what I've directly experienced and learned through my studies, I see them both as the expression of the degeneration of Religion and Spirituality in the same way I view Religious Fundamentalism is likewise. A challenge in the future will be to get in a position to counter-act the lure of fringe cults without starting one myself and also to address the human needs need that the New Age takes advantage of, without dumbing down or diluting the message. I am encourage by the sort of people who write in and come to the talks. Most of them are not the sort of people who would join a cult, some of them are the sort of people who may go on to form new religious movements themselves! I guess the trick is to get people to think for themselves. I have it in the back of my mind to form a sort of anti-cult. Something that allows for the formation of communities but also something that fully allows personal autonomy, discourages rigid hierarchy and centralized control. People are social animals and as such they naturally form themselves into social groupings. An idea would be to catalyze the spontaneous forming and spread of these groups while at the same time putting into place safe guards that will protect against some of the more unbenign aspects of group behaviour. Also something that is completely integrated with modern society. Though rejecting Materialism, Attachment and greed also fully accepting of Science and Technology. The early Christian Gnostics or perhaps even the Quakers may provide some sort of model. Anyway, I'm in the process of thinking about all this.

Hope to get first edition of book finished this Autumn, before the end of September.

If you don't mind me asking, where are you writing from? Also I think I'll put this reply on the IAQ section of the website. With your permission may I use you name and details, else I'll use only your initials and paraphrase your original email.

Kindest regards Wai



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