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Concerning chanting on the God name Abraxas and how to integrate into modern society and stay mystically connect?

On 23rd December 2007, B.L. from an unknown location wrote:

I visited this website at an important time on   the path of my continuing spiritual journey. I believe I have a lot in common with most of your story.  I believe that one way of attaining god consciousness and realize that you and everyone is god is to chant the name(s) of god. I have looked for the right name of god for myself to chant and I believe for me it is ABRAXAS. It was on a web search for information on this name of god that I came accross this website and I am intensely interested on more input to do with your experiences with your solstice vision experience with abraxas.  I am still struggling with life's challenges like the ones you have had before you found your place in the material world, you have inspired me to offer something of what I know to the world and would dearly appreciate a response from you to offer your input on what it takes to accomplish spiritually enough to find one's place back to society's reality and still exist mystically as one with god. thank you for your time...


I replied:

Hi B.L.

Yes Mantra meditations involving chanting on God names are powerful forms of meditation. At the end of the day chose the one that you're most comfortable with and that has the most meaning for you. I also chant on the name Abraxas. At the same time I don't believe that in most cases or circumstances, solely chanting on a God name will enable a person to experience God consciousness. Where it will work would be in the very reductive spiritual paths where a person is literally spending most of his or her waking life chanting. These sorts of paths of contraction and self abnegation are not really compatible with modern living. It leaves people in a highly dysfunctional state.

I believe Mantra meditations should form a valuable part of a wider spiritual programme which would include other forms of Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi, a selective diet, making morale decisions etc. etc. so on and so forth. But most of all the central focus of the spiritual quest should be a process called deity yoga whereby a person tries to incorporate divine qualities into his or her life and become an embodiment of the transcendent. To aid this end a manifestation or conception of God is selected, i.e. Shiva, Guanyin, Tara, Jesus or perhaps even Abraxas. The mystical aspirant then proceeds to manifest the attributes of the chosen God symbol in his or her normal life, behaviour and dealings with people. So for instance a Guanyin devotee would focus on being compassionate. In India Shiva devotees take this process to the max and literally make themselves look like Shiva as depicted in ancient artwork, with the same hair style, clothes(i.e. loin clothe) and even carry around a little trident. I not suggesting you do this but what's important is that a person tries to manifest characteristics of the divine in real life. In a sense it is to become possessed by the holy spirit.

Of course there's a lot more to it than just this. Deity yoga also involves a mental attitude of detachment, a recognition of the oneness of all beings and also a holding of the assumption that reality is illusory. It also involves an intense focus on the truth of non-duality that self and non self are really one and that indeed this one and oneself are really God, one and the same. So deity yoga also involves having a correct metaphysical outlook and holding that view of things in mind, as much as possible. In order to realize the truth then focus on the truth while engaged in all the various activities of living. This stands in contrast to trying realize the truth by only chanting on a symbol that represents the truth i.e. a God name.

Another word for deity yoga is Tantra though the expression has such a strong association with new age sex for inhibited middle class people that it makes it harder to make people understand that it means something much wider and deeper. Also this idea of deity yoga links up with the idea that quest myths which describe a hero's journey are spiritual allegories which are really about the spiritual quest for enlightenment or God consciousness. In the same way a quest myth is a perilous journey for some mythic reward i.e. grail, fleece, princess etc. so too is it that deity yoga is likewise a life journey of challenges and obstacles leading eventually towards union with God.

I believe this idea of deity yoga/Tantra or mythic quest is really the key perspective for the mystic to be able to integrate himself or herself into modern society. I happen to believe that the Prophecies contained in all the World's religions are manifesting in present times. I also subscribe that the Messiah or Saviour is to be found within all of us in the same way that God is within us all. So this then connects up perfectly with all the earlier ideas about deity yoga, mythic quest etc. What I'm saying is that the spiritual quest for enlightenment in modern times cannot be considered as separate from issues concerning the environment, social justice, the coming one World order, tyranny and iniquity. When we couple the deity yoga ideas with the Prophecies then it makes perfect sense that the path to God is process by which we manifest the Messiah archetype, that is a part of us all, which is really the process of trying to save the planet and create a better more just World.

Back to Abraxas, when I had that experience back in 1998, I was in a position to be fully engaged in the mystical and lived a life of almost complete solitude. I studied a lot that year, lived outside of mainstream society and literally spent most of my waking hours thinking about God or else neuroscience and artificial intelligence. Also in the days and weeks leading up to the experience I was contemplating a lot the idea that 'The inside is really the outside and the outside is really the inside, the inside and the outside are one'. I would say this to myself much like a Mantra over and over but actively thinking about the meaning of the words. Which is a long hand way of say 'non-duality'. Furthurmore during that period I walked about a lot, typically 4 or 5 hours a day. Also relevant I would listen to psychedelic trance music a lot on my music player during those walks. Finally I was reading a lot a book called 'The hidden teachings of Jesus' by SPCK press in the days leading up to experience. It contains a lot of Gnostic Christian sayings.

Anyway, I hope you'll find some of this useful. Two Tantric ideas which I like a lot is the notion that the Guru is within and also the emphasis on experiment and experiential feedback. Which means in plain speak, decide yourself what you think is true and use for yourself what you find effective.

Kind regards & keep in touch!




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