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Concerning the problem of communicating the message to a more general audience

On 13th July, James W. from New Zealand wrote:


i found your site after watching one of your youtube videos.

it's been interesting reading through your site and i can understand all your ideas :) (esp on the synchronicity across religions) what's more interesting is your background, as it mimics mine quite substantially haha (mum took me to NZ from china when i was 5, my 'spiritual' journey also began from the rave scene, etc).

would just like to comment on your presentation style in order to fit your target audience (mainstream public). you might want to condense your ideas down a little. most of your articles are quite lengthy and tangential, and it's hard understanding what your point is sometimes. Although i have the patience to read the whole thing, joe bloggs may stop after the first paragraph.

other than that, great work :) it's good to know there are others that think like i do (gotta love human nature :P ) and more importantly - are spreading the message. I tried the enlightener's path for less than a week before i decided current circumstances are not the most favourable (quite hard to talk with your 17yo peers about the nature of existence when all they care about is mtv etc :P ) Thus, i admire your courage and strength :)

may the force be with you :P


I replied:

Hi James
Thanks for email and the positive feedback. I remember when I was working in the Psychedelic Trance scene doing club promotions, DJ bookings, touring and performing; I'd come across a lot of people from New Zealand. In the future, the World Trance scene will be quite a receptive audience for the kind of ideas expressed on the website. A lot of the people involved with the scene either know that they're God or else strongly suspect that it's the case, anyway.

I know what you mean about communicating these sorts of ideas to a wider audience. I guess the message is evolving. When I first began public speaking 6 years ago, my audience were all hard core mystic, underground, counter culture and alternative types who were all quite well informed and pretty widely read. As things progressed I would encounter more different kinds of people. These days I'm starting to reach, through YouTube and the Website, people who are mainstream and also importantly more young people. The challenge now is to make these ideas more accessible. It is possible to be convincing and compelling without dumbing down too much, it's just a matter of approach and style I believe.

In future I'll be using the Video medium a lot more, instead of just putting rough recordings of the talks on the Internet I'll also be creating purpose made videos, documentaries, animations, talking heads style projects; to help the message reach a wider audience. The medium of Internet Video is a fantastic oppurtunity and one that will grow and become ever more ubiquitous.

Another part of the process of reaching out to the mainstream is to create a layered message. The outer layer will address the immediate concerns that people have, i.e. what's happening in the World, what's happening in their lives etc. and then the trick will be to create a seamless and smooth progression to the core message i.e. everyone is God and the Prophecies are now. And from there to more hard core metaphysical ideas and spiritual practices. This is very much a fast evolving work in progress.

It's fun trying to communicate the truth these days, but when I first started I faced rejection, social isolation and even potential physical harm. One day these sorts of ideas will be pretty mainstream and much more widely accepted.

You know, today's indifferent teenagers obsessed with their favourite rock bands and various other teen pursuits are tomorrow's Mythic Questors, Activists and Saviours of the World. Plant the seeds early and start them young I say.

Tell us more about your experience if you like and I may be able to offer some useful feedback.

Nice to connect with you. Stay in touch!



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