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What do you think about the Bahai religion and aren't they saying the same thing as you?

On 21st September 2007 David Appleby from London U.K. wrote:

Hi Wai

I've been reading your website. It's well written and clearly expressed. Thanks for your work in bringing together all this amazing knowledge..

I particular like your ideas about bringing the worlds religions together. I live in London and I see people of all religions around me. It makes perfect sense that all religions are really the same.

I've been doing some research and have been reading about the Bahai religion. What do you think about them? They're also about bringing together all the different religions. Isn't that what you're trying to do? I agree with you that London is a special place and a good place to start bringing the different religions together.

Peace, David


I replied:

Hi David

Thanks for your email and positive feedback. Yes the Bahai religion is to be commended for their emphasis on the unity of religions. However it's future potential is limited by the fact that it is an offshot of Islam and furthermore one that is considered by most Muslims to be inauthentic. Also at the end of the day it is just another religion, indeed a more recent one, but still yet another divisioning of World religiousity with it's own set of scriptures and creeds. Also I believe the claim of the founder of the Bahai faith, i.e. Mirza Hussian Ali Nuri or his official title Baha'u'llah, to be the Mahdi or the Muslim Messiah to be completely false.

Many people over the centuries have had the intuition and belief in the commonality of truth behind World religion and the Founder(s) of Bahai'ism have to their credit reiterated this sentiment. But at the same time no formula is offered to bring about the actual unification of World religion except through the hypothetical process whereby every religious person in the World accepts that founder of Bahai'ism is the Mahdi and converts to the Bahai religion. This will never happen instead what we will have and already have, to an extent, is another religion trying to maintain its distinct identity and doctrines in relation to all the other Religions and Cults on this planet. This is a situation similiar to that of Sikhism in India which was a religious movement that sought to reconcile Islam and Hinduism and emphasize their essential unity. Instead what has come about today is a furthur divisioning of religion in India with members of the Sikh faith being in conflict with both Muslims and Hindus and vice versa.

Although I too stress the unity of World religion, what I am proposing is not starting a new religion but rather showing people that origin truth behind all World religion, i.e. the idea that everyone is God, is one and the same truth. Also this truth is also the key to the unification of Religion with Science and Philosophy. This adds up to a powerful message which I believe will catalyze the process by which the Worlds Religions will finally be reconciled with one another and brought together as one. Furthurmore I envisage that instead of somebody claiming to the chosen one, instead I support the more practical proposition of appealing to the Mahdi or Messiah that is to be found in all of us. Which is that aspect of the human spirit which would like to see a World of Justice, Peace and Equity. Also the aim is to try to motivate people to take actions and orientate their lives towards the realization of these aims.

Indeed London is a very special place. To me it is Jerusalem, Babylon, Meggido(i.e. Armageddon) and also Sodom and Gomorrah; all rolled into one. It's a very exciting place to be living and at a very exciting time.

Kind regards


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