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Concerning the important issue of Climate Change and a response to the suggestion that this should be made the central message

On 9th October A.S.H. from India wrote:

Dear Wai,

Hope you are fine. You are often in my thoughts and  am really impressed by your vision and sense of purpose. It is indeed important to merge our collective efforts to save our lovely planet Earth.

Today, the most vital  area is maintenance of Ecological balance and  modify our energy intensive lifestyles to energy sensitive lifestyles. I think it would be good idea for your talks as well as a topic in your forthcoming book. Ecology should become the focus of all socio-political-spiritual-economic institutions so that as someone said, a worldwide shift can happen from a 'self' centred earth  to an 'earth' centred self.

Would love to hear from you and discuss this further.

May Love, Understanding, Courage , Kindness  always be with you


I Replied:

Hi A.S.H.

    Thanks for you email and sorry I haven't been in touch. Things a bit busy here over in the UK, with full time job, talks etc. Thank you for thinking about me and recognizing the seriousness of my mission. I certainly find it very encouraging at this stage, for I am currently very much a voice in the wilderness, though my network is definitely growing.

    You read my mind. In the past year or so I've given a lot of thought to exploring the furthur implications of the central message, i.e. that everyone is God and the Prophecies are now. What has been forming in my mind is spiritual path and mystical practice that incorporates the Political/ Environmental/ Ecological/ Technological and of course Religious, dimensions. A synthesis of Meditation/ Metaphysics/ Yoga/ Tantra/ Right living and political activism. I am very excited by a massive integration of a lot of ideas that have been floating around in my head for a while relating to the power of ideas to change society and by the same token the entire World. I did two talks in the past Month and these live events really focused my head on these matters.

    I have a very clear picture now of the immense impact spiritual and prophetic ideas can have if communicated right and to the right people especially the young. Historically no ideas have had more power to alter the course of human history than ideas about God and ideas about Human destiny. What we have in this message 'Everyone is God and the Prophecies are now' is the ultimate truth about God and the ultimate truth about human destiny. In the two recent talks I gave a step by step outline of the effect that this message will have and how it will be instrumental in helping to actually bring about the outcome of the prophecies, i.e. the defeat of tyranny and oppression, the saving of the Planet, the triggering of a spiritual revival and the final realization of World peace.

    It all hangs on the power of the idea. In order to change to World you have to change the way very large numbers of people behave, in order to change behaviour you have to change the way that people think, in order to change the way people think you have to change what people believe and the only way to do that is to give people compelling ideas. To save the Planet and create a World of peace/justice/equality etc. etc. a battle has to be fought in the realm of ideas. If we lose this battle then all else is lost, if we win this battle then everything else becomes much easier. At the end of the day what I am is a messenger who is communicating a large set of tightly inter related ideas centred around the tightly inter-related central message that 'Everyone is God and the Prophecies are now'.  These ideas are key to unifying religion and unifying religion with science and philosophy. These ideas also stand opposed to ideas of selfish genes, a purposeless Universe, Atheism, the ideas of the Religious Fundamentalist etc. etc. etc. When this unifying truth  of ours is accepted by a large enough number of key people then the process of World change is set in motion and we will have sparked a true spiritual revival. When we get enough people believing in the prophecies and also in accepting that they are the agents who are the ones to realize the outcome of the prophecies, then we in effect are talking about a proactive Apocalyptic movement, versus the passive ones i.e. people waiting for Jesus to save them, which is actually part of the problem and why a lot of Bible belt Christians in the U.S. are not very eco minded, they think Jesus will come, imminently, and remake the Earth anew. But for the Born Again only. In this way we can use this message to actually give people the vision of a better World and reason for hope that can motivate them to do something about the problems the World is facing, in the first place.

I'm inspired by the example of Karl Marx though I dislike his ideas. However his ideas certainly had a massive impact upon the World. At a point in the 20th century around a half of all the people on the planet were living under regimes that would have called themselves Marxist. He's actually buried very near where I live in Highgate and did a lot of his writing near where I work.

I've gone on a bit, better go to bed, now work tomorrow. Will write up all these ideas systematically and extensively for the website. They will also form the final chapter and rousing conclusion to the book.
Till next Contact
Love and Peace


A.S.H. in turn replied:

Dear Wai,

The problem today as has always been is the obsession with the material and its visible manifestations. People always insist on proofs and demand miracles to believe and follow. You give me a miracle and I will follow you. In today's highly commercialized world this" deal making" is all the more rampant. I am sure the wilderness , you often find yourself in is because of this over insistence on giving them proofs all the time.
In the history of Religion and Mysticism various approaches have yielded different results. You can take cues from them and choose from the "free will" option that we humans have been endowed with . All the approaches  including yours are valid. But validity is not the issue . Viability is. Which methodology is to be chosen depends on whom you are dealing with and when.
I still feel that in this material obsessed world we have to concentrate on giving them physical proofs and glimpses of what everyone  intrinsically desires . Making Ecology the central issue is the need today.

Interestingly, yesterday the Nobel Prize Committee in Oslo has awarded the Peace Prize 2007 jointly to Al Gore , for his untiring and inventive advocacy of environmental issues  and the United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Control.
The Global Warming is a Warning to alert humanity from altering the climate through irresponsible human activity. The greatest violence is the one that we collectively wreak on the planets ecology and true Peace will come when we will heal/ reverse  the damage we have caused.Today, technologically and managerially humanity is equipped to successfully undertake this sacred challenge. All that is required is the effort and the focus.

All the major religious traditions are full of the importance of ecological balance and have discouraged and prohibited hoarding, greed, gluttony, waste all activities that deplete the vitality of our living planet.

I am sure with your vast study of religions you can synthesise and allign  your mission with the Ecological challenge that is on the centre stage and get your message across successfully to a larger and more interested audience.



I Replied:

 Hi again A.S.H.

    Thanks for your long reply. Just a few things in response. It's pointless to solely focus on environmental and ecological issues without seeing them as part of a wider problem, i.e. over population, global terrorism(which distracts and diverts political will), consumerism/materialism, corruption, spiritual void, local conflicts and tyranny/oppression. All these problems are inter-related and interlocked and the only way to unlock this knot, solve this puzzle is through a revolution and revolutions begin in the realm of ideas. If good ideas take hold then society/world society is good, if bad ideas are dominant then things become problematic. To fix the World, fix the ideas of this World.

    Yes you can't have true peace if the environment/world ecosystem is dying around you, at the same time we can't focus on saving the planet when so much focus is becoming diverted because we are not living in a united harmonious World, far from it. Indeed there is a growing awareness of the environmental problems this world is facing, but even with awareness there may be indifference, a sense of learned helplessness or a plain,' it's not going to affect me so much', attitude. The concerted action needed to stop and eventually reverse the damage being done is going to be immense and it's going to take a lot more than just awareness that things are going badly wrong. To get people focused and to get people to make the effort, you're going to need a galvinising vision and powerful doctrine for action. This is where the idea comes in. Strong medicine is going to be needed to remedy a grave situation.

    History shows that it has always been the idea which has turned things around and altered the course of human history, why should it be different today. Indeed in the age of information ideas reign supreme. You talk about methodology and viability, of course these are necessary and tactical considerations, but without the strategic plan and over arching vision our methods may be effective but futile and what may seem viable may really be inconsequential.

    As for 'aligning my mission to the ecological challenge', it always has been after all 'As is the microcosm so is the macrocosm' and so as we consider for the bodily and Universal so we should also consider for the planetary. At the same time unlike you, from the tone and focus of your email, I just don't see it as a problem which can be isolated and solved separately from the other major problems that the World is facing. You see the ecological/environmental problem as the central problem and of course it is very very important. For without the Earth there is no life and the extreme nightmare scenarios for global warming are absolutely no life on Earth at all, temperatures reaching several hundred degrees and raining sulphuric acid, pretty much like the planet Venus. However this very important problem is itself symtomatic of a deeper spiritual problem and even if by some miracle the planet is saved and the symptom is cured, unless you solve the underlying cause then within a few generations or less, we'll be back to square one again.




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