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How, by who and when are our personal destinies decided?

On January 7th 2008 , Alex G. from North London wrote:

I was wondering, what do you think of who or how our destinys are chosen for us? Cos if we are God and make our own destiny, then who gave me intolerances and sensitivities that indeed give me a greater insight in to my path of living in tune with the land and listening to my body and spiritual self? Like how was it decided that I would be like this, when I was a child, or a foetus maybe?


I replied:

The idea of destiny only makes sense when you think about collective destiny and collective purpose. The individual destiny is always in relation to the wider purpose of World history and on a more cosmic scale, in relation to the purpose of the Universe. Imagine the purpose and process of World history as a complete and intricate picture that is also a jigsaw puzzle of many separate pieces. Then as individuals we are each single pieces of this huge grand design each making up a part of the the overall picture. As God we are not just shaping single isolated pieces of the jigsaw puzzle without regard to the entire puzzle, rather we fashion the big picture, i.e. the cosmic and historical view of things.

From this complete/whole view the separate and local view is derived, i.e. the individual view of personal experience, which is the view of a single piece of the jigsaw puzzle. This is the view of the human condition, the realm of imperfection, tragedy and transcience but also love, hope and redemption. In a sense your life was decided at the beginning of time but really it has always been for all eternity as is the case for all things that ever were and all things that will ever be. We are all as an infinitely of insects frozen in a infinite field of eternal amber. Each of these creatures a manifestation of the one God, undivided and indivisible, and each one a temple for the holy spirit to dwell a while, one moment at a time, one life at a time.

This is the divine or transcendent view of things and embracing this view is a doorway to a certain peace that passeth all understanding, the experience of the so called 'eternal now'. I believe that people with certain sensitivities and intolerances are in a way privileged because it is exactly these sorts of people who embark on the spiritual path in the first place. Those who face the greatest difficulties in the temporal realm of mundane reality are often exactly those people who are advantaged in the realm of the transcendent and otherworldly. It is as if God designed it so, in order that certain lives, i.e. some of the insects in amber, are made special in that they are manifestations of God where God realizes itself and awakens to it's true nature while living out the life of that creature. i.e. Enlightenment.



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