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Do you think we have a soul?

On 28th November 2007 Veronique from London UK wrote:

Hi! Now I'm going to devour your site. Sounds fantastic.

I'm into the subject. I sent long time on the intersent looking for truth.

my question:

Do you think we have got soul?

I'm not sure, it bothers me..

would be great if you replied.

you know as well that there are not many of US.

P>S familiar with the book of enoch,
zecharia sithin, annunaki, jordan maxwell- he's really great.still looking for more.

I NEED TO BE IN TOUCH WITH LIKE MINDED OTHERWISE I'LL GO CRAZY. because it's so far from the main stream. you know what i mean.

regards Solaris.xxx


I replied:

Hi Veronique

Do I think we have a soul. Well I don't believe we have an individuated self separate from God or a personal soul. If we take the soul to be that essence of our being which is above and beyond our physical existence then that essence is exactly the same as God, the ground of all existence, source of all being, alpha and the omega etc. etc. This is really the classical vedic position where atman or self is one and the same as Brahman or God. Or put it another way there is only one soul or one self that we all share. The Beatles lyric 'I am he as you are he and you are me and we are all together'. Buddha's position of anatman or non self is really another way of saying there is no self separate from the void( or the equivalent to God in Buddhism) that essentially we are the void.

No there are not all that many of us but since starting doing the public talks and more recently with the website I have been discovering that there are far more of us than most people would suppose. Probably just enough to change the world. I'm very optimistic that as time goes on there will be an increasing number of us, the truth can be contagious if delivered right. Yes I've got some videos about the book of enoch and some Jordan Maxwell videos as well though I haven't watched them yet. I like to absorb as much of this sort of stuff as I can even if I don't necessarily agree with all of it.

Yes I know exactly what you mean. There was a time when I too felt completely alone in the world with this truth. When I first started coming back into the mainstream in order to communicate the truth it was very tough going. People thought I was crazy but I knew I wasn't the one who was delusional. At first I felt isolated and alienated from society but now I've found a way to be more integrated and am in touch with many people around the world who either know the truth or strongly suspect that it is the case. I think there is a world movement happening, a process which will lead to the truth being very widely accepted. It is necessary for people like us to be the pioneers. Anyway you're in touch with a like minded person, keep in touch.

Kindest regards Wai



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