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On 15th June 2008, J.G. from South Africa wrote:

Hi Wai

thanks for your response !

I found your site by searching on google ... can't remember what I typed in, something about Jesus and God, so accidentally stumbled upon your site - and what I read on 'Everyone is God' just made a lot of sense.

Today I carried on reading about your visions and experiences, and some of them sounded quite 'out there', and even a bit, how can I say ... drug-induced, ha ha. Sorry, not meant to sound rude at all, I personally have very strange and weird dreams that may as well seem drug-induced to outsiders, even though I don't even touch alcohol, never mind any other mind-altering substances. Not sure why this has come up now. I didn't intend to write about that at all. (But I'll leave it there, won't delete it, just in case it makes any sense later on.)

um ... ok ... well... I am now suffering from stage-fright ;) As i've mentioned, I've had a realisation years ago that was quite unnerving, and that has, in the last year and half been coming to the fore front more and more, with more ideas and philosphising from my part. I even started writing a book etc (that is nowhere near finished).
Currently surfing the net and reading a lot more for more insights, inspiration and the like.

My realisation 8 or so years ago was this:
I had taken part in a Louise Hay workshop over a weekend. We were doing a few excercises in awareness of each other, and one of them was listening to a taped message about how we are responsible for ourselves and our lives. We had to sit in a circle and close our eyes. I heard the guy's voice on the tape and what he was saying was kind of just washing over me, I wasn't really concentrating too much, but then he suddenly said: You are the creator of your own universe.
And it hit me. It hit me that I myself was the creator of my very own life. I opened my eyes and stared at the carpet in front of me - there was a pattern like an eye. My mind was racing, it felt so true, this realisation, harsh and stark and strong, like only the truth of any matter could, metallic even, if that makes sense. I was scared shitless, that I would be all alone. I was seriously freaked out at that point but didn't move because I didn't want to show any discomfort in front of the group. I felt as if I was perhaps going a bit paranoid. just stared at the carpet and tried to close my eyes again. Then we broke for lunch, and I had to remove myself from the group, I went to sit under a tree by myself. The fascilitator of the workshop had noticed that something was up with me, and asked whether I was ok. All I said was that I was ok. I didn't really want to speak to anyone right then, even though in a way I did want to, because i didn't really know how to handle that information I had just received.

guess I then put it out of my mind for months, until i was ready to explore that thought a little more. Then in the last year i got more and more insight. And somehow I'm not sure I want to delve any further. I'm doubting myself. How far do we want to go down that rabbit hole?
I find there's a paradox at the end of it.

phew, ok ... that was a long one.
would love to hear your thoughts.




I replied:

Hi J.G.

Yes, I've got a colorful past. I was rather heavily involved in the psychedelic scene for a while. It's seems a world away. Meditation, jogging, healthy eating and strict regulation of anything psychoactive, including chocholate & strong cheese, is the regime these days. I find a lot of young people relate to the kind of life style I led in my youth. It can also seem a bit degenerate, but anyway, it was interesting and I learned a lot.

And yes totally, as God we create our own reality. In the act of creating, whether through artistic expression, making ones way in the World generally and of course having children, we are partaking of the divine. A lot of mystical and spiritual practice involves creating the conditions of your life around you and your internal mind set in tune and in alignment with the truth that everyone, including oneself, is God. This is the foundation of all true moral instruction. The ultimate self affirmation and the ultimate statement about the sanctify of human life.

Something that was really big last year and still making the rounds, is the Law of Attraction. Which involves creating the correct mindset(s) for manifesting corresponding realities around yourself. Our focus determines our reality and indeed we become like that upon which our hearts and minds are fixed. Thru the power of the Mind and the Force of Will we can change ourselves, our lives, the societies in which we live and ultimately change the World. An interesting application of the Law of Attraction is to focus our hearts and minds on the divine. This is what a lot of hardcore mystical practice involves. In so doing, we can be as God on Earth and create a Heaven in physical reality. That the destiny of humanity and also what the prophecies are really about. I recommend the movie 'The Secret', though it's a bit New-Agey and too focused on material gains, in bits. Good introduction however.

It's amazing how in the right place and when we're in the right mindset, a single phrase or even a single word or gesture can induce profound and interesting shifts in consciousness. This is the desired result and goal of the spiritual quest, i.e. to shift consciousness, from ordinary dull, mundane states of consciousness to inspired, ecstatic and even enlightened ones. I've found that crossing over into these states of being and modes of mind involve overcoming barriers. These barriers can be external, i.e. physical and social constraints(which can be people we know) and sometimes these barriers are internal i.e. our doubts and our fears. Joseph Campbell, the celebrated expert on Mythology, calls these barriers 'Threshold Guardians'. And the Mythic hero quest to obtain the transcendent and sacred, involves the a fairly systematic progression whereby a succession of these Threshold Guardians are overcome or circumvented. The very first Threshold Guardian is the one that prevents the mythic questor from embarking on the journey in the first place.

The rabbit hole eventual leads, at it's final destination, to God. The Return to the Source. Though it is an outward journey and progression through life, it is really the inner journey to realize the true self, and to experience that the outer and the inner, that self and non-self and that a person and God; are all one and the same.

Hope some of this makes sense.

Best wishes




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