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Concerning entering the Messianic Syndrome stage and how to deal with it

On August 8th 2008, Mariola Gorska from North Carolina, U.S.A. wrote:

Firstly -much friendship and wishes of true growth and blessings-I am sending your way... across the ocean !!!

I owe you explanation-since I just received the information -I must share it now-in holy instant! Is very normal to think that I am alone in my experiences ,that people do not talk about it-as you said ,the only reason that I talked to you -is because you had your biography posted on your web.

That is healing to many lost ones and this is highest service we can do to us -be yourself-speak from heart with radiance-you have that radiance!!!!

So-now I understand that all the light workers are being awaken first and that feeling unique and almost entering Messianic syndrome stage is also part of awakening.

I discovered list of symptoms of ascending body and mind phenomenon-and mine is according to complex list exactly matching--we are special but yet we all have the passage toward inheritance
with similar symptoms,human in accelerated spiritual growth -progress- symptoms.

I am blessed to have friend like you -who listened,my understanding is grander,more humility is entering my heart.

I also got some information how to establish tactful boundaries once one becomes 'grander'-public in " lime light"-so one do not share all the energy with the unknown fans like me.

Let me know if you interested is such example of news letter to people that bombard teacher.
I am one of the people-if I took a lot of space-thank you,I am blessed that you answered-today is especially great time to send you my gratitude.
I have my answers,"i "AM JUST WAKING UP.....now I just have to cool down ,be kind and loving,lead my life to the fullest...no drama.

Love you....will keep up with you successes.We are all precious,you have an amazing talent and courage-I pray for your strenth and energy for your work.
be beloved as you are......MARIOLA
Not a mad man/woman....since one found the guru ----- all the way across the ocean((((hug))))




I replied:

Hi Mariola
My mystical Sister from across the ocean. Thanks for you emails and sorry once again about the delay in getting back to you. One day I won't have to do a full time job and will have much more time to correspond with the people who resonate with me and I with them.

Yes, the messianic syndrome phase, tell me about it. I'll admit that I went through this quite intensely in the late 90s and me in my late 20s. I know a lot people find it totally appalling, but to be honest I'll have to say that I seriously wondered whether I was the 'chosen one', the one and only. From one perspective it is the ultimate insanity and mad claim, like somebody claiming that they are Neapolean Bonaparte or perhaps some other well known but long deceased historical figure. But there again, when a person has truly experienced himself or herself as GOD, then it seems the most natural thing to suppose. Though of course most people will suppose wrong. In the same way many people will suppose each week that they may possibly win the national lottery grand jackpot, but of course statistically the chances are close to zero. I think it's a natural re-entry phase as a person comes to terms with the truth that he or she is GOD, while at the same time reconciling this with our embodied human forms and human limitations. And also of course having to come to terms with the reality that everyone else is God too even if they don't know it yet.

At the same time I do think it's a good thing if people, while not asserting themselves to be the chosen one and only exclusively, yet live and act in a way that is in a sense Messianic. What I mean by this is that, I believe that the prophecies are now. I also believe that the fullfillment of the prophecies, i.e. creation of a better World of justice and peace, the defeat of Evil, Saving the Planet, etc. etc. is a collective effort. So by partaking of this process and helping it along then we are acting in the Messianic spirit and this is what I mean by the idea that the Messiah is within all of us. Throw in the idea that everyone is God, then this goes hand in hand with the idea that everyone is also potentially a Messiah. It also makes perfect sense and follows reasonably. When we stop looking for God outside of ourselves then naturally we also stop waiting for some outside agency, i.e. Jesus appearing in the sky, UFOs etc., to save us. It is up to ourselves to save the Planet and create a better World. So people taking it upon themselves to do the Messianic, perhaps isn't such a bad thing. So long as they can do it with some humility and actually go out there and achieve practical results.

I think something that the experience of being God can sometimes precipitate in a person trying to go on to become, if not a Messiah, then some sort of cult leader and declares himself or herself to be God. I believe the message, openly and directly expressed, that everyone is God; in a way acts against the tendency towards cult formation where a certain person only is seen as God and everyone else worships that person. I believe that in a World where everyone knows that they're God, then cult formation, along with organized heirarchical religion, become things of an ignorant past.

The experience of being GOD can be tremendously empowering, but at the same time this source has to be channeled through our human material bodies, that is through our thoughts and actions. If a person can find a productive and beneficient way to do this then the mystical inspiration will have borne good fruit. Otherwise it can lead to a sense of meaninglessness and futility, or else to mystical and spiritual self indulgence. Divinity is really realised and made manifest through actions that feed into the process of life and the process of humanity's progression, which is the will of God and our true purpose. To facilitate the realization of ones true nature then serve the Cosmic purpose. Flow with the Tao, become one with Force etc. etc. I'll add that even when we're unaware of our divinity and in normal mundane existence, then doing things such as raising children, doing a worthwhile job, helping others and trying to do right; then all this is also contributing, powerfully and significantly to this cosmic process and divine will.

And likewise, I feel blessed too by our friendship and connection. What we've been talking about, the problems associated with re-entry and reconciling the transcendent with everyday life, are made much easier when we're connected with like minded people. This relates to the importance of the 'Sangha' or spiritual community, that in our case is Worldwide and connected through cyberspace. I am so encouraged by your kind words and feedback.

A news letter is a great idea. The trouble is getting round to it and thinking of things to put in it. I was considering a blog also. Will think more on this matter.

Finally thank you for your emails, and thank for the time and energy you put into them. I'm only sorry I'm not able to spend more time writing back. I also wanted to ask whether it's ok to use your name and parts of your emails in the IAQ, infrequently asked questions, section of the website as I would like to post sections of some of my replies on there. No worries if not. I'll paraphrase your mails and perhaps use just some initials.
Till next contact



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