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On 20th January 2008, Liam St John. from Ann Arbor, Michigan U.S.A. wrote:

your videos are great. I have had a lot of bizarre experiences myself. Once I saw light emanating from my teacher. Once I saw him dissolve into rainbow light. Many times they've read my mind without any doubt from my side. I still am finding it difficult though to reconcile science and religion. Evolution and genetics is the main thing for me that doesn't correspond with religion. Also how do you see evolution and reincarnation not contradicting?


I replied:

Hi L.S.

Thanks for your interest and postive feedback. It's a good thing to be open to the strange and other worldly.

Concerning reconciling Evolution and Genetics with Religion. The situation is that religion exists on two levels. Firstly we have the outer mysteries of Religion consisting of the rules, rituals and regulations, fairy tales, fantasies and fables, churches, mosques and ashrams. This is what most people would normally understand as religion, it's visible and manifest aspect. It is this side of religion that comes into conflict with Science and Reason, also by the same token Evolution and Genetics. It is here that you find the Bible bashers and other Religious Fundamentalists who will often stand opposed to the idea of Evolution.

However there is another side to Religion and these are the Inner Mysteries and comprise the esoteric or hidden truths of Religion. Alternatively this might also be called the mystical side of Religion. It is here that all the World's Religions find common ground and have a common set of beliefs. For instance one of these universal beliefs is the idea of the God withing or the notion that a person's real identity is God. Another would be the idea of Reincarnation. It is the beliefs which lie at the esoteric heart of all World Religion that are perfect compatible with Reason and the Scientific Method. After all, the knowledge of the World and the Universe which Science seeks to gain is really the knowledge of God.

Concerning Evolution is is the process whereby matter structures itself in patterns of ever greater diversity and complexity through a gradual process of accumulated small changes. The substrate of organic carbon based life forms and DNA i.e. genes, is a subset of a wider cosmic process by which all matter in the Universe will in the course of time organize itself according to the Cosmic plan.

Within these evolved material structures Consciousness may reside. You're one example as are all people on this planet. It doesn't take a great leap of imagination to suppose that Consciousness may also be a property of other animals, already existing and animals that will come into being in the future through the process of Evolution. Another distinct possibility would be that the whole planet Earth will itself one day evolve into a singular conscious entity. Gaia will become aware of itself. And furthermore in the same way the planet has involved into an ever increasingly integrated one world order, so we may extrapolate this process to the entire Universe and imagine a that the Universe too will evolve to become an integrated oneness that in turn becomes Conscious of itself.

From this perspective we see that the process of Evolution produces material structures that are places where Consciousness may dwell. When we return to the mystical idea of the God within or the notion that God lives thru us, then we see that the process of Evolution is perfectly compatible with the Inner Mysteries of Religion. Evolution is the process through which an infinite variety of permutations and combinations of subjective/conscious experiences are created for the Consciousness of God to behold and witness. This is really the secret of eternal life or reincarnation which goes hand in hand with the idea that everyone is God and furthermore with the Universal truth that God is one, undivided and indivisible. God the infinite and eternal one, spends eternity living out the lives of the created i.e. the creatures, one moment at a time, one day at a time, one life at a time. So in the same way that as humans we sleep and awaken to a new day, so as God we die and awaken to a new life, eternally. i.e. Reincarnation. This is how God is always One and Undivided but also within all things as well. It is also why the experience of being God or being One with the Universe is really the true nature of things.

We are at a point in World history now when the Esoteric and Mystical truths of World Religion are about to make a dramatic comeback. For the answers to the greatest mysteries of Science & Philosophy concerning Consciousness, the puzzles of Quantum mechanics and the nature of the reality etc. have their answers in the eternal truths that make up the Inner Mysteries of all the World's Religions.

Regards Wai



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