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A response to someone's calling to take the responsibility for the spiritual regeneration of the World, that happened during a mystical encounter in Goa India

On 31st of May 2007 K.V. from London UK wrote:

Hi Wai,

Sorry for the delayed response. I wanted to have a few minutes to answer you properly and explain myself as clearly as possible.

I came across the site rather randomly. A friend and advocate of positive thinking, particularly after times of excess, sent me the link to your site. He hadn't read anything more than the "road to excess" page but, having read on, I found a lot of synergies between your philosophy and my own developing one. I mentioned this in my first email to you, I think.

Perhaps you can shed some light on the experience I had just over a year ago. It has certainly changed my life and been in my thoughts constantly since that day.

Back at the end of April 2006 I booked a two week holiday to India. My friend and I did a whistle stop tour, flying from place to place and covered a lot of ground in 2 weeks. We went to Delhi, Kashmir, Agra, Varanasi, back to Delhi and finally on to Goa where we planned to spend our last few days before flying back out of Mumbai.

We made friends with a girl called Daisy, who had been working in Calcutta as an aid worker and the three of us hung out until we left. The first couple of nights were good and we explored the area together. On our last night we went to a place in the middle of nowhere called "9 bar" where there was a psy trance rave in a mini amphitheatre. It that finished at about 11 at night. We got there quite late and just before it finished we met a guy who had some liquid acid that he agreed to sell to us. He was pretty wired himself and gave some to my friend but then appeared to run out. He put the empty bottle in my hand and disappeared off to get more but didn't return. Then the party finished and we wanted to go somewhere else so we hopped on a couple of motorbike taxis that took us to a place called Shipora.

The bike ride was an experience in itself! I'd kept hold of the bottle, upside down, throughout the journey and on arriving at Shipora the vibrations from the bike had caused what was left in it to collect at one end. There was certainly at least a couple of drops left that I took in the back of the bar before returning to the table.

In the bar there was a very good looking guy who I can only describe as having a lion-esque quality. He was sat with a fiery, attractive woman and a quiet guy. Each had a quality that it's hard to describe but that I can only put into words as charisma. The woman invited us to sit with them and we all started talking. Quite quickly the acid began to take effect and although I have experienced psychedelics in the past I was able to see and feel the energy and personalities of the various characters who worked and interacted there with an intensity not before experienced. After some time the attractive woman left to go home and the three of us were left with the two guys I mentioned before. After speaking to them for a while and getting to know each other a bit better we found out that the two of them were half brothers. The lion-esque guy was outgoing and drinking with us but we were told his half brother was a "holy man" and would neither drink or smoke with us. He was fully engaged in conversation with us though and we were having a really good evening.

Suddenly, however, the mood changed ever so slightly. My friend and I were sat in a circle with the other two guys with Daisy, our new friend, just slightly outside of the circle.

The lion-esque guy looked at me and said "You know why you are here." I was a little confused and responded as such. Then his brother looked at me and nodded too. What happened next is very hard to explain precisely over email but I will try and give you a good general idea.

They said that I had found myself in their company not by some random co-incidence but because that was the way that things were supposed to happen in accordance with the way things needed to be. Their inference suddenly became clear but I still could not believe it and was shaking my head. After a while both said "you have known this your whole life" and "believe". For the next ten to fifteen minutes they explained how my whole life had been in preparation for a higher purpose and that it was my turn to take up the responsibility for the future of what I can only describe as "the religion" and to lead humanity in that respect. It has seemed so clear to me for so long that collectively human society has lost its way. This is very hard to explain.

For some of that time the four of us communicated without speaking. We were able to "talk" with depth, colour emotionally) and humour and yet Daisy, the girl who was with us, was not able to communicate with us in this way. She said on a couple of occasions "What are you doing?" and "what are you guys plotting?" but such was the strength and seeming importance of what was being said that we dismissed her query politely and continued. It was as though we had gathered there for the purpose of awakening me to my purpose in life. After we had finished this communication without speaking and it was clear what had been said and why then we returned to a normal conversation. Soon afterwards the lion-esque guy left and we spent the rest of the evening with his half brother who helped us to find a taxi back to where we were staying.

The next day I was a complete mess, physically and emotionally and was very sick but the events of that evening have stayed with me and also with my friend. Something very unusual happened that night but I have heard stories of many people who have had religious experiences on acid and some who have even come to believe that they are Jesus or similar. Although this may sound far fetched I would be really interested in your thoughts.

I know I'm not completely mad but it's not exactly the kind of experience that I can relay to everyone. I just have a feeling that you will perhaps understand or even be able to shed some light on things.

Apologies for the long email. I thought the background was important and would welcome to opportunity to hear back from you.

Kind regards


I Replied:

Hi K.V.

   Thanks for sharing your story with me. I was quite involved with the whole world psychedelic trance scene back in the mid to late 90s so know it quite well.

   As you can probably guess from the website and some of the articles therein contained, I'm all for the idea of people taking it upon themselves to try to save the world and/or to try to catalyse spiritual revivals and generally engage in  Messianic & World teacher activities. The more saviours, Avatars and Messiahs the better I say.

   You're the third person who has recently related to me a tale whereby they were told they were going to become something along the lines of the 'chosen one', whilst on a trip to India. I can only speculate on reasons behind this seeming phenomenon. However, it's probably a good thing if you can integrate your experience in India into your life and try to manifest this destiny. Indeed mankind is in a state of spiritual malaise, there is definitely a planet to be saved and the true religion to be revived. This will only happen through the efforts of people like yourself who have been given a calling to do something with their lives above and beyond being a rodent in the rat race or a brick in the great pyramid(i.e. the one with the eye on top of it)

Anyway, best wishes and  feel free to ask us anything you like. Regards


K.V. wrote again:

Hi Wai,

Thanks for taking the time to get back to me.

Your words are certainly encouraging and will help me to progress along the path I am sure. It seems to me that no one person can truly "save" the planet on their own but that this can be achieved instead through extended networks of like minded groups, working together towards a common goal. I do, however, believe that in this world of extreme capitalism, selfishness and an education system that is geared up to teach personal wealth creation at the expense of all others that many people are so conditioned as to be almost lost to a more natural and harmonious way of living with others. I'm in no way suggesting a dogmatic approach but perhaps the individuals who have contacted you, and many others too, might be able to point in the direction of the light and offer the possibility of something deeper and more meaningful rather than a lifetime of accumulation, attachment and suffering.

Have you read any of the teachings of Krishnamurti? He talks at length about revolution but in the sense of a personal, spiritual revolution that in itself will change the world because the ripple effect we create in the living of our daily lives will affect others and so on and so on...

You may be interested in another "insight" I had recently. I had been battling with scurrying along in the rat race every day with no real purpose other than to earn as much money as possible and then spend it at the weekends trying to forget about work again until Monday.

After discussing this for as long as I can remember one of my good friends gave me a book called "How to be Idle". It's a fun book that paints a picture of all of the post industrial revolution graft and subsequent lack of time for reflection and on the back of the book are all the various chapters. They are listed in order of the waking hours of a day in the life of an "Idler" and I was standing in the loo reading the back of the book. As I was reading them randomly they all made so much sense and then suddenly one leapt out at me and reminded me of something someone said to me when I visited "the Krishnamurti centre" at Brockwood Park. He said a few times with regard to my insistence that I felt we should "do something" (about the state of the world) that "There's nothing to do." I didn't really understand at the time and felt really frustrated and impotent about the state of the world but at that moment, in the loo!, it became clear that the whole process of life itself was the "doing" itself. I'm not sure this makes sense. What I mean is that it appeared as though the whole evolution and history of the universe including everything that has ever happened is part of a process that is fulfilling itself through everyone and everything right now. When considering how we came to be here as living individual beings, through no apparent choice or decision of our own and having ended up precisely where we are today when so many different experiences having shaped our lives and thoughts, it seemed suddenly clear that whatever the universe has in store for us there is little point in trying to be overly controlling. It's like an unfolding...

I don't think that means we should just forget everything and give up on life, quite the opposite. The very reason we are here is to fulfil our part in the cosmic weave or web of life. It also made me realise that absolutely everyone has a place in it that is exactly as it's supposed to be to enable us to progress to the next stage. Whether that is annihilation for the human race, a continuation of the way things are or something we can barely begin to imagine I don't know. Other friends and I have discussed a "change" a number of times and it all seems to fit so perfectly because without all of the pain and suffering of daily life what incentive would we have to learn to live differently with one another? Without an appreciation of material possessions and their intrinsic emptiness perhaps we would always long for those things in pursuit of ultimate happiness? Without evolving to be able to communicate with one another (through modern media, internet, technology etc) and see the destruction we have wrought upon the world then we would never be able to think about a different way.

It seems we have strayed so far from the path in pursuit of personal/ego gratification that some kind of correction is beginning to take place naturally. Even 50 years ago there was little understanding of the true interconnectedness of everything, particularly in the western world, and it appears that a shift in the collective consciousness is happening.

I am keen to hear your thoughts on the above and would also welcome the opportunity to meet with you at some point and to share ideas. I believe that the extended "network" is what will lead to real change and inspire increased confidence in those torn between the demands of modern life as it has been packaged and sold to them to look at things differently and, as such, begin their own personal revolution.

Let me know if you have some time for coffee one day.

Kind regards


I further replied:

Hi K.V.

Sorry about the delay in getting back to you and thanks for sharing your thoughts with me. Doing without doing, that's a really Taoist notion. At the same time, as I know you understand from reading your email, it doesn't mean inaction. I take it to mean that in this situation, a person's actions and behaviours are at one with the Tao. You could substitute the word God, destiny or perhaps the popular sci-fi notion of the 'The Force', for the word Tao.

So much to say and relate, but it'll probably be better to meet up for a chat sometime, than write. I work in the West end of London so could meet up after work. Where are you based or work?

Kind regards




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