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On 7th September 2008, Herb Krogh from Norway wrote:

comments: I agree with your views and beliefs, I have come to the same conclusions myself, after months of regular meditation, especially the idea that we are all God, there's only one consciousness. There are some questions that bother me though, I would be happy if I could have your opinion on them.

Shouldn't we be careful considering which people we give this information? It's always been kept secret from people, most people who become occultists have a burning desire for mysteries and knowing the truth, but most people don't. Perhaps it's meant to be kept partly secret, many people want to hold onto their already established beliefs and views of the universe, many would be pretty dissatisfied, shocked and/or depressed if you told them that everyone is the same soul, that nothing that we perceive as real actually exist, that they have to endure unlimited lifetimes of suffering and will never rest peacefully, either obliviant or in a plane of heaven.

When God created this universe, knowing he would experience everything the creatures in it experience, why would he create situations of extreme suffering? I mean, suffering is necessary to have a dynamic and full life, and be a contrast so that the good moments will be better, I can handle suffering like depression, hard work, sorrow, mild pain, but what about people who experience torture, burning alive, freezing to death, extreme terror and so on? That's pretty horrible, why would God want to experience those things?

What about other universes and dimensions? Since we are God, perhaps that everything we imagine, every form of art we create, become real, in other dimensions, just as real as our universe? I know the universal laws are mathematic, but could God have made them different when this universe was created? So that things like teleporting, summoning bolts of lightning, making things vanish, being able to fly etc would be possible? Scientists have yet to find out how the particles at the quantum level work, it's so complex that it appears truly random to them, they could perhaps be influenced by mind power. Could the worlds of Narnia, Lord of the Rings and so on be real, in other dimensions, theoretically? And do you think they are?

Do you believe spirits exists? Spirits of dead persons wandering about, before transcending back to the One consciousness. Do you think that we might be able to wander around as a ghost for a while after we die, before our consciousness goes to a new body? What about nature spirits? Many cultures have believed in them. They might be existing, as conscious spirits, perhaps they live as long as a forest is alive, for example. Some people even think Earth itself is conscious, why not?


I replied:

Hi Herb

Thanks for your email, it's good to connect with like minded people. Indeed more and more people are awakening to the truth, either accepting it fully or strongly suspecting that it is the case.

In reply to your question about keeping the esoteric i.e. the hidden, remaining hidden. Yes there are good reasons for keeping the truth that 'everyone is God' secret. At the same time there are even better reasons for communicate the truth clearly, convincingly and compellingly. Some of these reasons I listed in an email I wrote to a young man in Finland and like mind a few months ago. It's in the IAQ section, the URL is, http://www.iawwai.com/IAQ/WhyShouldIBelieveYou.html

I believe it is time for the truth to be revealed because I think it will have a beneficial effect on the World. Also the Truth of which we speak is also the answer to the very current and important question of 'What is the nature of Consciousness?'. The answer being that the nature of Consciousness is one and the same as the Nature of God. The message that everyone is God and its elaboration addresses this. Put in this way, no one would say that people should be denied the answer to the perfectly legitimate and urgent philosophic, psychological and neuro- scientific question of 'What is Consciousness?'. Also the idea that everyone is God also provides the key to unravelling some of the major conundrums in quantum physics. Why should people be denied. Furthurmore, the truth is terrifically empowering. One of the reasons why the truth was suppressed in the past was because people wanted to monopolize this people for themselves and use it to gain power over other people who weren't allowed to know or experience the truth.

Yes the truth can seem initially shocking and bewildering. I discuss this at length in some emails from a few months back. The URL is, http://www.iawwai.com/IAQ/OneSelf&OneConsciousness.html

Concerning suffering, from a human mortal perspective then it seems perverse. However from the eternal, transcendent perspective all the imperfection and manifest evil are merely transient stages of an eternal journey. The existence of imperfection and evil is like the dark tones of a painting. The light tones represent the good and the more perfect. Without the contrast there can be no form, so without the existence of both good and evil there can not be the infinite variety and myriad manifestation of temporal/physical existence. Without evil there can be no drama, suspense or opposition in the Universe, things would be dull, utterly predictable and samey. I guess it's not God wanting to experience these things, more that it's God's duty and purpose to do this, for by experiencing God is sustaining existence in it's infinite variety, for existence is the Ideal i.e. Consciousness and manifest as experience, moment by moment, day by day, life by life, etenally.

As for other existences I believe that physical reality is the reflection of all the different experiences that the one soul may go through in one Cosmic epoch i.e. the beginning to the end of the physical Universe. I don't believe that all physical Universes with all the different permutations of physical laws and all the permutations of cosmological constants 'exist'. Many physicist do believe this, but I believe that they only exist mathematically. It is Consciousness that makes things real and manifest. I think only a subset of all the possible permutations and combinations of physical Universes is actually manifested, though this subset is infinite.

However we have virtual reality based on a physical substrate, computers present and computers of the future. This is a new level of physical evolution that generates a new level of reality and also allows for the creation of a myriad diversity of new realities to be experienced and lived through by the One Soul that is God. In the not too distant future VR will get so real that there will no way to differentiate between the actual and the virtual. In the future biological life forms may even spend their entire lives and the total span of their Consciousnesses, experiencing a purely virtual reality. Something along the lines of the Matrix movies though in a more benign form, hopefully.

As for Ghosts, spirits, Earth Consciousnesses, Alien consciousnesses etc. etc. I say this is a Universe of possibility and indeed there is a lot that science doesn't understand. Maybe, probably, definitely and who knows?

Kind regards and keep in touch


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