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So Hitler, Charlie Manson, Ted Bundy and Idi Amin etc. They're all God!!??

On September 8th 2008, Davey from Hawaii, USA wrote:

Oh I get it, Adolph Hitler is God. Charles manson is God, Ted Bundy is God,Idi Amin is God, Now I get it Thanks so much for opening my eyes to the "truth"


I replied:

Hi Davey
Thanks for your email. Sometimes unfamiliar ideas can challenge our preconceived notions or existing assumptons and in the process seem ironic.

The idea that God is both Good and Evil, Female and Male, also destructive as well as creative; might not normally fit well with what people normal envisage as God. In the minds of most people God is seen purely as Good, Male and Creative. However when we examine all the World's religions closely then clearly this is not so. If a tendency to be genocidal, psychopathic, facistic and dictatorial is an indicator of ungodliness, then by that criteria the God of the Judeo-Christian tradition cannot be God, as a close reading of the Old Testament will easily show.

God is not a wish list, i.e. God is good, good to me, even gooder to me the more I pray, and good to the people I like and preferential to my race, country etc. etc. God is the all and within the all. Within the all is expressed all combinations and permutations of the polar opposites of temporality and the human condition such as Good and Evil, Male and Female etc. So God is within you, me and everybody, even the likes of Hitler and friends that you mentioned. This may seem perverse as the very existence of pain and human suffering seems perverse. But when it is understood that is God that is bearing all this suffering and is the one who is really experiencing and living through all the grief and despair, together with the joy and happiness of course, then behind the seeming vale of tears that is the human condition is the truth of hope, everlasting life, eternity and transcendent bliss. You might call this Heaven, the realm of God and the true nature of things. This is the light that surrounds the darkness and also the light that is found within it, in everybody and everything. If you are unable to see this light in the sort of people we consider as evil or utterly fallen then the truth of the matter is that you're never going to be able to find this light within yourself.

You've got to ask yourself if you had exactly the same genetic makeup as the people you mentioned, were born into exactly the same circumstances and went thru the same life experiences; would you do and behave any different from them? The simple answer is no. We are very much a product of Nature and Nurture. It was the Buddha who said that 'To know all is to forgive all.' and Forgiveness was something that Jesus emphasized again and again. When we examine the lives of people like Hitler and Charlie Manson then what we see is much pain and a very difficult early life. When we throw in a certain kind of genetic predisposition then it's perfectly understandable why they turned out the way they did. That's not to say Hitler shouldn't have been stopped or that Manson should necessarily be eligible for parole at some point. And of course this may not provide much consolation for the relatives and friends of those killed by the Manson gang or the millions killed in WW II. But we are forced to ask what is the ultimate source of people like Hitler, Manson etc. and the answer to that question is God. So if God is the source of all evil then why shouldn't God exist and dwell within the things and people that God is the original source of? Along with the Good, the Virtuous, Productive and Perfectly Respectable.

We live in the Realm of imperfection that is gradually evolving towards perfection. This state will be obtained once again at the end of time. Time began with the coming into being of the imperfect. When perfection is reached by the individual, by society and eventually by the Universe then Dark and Light, Good and Evil are in a state of Atonement, i.e. 'At' , 'One' , 'Ment' and seen to be flip sides of the same coin. In the meantime we grapple with the problem of evil and suffering and fight the good fight to obtain the light and true happiness for the people we love, for ourselves and even, in some cases, for all humanity. In this dialectic or Cosmic battle we play our respective roles, some of these roles will generally be seen as Good and some of them will be regarded as evil. But all these roles need to be played and it the same actor who is the sole animator and primary instigator. This is God.

I suspect that this is not going to be a very happy or satisfactory answer to your ironic mail, however it will be a good read for others on the IAQ, infrequently asked questions, section of the website.




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