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How did I come to the Conclusion that 'Everyone is God'?

On 2nd January 2009, Leo Wa from Oakland, California U.S.A wrote:

Hello. I was just glancing over a few articles on the site and I was wondering how you came to some of your conclusions, specifically on the fact that everyone is God. From the little that I have read, it seems that we share some beliefs. As I have only glanced over some articles and not completely read any, I can't say with absolute certainty that we have shared ideas, but it does seem that way. It's nice to find that I'm not the only one with these crazy ideas (as others believe them to be.) It would be interesting to share a conversation. I enjoy very much having engrossed conversations about controversial subjects like religion and philosophy.

Thanks for your time, I hope to receive a reply from you


I replied:

Hi Leo Happy new year!

How did I come to the conclusion that everyone is God. It was a gradual process. I guess I fell out of normal mainstream reality and lived in a very deviant scene. In my early twenties I started having borderline mystical experiences, states of connectedness and oneness with everything around me etc. In my mid twenties I had numerous experiences of being God, fully and directly apprehending the truth. These were the result of extreme situations that I got myself into, living on the edge and some of them were drug facilitated.

But still during this time, there was a separation between what I had experienced on the one hand and my rational thinking mind on the other. I couldn't reconcile the two. That changed in late 1996 early 1997 when thru more deviant living and going down the road of total excess, I found myself quite happily stuck in a borderline mystical state for about 4 months and more, during which I started to apprehend with my logical mind things that I only directly experienced but could not understand or put into words. This was about the time I started to see that the purpose of my life was to try to communicate to the wider world the truth that everyone is God. I started to read all around, books on philosophy, science, religion and mathematics; and discovered that the truth that everyone is God or put another way, that the mystery of God and mystery of Consciousness are one and the same, made all the really hard puzzles in the realm of knowledge and human understanding seem completely tractable and quite easy to answer, that is once different assumptions were put into place.

A key mystical experience happened in the Winter Solstice of 1998 when I was age 29. I encountered an ancient Gnostic symbol for God that had my name written on it, in big bold letters. This triggered a full blown mystical experience and a series of visions. More importantly it was the event that connected my transcendent and infinite self with my temporal and finite persona. There was no longer a separation between the mystical realm of higher truth and the worldly realm of fear, desire and illusions. My life, the website, public talks, upcoming book, social scene and future, are a continuation of this experience and apprehension of the truth of being God.

So how does a person generally come to believe that he or she is God, well, firstly thru directly experiencing being God; secondly by growing up in an environment where the people around you believe that everyone is God and thirdly by being exposed to the idea later on in life and having it explained to you in a convincing and compelling way. It's an age old game, to become God, then explain the truth to others in whatever you can and also show others how they can become God too. I think also, from some of the letters I receive, that sometimes people just work out the truth for themselves logically but reading a load of esoteric scripture and some doing a lot of philosophizing.

In the not too distant future, many people will come to know the truth and in a few generations everyone will believe in and know the truth. People will wonder how on earth people managed to get thru their lives not knowing who they really are. People will regard the state of not knowing that everyone is God in the same way that we regard people in the past who thought that the World was flat.

Conversations about Philosophy and Religion are important. Especially when merged with Scientific and Political considerations. Ideas about the true nature of things, God and human destiny can literally change the World.

Anyway, I could ramble on. If you don't mind me asking how did you come across the website and from where are you writing. Also I think I'll post my reply on the website. With your permission may I use your details else I'll keep it anonymous.

Best wishes & keep in touch


Leo wrote in reply:

Thank you for that lengthy response lol. I really don't mind. I'm the same way when it comes to a topic that I am passionate about, and this is one of those topics.

I came across your site by entering "the truth about religion" in the search bar of google. I was just interested in finding out if anyone thought like me on the subject. I'm glad I did and found your site. I am writing from Oakland, California and feel free to do as you will in regards to my details.

Just a few facts about myself, I was born Aug 10, 1988. I was always somewhat of a loner as a child, I was pretty studious and contemplative and I guess I could feel that something was not right with society. From a young age, even though I grew up in a Christian/Catholic household, I had my own beliefs that I gathered from my studies. I was always interested in mystical and occult knowledge. I was always fond of nature and animals. I love art, music and reading. I came to the realization that I am God about 3-4 years ago. After a loved one passed I became more reclusive and contemplative than I had ever been growing up and I was able to make several revelations about myself and the nature of the Universe. I would say that the most important of these was "Man is God." I have proven this fact to myself time and time again and I am currently working on integrating the knowledge that I am God into everything I think, say and do.

If there is anything else you would like to know or ask me about please feel free.
Thank you


I replied again:




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