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I would like to buy an ad on your website www.iawwai.com

On 28th August 2008, Linda Chesterfield of webmatchers .net from unknown location wrote:

Hi =]

I'm interested in adding a few links to 1-3 pages of your site. I can pay you $50/page per year. These links will link to relevant resource pages.

Typically, I send payments through PayPal, but I can send a check as well.

Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks

Linda Chesterfield


I replied:

Hi Linda
Thanks for your interest and offer. In a material world money can indeed be most useful. However I regret that for the time being and foreseeable future I will not be accepting any paid advertisements or links on the www.iawwai.com website. The simple reason being that I don't want people turned by any hint of commercialism. I prefer for people not to think even in the slightest that I'm doing all this for the sake of money.
Best wishes



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