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Why no Prophecies from the indigenous peoples of the North and South Americas?

On April 17th 2007 D.U. from the U.S.A wrote:

 O'siyo,you make much of sense here and these pages well written. A question please? Why have you not included the Prophecies or Beliefs of my Poeples other than short reference to the Mayans?Do you not know of the Hopi Prophecies,the Cherokee,Lakota,or all the Five Hundred plus Nations? Do you not know that my Peoples have contact with Dahli Llama,and others,that Hopi Home is pole direct from Tibetan Holy place? We are no New Age,we are and have always been children of one Creator,a People who walk the White Path of Peace along the Red Road of Life?That we know who we are,where we came from,where we will go after this life,and that the time fast approaches of change? Do you understand the Mayan Prophecies do not say End of World,but rather End of Times? That mankind has been allowed these thousands of years for one very simple lesson,to learn he can not rule himself,but only Creator makes perfect plans? As simple as that,time has no meaning,other than to live in harmony with Mother Earth and all her children.


I Replied:

Thanks for your email & positive comments. Yes, certainly time is cyclical so what I'm talking about is the end of the age of cycle not the end of world like the dispensationalist fundamentalist Christians. I'll add that we are coming to the end of rather major cycle which includes all of recorded human history so these are very significant times. Concerning other prophecies. I was going to include some Hopi prophecies which were at the end of the movie Koyannisqatsi. Just didn't get round to it. The main reason there isn't much in the way of indigenous North and South American prophecies, is that I don't know them. So send me any useful URLs. Best wishes


Update 4/7/08:

Some Native American Prophecies can now be found on the new Prophecies page, click link to see



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