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On 6th of December 2008, Denny Reader from the East Midlands in the United Kingdom wrote:

Hi Wai, how are you?
I was really inspired by your talk at the vegan festival 2 years ago. I was wondering what you been upto recently? Coming to london for the talks is quite out of my way, but if you are ever near the midlands doing one, then just drop me a message.

Also, i was wondering how you got into all of your interest in the prophesies. Was it a spiritual experience? Studying the scriptures? What do you think of Nostradamvs? I used to be really into his stuff. I used to do loads of meditation and fasting and had some amazing insights. But i have seemed to have lost grasp of the spiritual connection as of late. Do you have any tips on getting re-connected?
In love and light.
Whitecrow (Denny)


I replied:

Hi Denny

Thanks for your email and sorry about the delay in replying. I'm actually going to Doncaster for Xmas to spend a couple of days with my girlfriend's family. It's North but probably a few hundred miles from where you are. I will be coming to the midlands to do talks one day, that's a few years in the future. What town are you in?

I got interested in the prophecies from a combination of visions I had during or around the occurrence of full on or borderline mystical experiences and also from being interested in the world and what is happening in it today. And yes a few years ago I invested a lot of time studying the scriptures from all the World's religions and it was amazing how the prophecies spoke about the process of history and what was happening in present times, in a way that made perfect sense to me. I started out something of a skeptic but in the course of things became a true believer.

The trick now is to communicate the prophecies to the mainstream and a much wider audience because I believe that it is a very powerful, compelling and motivating way of looking at the World. Also there are so many bad and harmful interpretations of the prophecies i.e. Jesus is going to literally appear in the sky or the UFOs are going to land to save us, that it's really necessary to give people a better vision that encourages people to act to save the planet, fight the coming World Tyranny and Global injustice and also to cultivate their own personal development, spiritual and worldly.

My intention is to use the prophecies to help present people with a spiritual and mystical way of looking at the World and their lives. Also I want to be a part of the process that realizes their outcome, which is the creation of a better World, saving the planet, spiritual revival etc.

I used to think that Nostradamus was another new age fad but then I saw a documentary on channel 4 in 1999 which changed my mind and made me look at his writings a little more seriously. Anyway, it's useful for me to use his work and he is popular with many people.

How to get reconnected? Sometimes it's really hard to reconcile spiritual aspirations and a mystical outllook with day to day mundane reality and the necessities of modern living. In my life, in the past, when I have lost my connection for a while, then things such as synchronicities or other uncanny happenings would pull me back into the flow of things. These days doing the talks, the website and working on the book really keep me more in a state where I'm thinking about these sorts of things constantly. I've also been getting better at achieving mystical states through various activities. It helps that I'm working full time in pretty spiritual place, st James church Piccadilly which is a real centre for progressive, interfaith and new age activity. So I'm immersed in this world all the time. My mission is my meditation, my mystical exercise and my spiritual path. But of course I also do specific spiritual activities such as certain mediations, prayer, special rituals etc. that work for me.

I guess the way to get connected and stay connected is find some activity in life that you can do on a daily basis which keeps you inspired and which has higher spiritual meaning. It also helps to know and hang out with like minded people who are also on the same path, it's really people who are the biggest influences on our lives and shape what it is that we do and achieve.

I think it's so necessary to integrate the spiritual dimension into our lives fully, so that all our lives become our spiritual path, instead of it being something that we do at such and such time. It is necessary that spirituality and religion is reformulated and reinterpreted for the peculiarities of the contemporary age and the modern mind. Something that isn't Religious Fundamentalism, New Age, Cult or the traditional religions that people have already rejected.

I believe the vision which fits this bill is a new spiritual synthesis that incorporates the central truth that everyone is God, prophecies, eco & political activism, personal development, tantra, mythology, technology and science. This has always been the pattern through history. Religion is an ongoing process where God and what is spirituality, needs to be re-interpreted and re-conceptualized for each epoch or age. Just before this happens then there is a sense of disconnection from God and the sacred. I read once that the word religion derives from the roots 'ligio' which means to connect and from which the word ligament derives and also 're' from which we get the word return. So religion is supposed to reconnect us with our true nature, give our lives meaning and our place in the scheme of things. Because religion has fallen that's why people are disconnected and why it is that the world is in such a bad state. That's why truth of religion needs to be revived and the two key truths of religion most relevant and important is the idea that 'Everyone is God' and the notion that the 'Prophecies are now'.

Anyway. I could ramble on. I would like to use my reply on my website. Do you mind if I use you name and details else I'll keep it anonymous. Keep in touch with me! that'll help you reconnect. Though I wish I had more time to correspond with like minded people. Hopefully sometime soon after the book comes out I'll be able to not have to work full time. I'm manifesting it.

Love and liberation



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