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A visit to London full of synchronicities and so what does it all mean?

On 11th October 2007, E.V. from Liverpool U.K. wrote:

Hi Wai,

Yes, great to meet you too!  Must check out your website, am still playing catch up after 3 weeks in London ...

My London trip became such a heavy duty spiritual and religious piligrimage I can't even tell you, must write it up - met so many people at the various churches and places I went, and stayed in a very muslim and middle eastern area and they were all fasting for Ramadan, etc.  Am trying to reconcile how to put them all together.  Also learned alot about all the persecution of catholics and protestants in London, and went to the Tyburn shrine (stumbled on it!) and learned of another gallows site in Holborn. Heavy duty history in London, isn't it?  Another night after the HEAL YOUR BODY talk by Martin Bronfman[At st James Church Piccadilly], a bunch of us met in the foyer - my friend Kathy came from her Metaphysics/law of Attraction talk next door in Waterstones and a group formed.  Plus two people who'd come from the Stone Circle Antquarian association conference - the woman came in with a copper dowser.  5 of us then went for coffee and I mentioned a book, ENTERING THE CASTLE, which one of the guys then pulled out of his bag!  Such a time of synchronicities and kismet (eg:  last 3 weeks of September, and big Aries full moon on 30/09 etc.) ... What do you think?  Let me know of any theories/ideas! 


I replied:

Hey [E.V.]

Thanks for your email. Yes Synchronicities do happen a lot when you're in the flow. For me working at st James and also doing the mission/website/public speaking accelerates them as well. I think London is synchronicity central, also Sychronicities happen more the closer you get to the ultimate mystic attractor or Eschaton at the end of time.       

Synchronicities are really  the signposts and guides to our personal destinies and all our individual destinies add up and lead towards the collective destiny of humankind which is what the prophecies are all about. What I'm about to write next may seem a bit strange. All of World history emanates from a point in the future. From this point all meaning and purpose in the lives of all the actors in the historical process, i.e. people, derives. And so towards this point all our destinies and collective purpose converge upon. This point or singularity is not an object but is manifested as a person. This person is the eschatological condition and is the manifestation of God Head at the end of time, or rather the end of the cycle. In the same way that space/time becomes more warped and bent the closer we get to a black hole singularity, so it is that the closer we get to the eschatological condition the more it is that our experience of synchronicities will be accelerated.

Kindest regards



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