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Why can't the Messiah be a woman?

On March 5th 2008, Sheba from the U.S.A.wrote:

why can't the messiah be a woman? why isn't your concept of the messiah described as such? i think overlooking the growing power of women and female energies as potentially being the bearers of future change is a grave omission on your part. i think the future lies in the hands of feminine energy. masculine energies have dominated for far too long, and have wrecked havoc. in many of these religions you mention, including hinduism, we are entering the era of the goddess. perhaps you should mention this on your site. thank you.


I replied:

Hi Sheba

Thanks for your email.

Why can't the Messiah or Chosen one, be a woman? Absolutely no reason at all. I guess things are expressed the way they are on the website because like most people on this planet I'm a partly a product of my conditioning growing up in a society with a certain male bias. Also religious texts of the current age that is coming to an end, which includes all of them; are heavily male oriented and centred. But of course this will change and is already changing.

I think that the Messiah will really be neither strictly female nor male but a perfect androgeny i.e. both female and male in mindset and spirit. As regards her/his details of genitalia I don't think that's so important. What is important is that the chosen one represents in her/his actions and thoughts the ideal balance between the feminine and masculine energies. Also perhaps more controversially I also believe that the Messiah will also embody in her/his person the light but also the dark and be the atonement or 'At One'ment' of the two. You see some of this in the prophesies where the expected one is not such a nice inoffensive character but definitely shows a darker side. However that's not to say that the Messiah will be evil. I believe that any Messianic figure, Mythic Hero or true embodiment of God is someone who defeats her/his inner evil and goes on to make a large contribution to defeat the outer evil, i.e. within society, the world and so on to the Universe. This is also what the prophecies talk about, a great struggle between good and evil at the end of time. The person who will lead the forces of light, love and life to victory is someone who has won the struggle between good and evil within herself/himself first.

I also think that out of this cosmic battle at the end of time, out of it will emerge a situation where the feminine energy will regain the edge once again. This is a common notion in the New Age and also yes in Hinduism. But also in European Pagan traditions we find the institute of the Oracle & Priestess. This is something which will need to be revived. I believe spiritual values are really feminine values which are about nurture, giving life and love, sharing, communication, community, wholeness. And correspondly the male side is something more rooted in the worldly and temporal. The male aspects represents separation and individuated self(and so selfishness) and also action, construction, confrontation, aggression and greed. So it is something of a perversion that Men have dominated religion around the World for so long. This is why much religion in the World is really about domination and control, it's because men have taken over spiritual life and used religion as an expression and tool of masculine energy. I currently work in a Christian church and it's funny how Women have had such a struggle becoming priests and now struggle to be made bishops when at the same time most of the male priests I meet are to varying degrees highly effeminate.

Anyway... because the Messiah has to play a necessary role in helping to bring about the New Cosmic Cycle, I believe it is necessary for her/him to negotiated and tackle a World that is partly evil and to great extent still male dominated. In order for her/him to do this, the Chosen one will need to understand the dark side and the masculine aspect. The only true way this can be is for the Messiah to contain the dark as well as the light, and the male as well as the female. Indeed it is the male energy/aspect in it's dark/malevalent form that has brought us to this point at the brink of self annihilation. The process of saving the planet and creating a better World is necessarily the re-empowering/re-energizing of the feminine aspect and the forces of light and love.

More generally I think people on this planet are evolving towards and tending to become androgenous. So men are becoming more feminine and woman taking on more male aspects. This is to do with changes in the workspace and political life. If in the past Men tended to play strong male roles and women tended to stay at home and look after the kids, then that is fast changing. In a sense everyone is a mix of Female and Male aspects. In the past this balance would have been quite uneven but I think more and more things will approach 50/50. I will write a more comprehensive treatment of spirituality/mysticism and gender in a future article on the Website.

Kindest regards




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