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Concerning Sufism, IAW, Meditation and the Batin.

On 5th March 2007, Mushtaq Mohamed. from Chennai, India wrote:

My identity is mushtaq mohamed,
(ahad) mentioned in my mail id means GOD or TRUTH.

IAW reverse WAI.
i dont understand what does IAW and WAI mean.

I too have something similar.

MUHAMAD reverse DAM HUM(if pronounced in arabic)
DAM means Breath.
HAM means WE.

Sufism says everything is in the breath.

Take the kalma in islam

It means No one is GOD except ALLAH and MUHAMAD is Messenger.

But the real meaning given by my Spiritual Master or PEER is

Obviously it means That We are GOD but not yet realised because Breath comes in and out with different thoughts of the World more than to know about its soul and realise its soul.

Hence Breath or MUHAMAD must travel the Path towards GOD.

Hence the MUHAMAD MUSTAFA(sal) Messenger
told to FOLLOW ALLAH and LOVE ALLAH because when people realise one day that MUHAMAD is none but WE our Breath they must get rid of themselves to know the TRUTH that "EVERYONE IS GOD".

My Spiritual Master said I am GOD.
Still am in the path of realisation.
I am in Sufi Qadriyah order,
When I say I am Not I,then I am GOD.

Your website has impressed me a lot
and am in a idea to start a Assn to enrich WORLD PEACE and make people aware about thier self instead of seeking worldly life(which will result nothing).

Awaiting for your kind reply ASAP.



I Replied partially:

Thank you for your email and the positive feedback. Very interested in the things you were saying in your note. I look forward to future correspondence with you. I'm currently on holiday in Hong Kong so will write back properly and more at length when I get back to the United Kingdom next week. IAW is the name of an Egyptian and Gnostic(Early Christian) God name. WAI is more own name. It's good to connect with like minded people who know the truth that everyone is God. I believe it is an important key to the process of bringing about world peace.

And a week or so later I replied in full:

Hi again. Back in the UK and back at my computer. I've read your email more closer. Very interesting. It's good to be in touch with someone involved with a sufi order. Where are you writing from? And also if I may ask what sect of Islam do you belong to. The 'batin' or hidden meanings of the Koran and saying of Muhammad, interest me a lot.  I believe the future of Islam lies with the re-emergence of the 'batin'. Spiritual revival always derives from a mystical wellspring, indeed it emanates from the experience of being one with God.

A desire to bring about world peace and the plans also actions taken to realize this aim, is really the awakening of the Mahdi spirit which lies within us all and which is eventually fully realized in coming of Imam Mahdi, which I believe will happen within our lifetimes. Sooner better than latter I say. Good luck for your plans regarding the peace association.


Mushtaq wrote back:

Hi Wai,
Seems to be very Busy?
Expecting for a mail from you.
Wished to have more talks regarding Spiritual Life.
If each and every individual realise the IAW-WAI, I mean they are GOD, there will be peace forever.
But the Ego inside them will not let them to do.
Hence to shed Ego the Peer-o-Murshid or Spiritual Leader is there in Sufism.
To say even more clear, Mohamed or our Breath needs to know about ALLAH or soul or need to emerge unto soul.
Hence the Pir-o-Murshid is a Mirror of Truth who will make us realize or reflect the Truth
what We are?
We do Zikr only by Breath to know about it u can have a look over this link of
Read the link and let me know your views.
Awaiting for your reply Asap.


I replied:

Hi Mushtaq Yes, I am busy back in the UK. A full time job takes up too much of my time, else I would write back a lot sooner.

Indeed, if everyone realized that their real identity is God then the World would be a very different place. More spiritual, enlightenend and definitely harmonious. That is why I believe the Batin must be made more widely known. Therefore the Batin need to be communicated in a way that ordinary people can understand. And also made sensible to scientists, philosophers and theologians. Most people would reject it of course, but I think a certain number especially among the young of this world, are ready to receive the truth directly. This is what I am trying to do with my writings and public talks.

Concerning breath meditation, I think it is a useful focus. Others include visual focuses i.e. yantra and of course sound i.e. mantra, which can be said aloud our in our minds. Body meditations, including breath, are the most potent for a lot of people. Personally I use a combination of breath, body and mantra meditations, depending on the time and circumstance.

yes, the spiritual master or guru can be a useful guide and focus for the spiritual journey. There is also the idea that the guru is within, that is the same as the notion of mystical intuition. Also we have our cosmic guide which manifests itselfs in the form of synchronicity, signs and directs us towards our destiny. In a sense, any human spiritual guide or guru is an instrument of our cosmic guide.

Thanks for the link, it is very well done. Fana is an important concept in early Islam that was later suppressed and abandoned. It's a pity that a lot of the mystical aspects of Muhammad's revelation were denied by later theologians and religious leaders. The same thing happens in all religion. That is why people like yourself and myself should make an effort to revive the truth of religion from time to time.

May we realize our divinity and also make the world a little more divine in the process.


Mushtaq then wrote:

You are in a Full time Job and myself searching hence replies take more time.

Million in a one is ready to accept Batin because the food the cool air from A/C, the song,dance,raom everywhere, enjoy and finally the physical urge between two which gives the sweetness in the breath, but they are not aware thats a shortime pleasure.

The only thing we need to stress people is that thier Breath is thier awareness. To my experience in my Family to my Guru we totally were 35 people who are disciples, out of which only 10 are following the true path, others are away even after knowing the truth to some extent. The reason they do not follow is because they had some problems after getting Mureed to our Guru.

To say people are relating the worldly life and Spiritual Life. Wine should not be mixed with water ever. And the sufism mainly says that there are 6 divine things inside us which should be cleansed by diminshing our evil thougths.The six are Sirri,Qalbi,roohi,khafi,akhfi,nafsi. These divine things also relate with name of our physical body parts to denote the divine parts of Spiritual Body.

Sufism's core defines only to clean all the above mentioned Spiritual body parts. This cleansing is done through the Zikr(selfless remembrance of GOD) which is taught by the Guru. Zikr is carried out through the Breath where the mantra used is nothing but Kalma tayyebah. (La-ila-ha-ilallah-Mohamadur-rasoolallah) This mantra or kalma is used because the Zikr is carried out very easily where the breath circles around and finally controlled easily.



I replied:

Hi Mushtaq

Thank you very much for sharing your Sufi insights and perspectives with me. They're interesting and a pleasure to learn about. Yes, if I didn't have to do my full time job and you weren't busy job hunting then we'd have loads more time for interesting spiritual exchange.

Anyway, Good luck with the job hunt and keep in touch!

Regards Wai


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