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On May 31st 2008, J. from unknown location wrote:

It's refreshing to see someone that holds similar views as I do be so successful at articulating them. Thanks.

I just finished reading your biography. I feel like the story of my own life parallels yours quiet closely. I have had a psychedelic past and now I seem to be in what you called the 'dark forest' stage. Sub-par living conditions, bouts of loneliness, you know what I mean. It's that and what you've called the incubation period maybe tied together. I think it's interesting our lives have similar paths and our minds similar thoughts. Just thought you might like to hear something like this. I'm looking forward to some kind of breakthrough, some sign of what I need to be doing. Interestingly I've had an experience similar to the one you had in the library. It was, almost momentarily, revealed to me that I was God. (unfortunately I don't think that statement quiet captures the awe and insight that accompanies the feeling.) It excited me to hear you're working on a book, as hopefully as I pass through stages in my life similar to yours it will culminate into something like that. I wish you the best.


I replied:

Hi J.

Thanks for your email and also for your positive feedback. It's good to connect with like minded people.

The Dark Forest can be pretty horrible in parts, from my own experience. At the same time it's the place where the Grail is found. If you can come out of it to the other side successfully then it can seem the best thing that could have possibly happened.

However, I found that I survived my personal dark forest to re-emerge into a World beset by problems and strife. I believe that the state of the World currently is like Camalot in disarray. And it is the Grail, i.e. the spark of mystical illumination and the idea that everyone is God, that is the key to fixing the social, political, environmental and of course spiritual/religious problems of this World.

So sometimes fate throws us into the our personal Dark Forest in order to prepare us to face better the collective Dark Forest that is the current World situation.

It may be a consolation that often a little time spent in the Dark Forest and social wilderness is sometimes a necessary precursor for people to go on and do interesting things with their lives.

What the Dark Forest is, from one perspective, is a fallen state of mind. And this head space may or may not be also accompanied by fallen surroundings, i.e. homelessness, poverty, social isolation and alienation. Sometimes, if the conditions are right and one is correctly predisposed, this state of mind can also be facilitative to the process(es) by which a person obtains borderline or full blown mystical states. Also this seemingly fallen state, which can also be seen as privileged, is a state where a person is in the good position to free himself or herself from societies conditioning and limiting ideas about oneself and reality. So the Dark Forest is the place where people end up to be destroyed but also the context where a person may be remade stronger and better. Indeed even enlightened.

So if the Dark Forest is a fallen state of mind, then it follows that to get out of it will necessarily involve a person regaining and taking full possession of his or her mind. A person's re-emergence from the Dark Forest is the process by which he or she reconstructs, in perhaps drastically modified form, his or her mind, personal identity, goals, hopes and dreams; and then through force of will and a little luck, manages to hold onto it.

Anyway till next contact, keep in touch.

Regards & best wishes




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