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On July 23rd & July 25th Mariola Gorska from North Caroline U.S.A wrote:

hey! Are you my brother or what!
I had you on my mind yesterday,today and now,after my meditation I am moved to write to you. I experienced big huge leap last 72 hours,manifested all my spiritual answers to my deepest questions,did hear my inner whisper so much louder.

Another form of Kundalini,deep revelations this time!

I also attracted intuitive energy healer who practices in place of Qi Gong PLACE OF OUR PRACTICE.

She gave me so many insights as of my relations to my both sons,my energetic pattern connection according to Chakras,past trapped energies . I FELT THE ENERGY PASSING TROUGH GENTLY,I cried, my space in my chest expanded even more!!! I learned soooo much this weekend. If you wish I share some staff with you,but only if you wish and have energy to explore.

I feel so beloved that I needed to share knowing that you exactly understand my joy!!!!

I have immense revelations. I will not overwhelm you,is huge,is deep,is amazing.SO I AM LIMITING at now.

We will be in touch from now on,be assured that I met you for reason.(if not,stop it you must -if you have "sick vibes").I think you will not,but I do not know where you are in the understanding part (conceptual). You are already a voice,if I can tell you staff as I am away from lime life ,how powerful it would be that you can impact more people than me through our connection.

I am on fire,information is entering in accelerated manner,expansion of heart is i phenomenon that I finally started to take in not as conception only-I am experiencing IT in humility,gratitude,and more amazing insights arrive,then I arrive,then my perspective changes,then my behavior changes ,then courage comes,then need to speak to receptive people comes,then discernment comes when to not talk at all! The sensitivity,wisdom comes as more humble I become,the joy comes from little moments,universe start to speak from music,poetry -a lot!From mouth of my sons,from people who do not care.

Is unimaginable intellectually how many massages I received in 4 days from the date of 7/17 to 7/24!!!!!!! I did compassion full meditation eastern standard time with world wide "gurus" ,and not Gurus,was a message that I found long time ago on www.goldring.wetpaint/page/telepathy .

If is too much for you let me know. That telepathy TRANSFERENCE I assume happened between to of us for benefit of WE.

On the irst page of that web.goldring.com was invitation to do that compassion meditation. My son Daniel did it with me. We experience ENORMOUS shift. After that I experienced more and more ,and more!

Wai you did a lot of studying ,just like me,you and I went through a lot of shi...,so you know the brain changes the science behind it.

I need to run,I said soooo so much.I was led to do that intuitively-I AM BEYOND SHAME AND FEAR IN NOW. SO LONG-LETS BE BELOVED AS WE ARE ,AS WE ALL ARE.


I replied:

Hi Mariola
Sorry about the delay in getting back to you. I've been away for a short holiday and enjoying the nice weather over here in the UK so have been away from the computer. Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts, which here in the UK is never very long. It was fun looking at your photos. How different your context is compared to here in London. It's very city and overcrowded here, your part of the World seems very spacious and unspoilt.

It looks like you're been having a busy mystical revelatory time. Indeed any sort of connection with God can be a powerful experience and the closer we get to the source then the more intense is the energy and flow of revelation. Have your also been experiencing more synchronicities, I found they go hand in hand with times of revelation. I suppose the real trick is not just to find El Dorado but to also return with the Gold. Also the Grail is of no use while it remains in the dark forest but has to be brought back into society. I think the best thing to do is to write down your revelations or else try to depict them in drawings.

That's really one of the most exciting aspects of the mystical odyssey, the recieving of messages and visions. I know a lot of people frown upon this sort of thing. So it's important to communicate the stuff that's useful to people and also things that are original. And also if possible it helps ones cause if any message can be made comprehensible and coherent. Truth ultimately has it's own internal consistency that may not be immediately intuitive but will always have some sort of resonance that can be emphasized and then amplified.

When you're ready, tell us about you're visions and I'll give you some feedback. I had an intense time with visions, revelations and divine messages in the late 90s. I still receive visions and think thoughts that are not my own but rather of my Cosmic mind; it's not the constant rush as before which is probably a good thing as I'm currently doing a full time job. When I don't have to work anymore then I will certainly be in the mystic God space as much as is needed. I guess at this stage of the game what I'm doing is crystallizing the truth in the form of words, diagrams, webpages, videos and books. My purpose in life is to communicate to the World the truth that everyone is God, the next stage is to communicate the original revelations I've received which I believe fills in many of the unknown details concerning the nature of God or our true selves. The hard work involved is to do with getting the message in a form that is understandable, accessible, compelling and convincing for the mainstream, which will be all sorts of people but especially the young, the already mystically inclined and the philosophically or metaphysically inquiring.

Don't worry about getting locked up for communicating your revelations. I heard a quite funny joke once which went..."What's the difference between a mad man and guru?", Answer - "The guru knows the correct people to talk to, the madman doesn't."

Keep in touch
Lots of love



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