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On 19th April 2008 M.M. from Northern Ireland wrote:

Hi Wai,

I don’t think it would be possible for me to agree more with what you are saying.I came to the same conclusions independently of you and so was really excited to know that someone else saw things like I did.

The whole reason I even started searching for spiritual truth was because I have always wondered why I was me. Even from a young age I wondered, why am I looking out of these eyes and not someone else’s? I am 27 and it is only in recent years that I’ve been able to make some sense out of this. I believe that everyone and everything is God; how could something create something else that wasn’t also that same something? Separation doesn’t make any sense to me.

Anyway, when I started to get into David Bohm’s Holographic model of reality, things started to come together. I could see that everything was consciousness and that each unique ‘piece’ of consciousness contained the whole thing too. Then I discovered the Mandelbrot set which seemed to visually represent what I had come to believe about reality.

It was after this that I discovered your videos on youtube and thought ‘this is great, this guy believes what I believe.’ Anyway, I then went to your site and read your articles. One of them told a story of a vision you had. It was the one where the beads unravelled and contained all the beads on a string inside. Then this process continued. I took this to mean that each of us contains all of us i.e. we each are a unique expression of consciousness but at the same time we are the whole thing too – the part is in the whole but the whole is also in the part.

There are, of course, things that still confuse me. Maybe you’ve been through this confusion and have an answer. When I look around at other people, I can understand that I am seeing another aspect of myself BUT, why am I not experiencing that particular perspective – why am I ‘me’ right now?? Do you believe that the ‘I’ that is experiencing life from my perspective will experience life from every possible perspective i.e. I will (or have already been) be you and live your life. Is there only one consciousness experiencing at any one time? Will this consciousness be everyone, one at a time? If this isn’t the case, then I have an individual consciousness that has experienced many prior lives and will continue to do so? Other people, similarly, will have their own individual paths that I will never experience?

It’s strange, when I am talking to others, I wonder if they are conscious in the same ‘now’ that I am experiencing, or if my consciousness is all there is right now in this moment. It’s interesting but also a little unpleasant sometimes as there is a feeling of loneliness – have you been through this and do you have an answer?

Sorry for all the questions Wai. I know you’re the real deal and will highly value your opinion on the matter. Keep up the great work and I know you’ll be successful in life’s destiny. I look forward to more of your work and I’ll be one of the first to buy your book when it comes out too, can’t wait!

All the best mate,



I replied:

Hi M.M.

Greetings from London. Thanks for the positive feedback and encouraging words. I like David Bohn and his ideas. Quantum Physics made a lot of the great physicists of the 20th century get a more mystical/spiritual perspective on things. Also I believe ideas like the Mandelbrot set, Chaos, Complexity and a lot of concepts from brain and mind science; are going to provide the language for the 21st conception of God. Put simply I believe or rather I know that the mystery of consciousness and mystery of God are one and the same.

In reply to your question, I'd like to start with a quote from the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas which is supposed to be a more accurate source of Jesus' sayings than the New Testament. In the second saying he says 'He who seeks, let him not cease seeking until he finds; and when he finds he will be troubled, and when he is troubled he will be amazed, and he will reign over the All.'

This line I believe addresses some of the feelings a person gets when a person slowly realizes that he or she is God and that within himself/herself is the totality of all things, everything that ever was and everything that will ever be. It's also about the sense of bewilderment that arises after one has had the experience of being GOD and has a return to normal reality and his/her own senses.

Mystical truth and indeed ultimate truth can also be highly perplexing and scary, perhaps even a little terrifying. I guess the trick is crossing over that threshold. The barriers which hold us back are internal, in our minds and makeup but also external in the taboos of society and the reactions we get from others when we start truly believing in the truth i.e. that we are God, and living it. For me I guess the public speaking and writing has been good for my spiritual evolution in that it's forced me to live with the truth continually. I think it's through a process of constantly keeping the truth in mind that slowly and inevitably we become transformed in the image of that truth. Some would call it the law of attraction, Tantra, Alchemy or Mythic quest.

Yes, I believe that everyone is God and I also believe that God is also One, undivided and indivisible. Which is exactly the God of the Bible, Koran and Bhagavad Gita that we truly are. Then the question is, how is the One also the Many. And the simple answer is, as you've already considered for yourself, that the One is the Many by being all things one at a time. This is the expression of eternity and the shape of infinitely. The ultimate structure of the physical Universe and the relationships of the entities within it are expressed as a single all encompassing Cosmic Tree. However the passage of God living through creation is as a Cosmic Snake weaving it's way through all material existence, one moment at a time, one day at a time, one life at a time. Another way of saying this is Reincarnation, which is why I attempt to show on the website that reincarnation is a Universal truth behind all religion, however one that is often suppressed/censored or otherwise believed only by a minority mystical esoteric hardcore. I'll add that occasionally the snake transfigures and God is fully emergent. The tree and snake, Cosmos & Chaos, Good and Evil become one. This happens in the state of consciousness of being God as experienced by the Saint, Avatar, Messiah or Mystic.

The other month my Girlfriend's best friend who's a real yoga fanatic, told me that her teacher once told the class that reality is illusory and that there was nothing outside of themselves. She found this a little shocking too. I didn't dissuade her from this belief. So I believe the truth is slowly getting out there. The more people who believe it, then certainly the less lonely I feel.

As for the feeling of loneliness you're talking about, this derives from knowing the truth mentally but at the same time being trapped in a human ego. This feeling of loneliness derives from truth clashing with untruth i.e. that we are an individual physical self. This feeling of isolation is overcome through loving externality which means things and people around us, which though illusory, are really the representations of our greater self as God. Also the ego has to be defeated, and this is the really difficult part. Much of the spiritual literature describes methods and modes to acheive this end. A good start is either humility, service to others and living for others or living to serve an ideal. Preferably if a person can do all three then he or she is probably better positioned for fully realizing his/her divinity.

But what about evil you may ask. It's all very well being told to love everybody, but what about horrible nasty people who would do us, our love ones and other people, hurt or harm. Well my answer to this is that indeed life and the path to God is about Love and light. But at the same time there is a process going on in the Universe and for want of a better expression, this is the Cosmic battle between Good and Evil, light and dark, Arihman/Ohrmazd etc. So while we're on this journey to try and destroy our own egos, at the same time we're trying to avoid having our egos being destroyed by others. So there is a personal struggle involved that is external and also internal. To rest our inner demons we also have to take into account the outer ones and their interaction. At the same time understanding that the outer and inner are really the same and the darkness and adversary/opposition we're facing is really that aspect of our greater self that is preventing us from seeing our true nature. And that the Love we seek and the Love we project is really the force which is driving us towards at-one-ment, integration of self/non-self and Light/Dark and our eventual and inevitable re-emergence and eternally recurring return to God.

Hope this makes some sense. I'll need to write a lot more about this sort of thing. Diagrams will help a lot too.

Kind regards



M.M. wrote back:

Hi Wai,

Thanks very much for your detailed response. Yes I guess it is a little terrifying to be honest.

Please read the following...

God is all there is and God is me. I am conscious right now and am sending you an email. But really this email will be read by the same 'I' that wrote it? Is that your understanding?

I wonder, do you believe that different time lines can run congruently? As in:

'I' speak to someone They seem to listen and give a response (like when you give a talk) Is that 'other person' conscious in the same 'now' that 'I' am? If so I guess different realities ('I' experiencing itself in different guises) can co-exist simultaneously, if not then either I have already been that person or someday will be in the future. What do you think?

Confusing stuff but fascinating all the same.

All the best and thanks again,


I replied:

Hi M.M.

Yes, it's quite unfamiliar territory this everyone is God and one undivided indivisible Self stuff. It seems strange to imagine that when we're talking to somebody we're really talking to our past or future selves. And that me sending this email is relaying a message to another incarnation of myself.

This partly comes about because two incompatible world views are colliding. i.e. one view that we are physical beings and embodied finite selfs and the other view that we are God who happens to be living through a particular physical embodiment. With regard to the examples above, the thing to remember that it is not the physical self that is doing, i.e. speaking or writing the email, it's really the Universe or God doing through us in the same way that it is God that is listening at the other end and recieving the email. Everything that every embodied physical self i.e. people, who has ever lived or who will live on this planet and indeed this Universe, is doing is really enacting the Cosmic Will and serving the purpose of God, whether they know it or not. In relation to the present situation on planet Earth, this divine Will is coming to a major conclusion. That's what the prophecies are all about. Things are coming to a head, someone somewhere is coming to a God Head.

About physical co-existence, it's a meaningless concept if you accept that physical existence is illusory. And subjective co-existence is also meaningless is you come to understand that there is only self, undivided, indivisible, i.e. God.

Indeed fascinating stuff. At the same time it's not just an academic exercise. I believe the kind of things under discussion have immensely powerful consequences if communicated the right way and to the right people. One of my favourite Jesus quote is 'The truth shall set free'. It's also true that the truth, though initially terrifying, can also be terrific empowering and ultimately motivating.

Anyway, till next contact Best wishes Wai



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