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As God what kind of creation powers do we have besides the simple Law of Attraction and how do we realize this God consciousness?

On 23rd January, Micheal Strain from Indiana U.S.A wrote:

If we are all god then what kind of creations powers do we have besides simple law of attraction getting a job and getting a girl friend. Also, how do we realize this god conciousness?


I replied

Hi Micheal

Thanks for your facebook invite. I guess you got my details thru Liam St. John.

In reply to your question - "If we are all god then what kind of creations powers do we have besides simple law of attraction getting a job and getting a girl friend. Also, how do we realize this god conciousness?"

As manifestations of God then in our daily lives we're enacting the divine process, but on a microcosmic and earthly scale. This includes things like relationships, having kids, creative pursuits and generally making your way in the World. However on a grander scale, the realization of the truth and the knowledge of being God brings other forces in play. In the Bible Jesus is reported as saying 'The truth shall set you free'. I think this is true whether Jesus existed historically or not, or whether he said it or not. It means knowing your true identity may set you free from normal constraints and limitations. I believe that historically the realization and knowledge of the truth has been the central factor behind some of the greatest figures in World history.

In my website I try to show that the idea that everyone is God is the central truth behind all religion. Therefore this idea of people experiencing themselves as God is naturally the truth behind all the founders of religion, prophets, saints, mystics and visionaries whom collectively, for better or for worse, have done so much to shape World history.

At the other extreme, I also believe that a person experiencing himself/herself as God, or the entertaining of the idea, doesn't necessary lead to what we would normally call 'Good' behaviour. Though of course this may be dependent on a person's viewpoint. To give a few examples, people like Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great and Adolf Hitler all had a relationship with the mystical and occult. Genghis is best seen as a warrior/shamen who himself went into mystical trances and had visions. Alexander the Great at the end of his career and near the time of his death declared himself to be God and always saw his life in mythic terms. And Adolf Hitler is well know to have been heavily involved in the Occult and Western Magic( The idea of a person being God is behind these traditions as well ). Though some may regard this as a bit speculative, I believe that it is their relationship with the divine together with either a conscious or unconscioius belief that they were God, either through direct experience or through cultural conditioning(i.e. Mythology and its correct interpretation) which allowed these people to achieve what they did in their lives. Or in Hilter's case what he almost achieved and failed to doi.e. World domination.

So we see here, two extremes. On the one hand, people becoming selfless, humble and helping/tolerating others. On the other, people bent on world conquest, plunder/rape, dominating others and showing extreme egotism.

Well, what I'm trying to say is that this knowledge of being God can be an extremely potent belief and given the right circumstances and people, can quite literally change the World. Sometimes the experience of being God or the pursuit of the experience can lead people to do such great things in their lives that they're seen as Avatars, Messiahs or real life manifestations of Mythic heroes.

I'll also add that it can also lead to insanity and the darker side of things mentioned earlier but also on a smaller scale. Some examples of this would be things like WACO, Jonestown, Heavens Gate etc.

In normal life, without delving into the mystical & occult literature, we encounter these sorts of ideas in popular modern myths like the Matrix, the Dune trilogy, Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings. The sorts of ideas I have been talking about in this email have already be seeded into the popular imagination through these Myths. It would be an interesting and exciting thing to give people the truth behind Mythology and it's relationship to the modern world. This is what I'm trying to do by trying to explain to people that Everyone is God and the Prophecies are now. In mythic terms what we're saying is that the great Mythic struggle between Good and Evil is coming to a head on this planet in our lifetimes. And it is necessary for us to participate in the unfolding of this process. How we may affect the outcome would be greatly enhanced if we take it upon ourselves to play the Mythic Hero(i.e. Luke Skywalker, Neo, Paul Artreides, Frodo etc) for real in our lives, together with understanding of our true identity, and try to save the planet and create a better World.

How do we realize this God consciousness? There's no short answer to this. Many techniques/ theories and traditions exist. Some work, others are a bit dubious and some may have worked in the past but not in modern times . The most concise answer I can give is that instead of asking how be become God consciousness( which is our natural state), if we ask what is holding us down in mundane 'normal' consciousness, then the answer would be fear and desire, the manifesation and sustainence of the ego. To completely eliminate fear and desire and therefore the ego, is not an easy thing to do. Paths whiich seek to do this can be categorized into paths of contraction versus paths of expansion. Imagine that the goal is to try and eliminate the flame of the ego. Then we could either try to suppress and smoother the flame or else let the flame burn out to exhaustion. Paths of contraction are paths of self destruction/ self denial and self abnegation. Paths of contraction are paths of self realization/ expression and self creation geared toward serving the wider self i.e. humanity, the planet etc. This is the path which the hero quest myths are really all about. It is the path which involves fighting the cosmic battle between Good and Evil, which is the process of the Universe, internally and externally, and ultimately winning. It involves self development, making moral choices and doing things in this World. This path of expansion is what I would recommend.

Loads more to write but I better get to work.

I'm going to post my reply on my website, with you permission may I use your name and location?

Best wishes & stay in touch!




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