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Concerning PHI the Golden Ratio and God, Mysticism, Spirituality etc.

On June 26th 2007 Owen Hacket from Nottingham U.K. wrote:

The more i have looked into the concept of PHI the more i have come to realise that any thing can be related to it and that it must be the signature of God, the formula for all creation the way physical things  behave from waves in the sea to spiral galaxy formations, the easiest way for plants to grow and  the way hairs grow around the crown of someones head.
I have read through a lot of your ideas but couldn't find any thing related to PHI.


I Replied:

concerning PHI. In the section of my website called 'The nature of reality', URL http://www.iawwai.com/NatureOfReality.htm  , I talk at length about the mathematical foundation of the physical Universe. Though I don't explicit mention PHI, to me this number is very profound, together with others such as PI, e and Feigenbaum's constant( which is important in chaos mathematics). Also you mention PHI as being like the signiture of God, well this is exactly how the Mandelbrot set has been described. The Mandelbrot set, which is the most famous object from Fractal mathematics, is discussed at length in the given article. PHI along with some other fundamental mathematical quantities, provides the transcendent and eternal  framework on which all the Universe hangs.



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