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What are your views on Religion and Homosexuality?

On 3rd November 2007, Toi Scott from San Antonio, Texas U.S.A. wrote:


I really appreciate your insghts. I've been growing spiritually for the past few years and have found a lot of my beliefs similar to the Baha'i belief system-I'm sure you've heard of them and their promotion of unity of religions. One thing I've been grappling with is sexuality. Am I to be condemned for being gay? I've found many words taken out of context but no definitive answers. I'd like to know of your stance on the subject of sexuality. Thank you very much for your time.

Peace, Love, and Light,



I Replied:

Hi T.S.

Thanks for your email and positive feedback. Concerning homosexuality I personally don't have a problem with it though being happily straight myself. Funnily enough I work in a Church in London that is unofficially but widely known as the Gay Church. Of the four priests there, 2 are gay men and the other too are women. So it's very progressive for an Anglican Communion church. That fact that they let me work there with my pony tail and cowboy boots is an accurate indicator of just how progressive and tolerant st James of Piccadilly really is.

It is true that sexuality is a morale issue but the simple fact of the matter is that morality is not an unchanging constant of the Universe. At the same time it is not good to make up and change the morales of a society at whim, certainly when it comes to morality a certain amount of conservatism is desirable. But there again that doesn't mean we need to be fixated on the morale dictates of what was the norm in certain societies say 2000 or 3000 years ago when things were less evolved. So it is correct that we should re-examine some of the codes of conduct that were outlined in the Bible and with regard to the issue of homosexuality these means a couple of passages in the Old Testament, i.e. Genesis and Deuteronomy, and a passage in the Letters of Paul in the New Testament.

In times past it may have been desirable to more fully promote hetero-sexuality in that life was short and brutish, and society really needed to replenish it population level against disease and war. However that is no longer the case in an over populated World already bursting at the seams. Current population of around 6 billion projected to reach about 9 billion by around 2050. So homosexuality may be a very positive in this regard.

There is the arguement often put forward by the moral right wing that homosexuality is unnatural and an abomination in God's eyes. However it is know that homosexuality is a phenomenon found throughout the animal kingdom. I read somewhere that between 5 to 10 percent of various animals in bird and mammal species will be or have homosexual tendencies. So Homosexuality is the most natural thing in the world.

It's a fact that some of the greatest characters in human history were either gay or bi-sexual i.e. Alexander the Great, Micheangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci etc. Also gays seem to contribute massively and disproportionately in the entertainment and fashion industry and many other creative fields. So are you condemned for being gay? No certainly not, you may even be privileged!

God delights in diversity and variety. The cosmic intelligence has created all the various permutations of gender and sexuality so that it may enjoy all the interesting permutations of sexual experiences while living through the lives of the created, i.e. the creatures.




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