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On 16th November 2008 Carlos Tuckwell from Australia wrote:

comments: I haven't had time to read your site in full, but I am very interested in your subject-matter. Having been a Marxist in my youth, then a literalist Christian from 30 to 48, I've since come to the position that there cannot be a good, all-powerful & all-knowing God. History, and the world still is, far too cruel.

Similarly, Reincarnation (if true) has been doing no good at all. Also, Reincarnation makes no sense at all. Only a 'Devil' would create a system akin to us being put in a 'correctional facility' (incarnation on this planet) without knowing why, without knowing what crime one had committed. Also, where are all the billions of new souls coming from? But mainly, the cruelty of Reincarnation (I've met too many "Mozarts", "Beethovens", "Tutankhamens", "Nefertitis", etc), i.e. that people DON'T really remember their "past life", and hence DON'T really know why they're suffering this life, is not something to be admired. Its uselessness is also apparent to anyone who starts to think logically/critically about it - IT HAS DONE NO GOOD. Human society has not improved - at least, NOT for the vast majority of people (and they're the main believers in Reincarnation) on the surface of this planet.

Similarly, all traditional ideas of God (not just Judaeo-Christian) believe in the impossible situation of a good, AND all-powerful/all-knowing "God" watching over a world that is (and for at least 6,000yrs always has been) full of horror If I hadn't been convinced by the Creationists' very good scientific arguments for the overwhelming evidence of design, I would've returned to atheism, and thereby some form of man-made social change. So, we have a world in a universe obviously designed and made, that for the past 6,000yrs at least shows lots of remnants of an orginal beautiful creation, but side-by-side with lots of horror.

The only model that fits what I see is the Zoroastrian hypothesis - that we, and the biosphere (at least), are caught in a battle between two equally-powerful higher (at least transcending our 3 dimensions) beings - one good, the other bad. I will never submit to moral relativism - the idea that "good" and "bad" are mere traditional 'constructs' and don't have any real, objective value. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot (and I suspect even the Popes - behind closed doors)were the result of that thinking.

As for solipsism, or objective idealism ('I am not the only consciousness'), I seriously checked-out "A Course In Miracles", but over the year's practice I gave it, I couldn't deny the large amount of beauty apparent in nature and human society.

Good on you at least, that you are raising these questions.

I take heart from the all the Near-Death Experiences, yet when I 'wake up', I want to start a revolution 'up there', because I will still care about all my brothers & sisters still trapped down here in this war-zone known as "Earth".


I replied:

Hi Carl
Thanks for your email and Happy new year. Sorry about the delay in replying. It seems you've been on a real journey of discovery and investigation. Reading your mail, or rather re-reading it I can see we definitely have a lot of beliefs in common. You've explained quite clearly why you've come to some of the conclusions you have.

I'd like to say, the thing to watch out for when applying the analytical approach to spiritual and metaphysical matters, is that our unquestioned assumptions can cause us to see certain valid ideas as being contradictory and non sensical. One example I like to use is how the assumption of a flat Earth can make the simple assertion that one can go East by going West, seem like nonsense. Certain other assumptions which people commonly hold which prevent them from seeing spiritual and metaphysical truths, would be things like, Materialism or the idea that existence is based on physical matter. Also another would be the common assumption that the past causes the future. A third example would be the assumption that we live a Universe of multiplicity and separatedness, i.e. that there are separate physical objects, separate conscious entities and many separate souls.

All these three examples are merely unproven assumptions that people usually take as absolute truths or incontrovertible facts. However in each case there is a good reason to suppose that they are at best, only part of the story or else untrue. There is a way of looking at existence which sees existence as Consciousness and views physical reality as illusory. I show how this is the case in a section on the website about the 'Nature of reality'. And there is a way of looking at time, which many physicists are starting to entertain, which sees the past as being caused by the future, where all existence Emanates backwards in time from a point in our future and to which we are rebounding. Finally results from Quantum physics is telling us that, thru a scientific phenomenon know as Quantum Entanglement, the entire Universe is really an inseparable oneness.

Once we replace our initial assumptions with these new perspectives, then spiritual and mystical ideas like eternal life beyond the physical body, Prophecy and predestination, the idea that everyone is God and also the idea of reincarnation, start to make a lot more sense. So it's really important to re-examine our existing assumptions and replace them with better options when they come along.

As for the Good and Evil bit, I agree. God is not a wish list or something that necessary conforms to our desires and prejudices. In my mind from God derives both Good and Evil, Female and Male, The Inside and the Outside, The Past and the Future, the Many and the One. Though God in the true sense transcends all dualities, indeed all conception and all form. The true God can only be directly experienced, not understood or explained.

Yes, Me too, I'm trying to start a revolution up there and down here as well. If we can start a revolution in the realm of ideas then this can sometimes lead to a social, political and even a spiritual revolution. Now's the perfect time for this sort of thing.

Anyway, keep in touch. I think I'll post my reply on the website, With you permission may I use your name and details, else I'll keep it anonymous. Also if I may ask, how did you come across the website?

Best wishes Wai



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