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Cosmic origins , Evolution, Christian Prophecies and Miracles

On January 18th 2007 Sarah from the U.S.A. wrote:

How did the universe come into existence? Evolution and the naturalistic theory of the big bang aren't plausible. They aren't consistant with the science we know to be fact. This isn't to attack you in any way. Also, please talk about the Christian prophesies being played out in today's world. I have been hearing a lot about prophecy being fulfilled lately. Please also explain modern day miricles. I've seen people get healed at Christian services! Things you absolutely can not fake! Wow. I have so many more questions. Thanks!

P.S. Please post your answer on your website.


I Replied:

I agree, the theory of Evolution as most scientists see it is incomplete and a little flawed. At the same time the intelligent design crowd certainly aren't doing any better. One trouble with evolutionary theory is that it denies purposefulness and the hand of providence. However I still believe things evolve, the fossil evidence is undeniable. What things evolve towards is God, people become God, planetary consciousness' become God, galaxies become God and eventually the entire universe becomes God. but at the same time one God and the same God and also the God that is you and me. When you talk about 'the science we know to be fact', are you referring to what some fundamentalist christian scientists believe is fact, because the great majority of physicist around the world believe in the idea of the big bang. I personally believe that the idea of the big bang as the start of the Universe is mistaken, because I think it is merely the point of reflection. The Universe starts as God, the Godhead dissolves,Emanates back in time, converges to a singularity and then evolves going forwards in time to become the Godhead again. There'll be a cosmology section on my website in the not too distant future.

Yes, Christian prophesies are interesting. In the future I be talking a lot about the unfolding of the prophesies and their outcome, but also making references to the prophecies in all World religion and not just those in the New testament.

About miracles, I believe in the extremely uncanny and synchronous. Both reveal the hand of providence or God. This may include victories against impossible odds, amazing cures/healings and also incredible destinies.

I'm actually currently working full time in a christian church, they do hold healing services so perhaps I should ask if there's been any 'miraculous' cures in my vicinity lately.

I may start a IAQ (infrequently asked questions) on the website in the future. You gave me the idea, it will probably get me more hits from search engines.


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