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A self righteous Gnostic replies to a self righteous Evangelical Christian

On 24th September 2007 E.C. from London U.K. wrote:

Hello Wai,
I am puzzled as to why you feel there is such a need to preach your message instead of the Good News of Jesus. He is clearly the Son of God carrying a direct message from the father and there are no mysteries as He has all the answers. It is surprising that although you work for the Christian church you are not proclaiming the message of Christ but need to deviate from the obvious truth. I pray you will one day come to know the peace and love that only Jesus can bring.


I replied:

Hi E.C

Hope this note finds you well and apologies for my late reply.

I message I preach is the original truth of Jesus, the message that everyone is God. There is such a need to preach this message because firstly it's the truth and communicating the truth is its own reward.

Secondly it is the key to the unification of World religion and this is through showing people the notion that a persons ultimate identity is God is also the truth behind all World religion. This is a very worthy aim and would help towards bringing about peace in our World.

Thirdly it also provides the means by which Science may finally be reconciled and united with Religion. The basic proposition is that the mystery of consciousness and the mystery of God are one and the same. The recognition of this truth allows for the solution of all the great paradoxes in science(quantum mechanics etc.) and also answers the great Ontological question in Philosophy of what is the nature of existence. The answer being Idealism or the idea that all existence is consciousness. This provides the basis for the unification of all human knowledge in the realms of Science, Religion and Philosophy.

Fouthly and lastly many people who reject Atheism or Agnosticism but at the same time are wary of organized religion, cults and the new age; are looking for a better alternative. What could be better than to give people the original truth behind all the great faith traditions of this World and restoring the inner mysteries.

Yes Jesus is the 'Son of the Father' as we are all sons of the Father. It is very revealling in the Gospel of John 10:34, when his fellow Jews were about to stone him to death for claiming to be God, Jesus quotes Psalm 82.6 - "Is it not written in your law, 'I have said you are gods' ". Very relevant to present discussion is the following verse 82.7 -"You are all sons of the most high.". All the nonsense about the virgin birth and Jesus being the 'Only begotten son of the Father', were later additions, made to the Gospels(There is absolutely no mention of a virgin birth in the Gospel of Mark from which Matthew and Luke were derived ), and made at the council of Nicea by Emperor Constantine, respectively. Indeed we are all sons and daughters of the Father in the same sense that Jesus is.

With regard to your assertion that 'there are no mysteries and [Jesus] has all the answers', well the New Testament is full of references to hidden mysteries, especially in the Epistles. And in the Gospels Jesus himself says that he has revealed the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven, only to his disciples. ' The secret of the kingdom of God has been given to you. But to those on the outside everything is said in parables so that, 'they may be ever seeing but never perceiving, and ever hearing but never understanding.'(Bible Mark 4:11) This sums up the state of most Christians, never perceiving and never understanding. In the Book of Revelation the central motif i.e. The Scroll with the Seven Seals is really about the final unveiling(Apocalypse means unveiling) of the mystery behind Christianity at the end of the Age i.e. the Final Revelation that everyone is God. Also this idea of hidden meanings and mysteries is found in all the Worlds major Religions.

In reply to: 'It is surprising that although you work for the Christian church you are not proclaiming the message of Christ but need to deviate from the obvious truth.' Well, the church where I work, st James Piccadilly is quite surprising. Of the four Priests one of them also knows the truth that everyone is God and quite openly expresses it. The main Priest and Rector has actually used quotes from the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas in his sermons, the Codex where Jesus explicit states that as he is everyone else can be also. Quite a few members of the congregation also believe in the truth that everyone is God and many more believe in reincarnation, the original truth about eternal life in Christianity and the Universal truth found at the esoteric core of all World Religion. I'm afraid it is your version of Christianity which is really deviant, a cumulative distortion of the original truth fabricated by a couple of the Roman Emperors, earlier Popes and later innovators.

Thanks for praying for me, in turn I pray that one day you'll not be so narrow and closed minded, and also realize that Jesus is not the only way and that other World Religions are equally valid as well. Perhaps one day you may even discover what the Christ within truly means and directly experience that the Kingdom of Heaven is indeed inside you, through which you'll fully apprehend that the peace which passeth all understanding derives from the mystical state of Union with and identity with God.

Love & light

p.s. I'm putting my reply on my website, with your permission may I use your name? otherwise I'll use your initials only, thanks. I actually get a steady stream of emails along the same lines as yours but this is the first time I've actually replied. This is because you've sat thru one of my talks, I find you're a pleasant, likable person and I think your heart's in the right place.



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