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Concerning Sex, Spirituality and Tantra

On June 25th 2007 B.A. from location withheld wrote:

Hello.  I've been reading your site here and there.  I agree with your theories overall, and am interested in posing questions to you.

Through research and in discussions with people I refer to as friends, the topic of how sex and religion are similar has been brought up.  I wonder where does this fit into your theory?  Some of my friends have mentioned that in finding what some call your "soul mate" you connect and combine in a way that you become one together.  You reach spirituality at it's height.  You transcend.  I wonder what you might think about this.

Please share with me your views.  Thank you.


I replied:

Sex and spirituality have an interesting association all through
history and in various parts of the World. The Gnostic Carpocratians, The Khylisti sect( Rasputin was once a member), the early Moravians and of course the various branches of Tantric mysticism found in India and Tibet; are some examples of spiritual movements which have explored sex as a means of getting closer to and entering the mystery of God.

There is a recurring idea that God has both male and female aspects. e.g. the yin and yang, Shiva/Shakti, Demiurge/Achemoth, The Cosmic Androgene of Kabbalah and the passage in the Bible Genesis which reads 'In the image of God he made them, male and female he made them.' There is a meaning to this primary duality of male and female. It is that male corresponds with individuated self and female corresponds
with formless non self. On the cosmic scale the maleness is
represented by the physical universe and the femaleness corresponds with that which gives rise all material existence. On the microcosmic scale, at the human level, the male corresponds with normal embodied consciousness that humans experience at the mundane level of existence and the female corresponds with all that we consider outside of our being or non self. The idea is that the male by itself is not God and
by the same token the female by itself is not God, but when the too are conjoined then this is the completeness of God. In normal consciousness we are the male aspect of God and incomplete but when we unify with the female aspect i.e. non self then this is transcendence or the experience being God, whole and complete. The expression 'To become one with the Universe' was quite popular in the 60s and early 70s I believe. Going back to the cosmic scale I believe that eventually the physical universe reunites with its source to bring about the final enlightenment, the Cosmic Christ, Omega point, Celestial Buddha or Universal Vishnu etc.

So how does this connect with sex. As men and women we reflect aspects the two primary divisions of God and when humans have sex this is a reflection of the divine as well. Normally when people have sex then this may lead to children. However sex may also be used in certain mystical practices in order to facilitate the attainment of mystical states of union with God. This basic idea is probably most developed in the Tantras of India and Tibet. Here sex is being used to help bring about a sexual union that is happening on a higher plane,
between self and non self which is the state of non duality i.e.
enlightenment, moksha, transcendence, God realization etc. etc. etc.


B.A. Wrote Back:

So you are saying that you don't refute the teachings of the Tantras of India or Tibet?  You do believe in Tantric Sexuality?  No offense, trust me, but I've read all the research of this before I asked the question.  It wasn't necessary for you to inform me the way you did, I do thank you for replying though.

Could you possibly elaborate for me a bit on your beliefs of this topic?  You say that every individual is a god, that through understanding they awaken the knowledge of all the religions that god is, in fact, within every one of us.  So, are we only "half gods" and we find our full form of spiritual awakening through the act of "tantric" sex? 

I really hope I'm not coming off as being "snotty" or rude.  Believe me, I am just trying to understand.  This is something that has been ongoing for me since I was sixteen.  I am now nearly twenty-five years old.  Research gets us all to the same place, depending on how open we are, so what I'm asking is what you personally believe. 


I Replied:

I think Tantra is quite misunderstood because of how it is presented by the New Age and by sects such as the Osho crowd. Real and authentic Tantra as I understand it is not primarily about sex, it's really about focusing on God and harnessing the passionate energies of life to facilitate a dynamic meditation, in order to accelerate the process of spiritual evolution. In the past all energies, not just sexual, but also those deriving from jealousy, anger and even hate were transmuted and channeled. It's easy to see why the tantra, though considered a powerful and direct path to transcendence, at the same time was also recognised as dangerous and highly risky. Highly controversial.

Also known as the resultant path, the key was to focus on the end result, i.e. emergence of the true self, and not on the objects of our basic passions or desires. Not an easy thing to do. It is for this reason that 99.9% of modern day New Age Tantra, isn't really Tantra. Mostly it's mainly young'ish people trying to get laid or else middle age predominantly middle class couples trying to inject some novelty into their sex life. The man and woman perhaps call themselves Shiva and Parvati respectively, burn some incense, play some Indian sounding music and do a little meditating before hand. This is a world away from 'authentic' Tantra which is a hardcore mystical practice requiring total dedication, prolonged periods meditation and absolute focus. I can see the logic behind it.

Concerning the God thing. I don't say we are 'gods', 'half gods' or semi-demi gods. I say that a person's real identity is GOD, the one and only, undivided, indivisible, the alpha, omega, primary condition and ultimate reason. The website www.iawwai.com is dedicated to explaining how this is so. In reply to another of your questions, in understanding that we are God we realise that there is a state of transcendence that is to exist in our true and original form. Essentially we discover that what we've come to think that we are, isn't what we really are. Once a person has come to accept the truth then slowly that person is transformed in various and varying ways, and not necessarily for the better. Sometimes a person will go on to realize the truth. Very rarely, certain characters become God not just to themselves but to others as well. These special people then become symbols for the divine and act as beacons of light and hope for the rest of humanity mired in ignorance, frustration and suffering, unaware of who they really are.

In reply to your question, what do I personally believe, well that's what the website is for. The book is coming out later this year which will contain a lot more biography and reflections.



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