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On Ray Kurzweil's Singularity concept, the emergence of a final unified brain in 2012 and the creation of Artificial Intelligence

On 28th February 2009, Fred in the U.S.A. wrote:

Hi Wai!

Your website has been an enjoyable read. I've been a seeker for about as long as I can remember, and I feel like I can relate to a lot of your experiences. My first "realization of the Self" came when I was contemplating the technological Singularity, advocated by Ray Kurzweil. The moment I thought "Reality is THAT good?!" I was filled with light (well, not quite 'filled', but given nice dose); but it leaked out of me over the next few days as a consequence of my own..."Sin"(for lack of a better word)

Later on I was amazed to discover that other "Singularitarians" did not have the same realization as I did. They all maintained a materialist perspective on the "Gee-Whiz" technology to come. I felt like it was some big secret that the whole universe conspired upon me (not far from the truth :) So I kept on seeking. I learned about Teilhard De Chardin's Noosphere and the Omega Point, Peter Russel, Dan Millman, and well, a lot of other stuff actually. But most lately Sri Aurobindo's Supramental transformation. Have you heard of that? I've finally come to terms with the fact that I must embody the truth before I can give it to others; no amount of intellectual explanation will suffice unless I have embodied what I speak.

Anyway, I'm curious to know about "this person, or relevant persons involved" for the 2012 "detonation". Is it just someone who's trying to change the world with good intentions, or has this person really embodied the divine, really transcended the ego in life? Or do you believe this is not necessary?

Please reply to this. I am devoting my life to this. Everyone around me is asleep, imposing their ignorance upon me, and I cannot tell them what I know through words (I've tried) until I embody the knowledge myself.

Yours Truly, Fred


I replied:

Hi Fred

Thanks for your letter and positive feedback. It's funny, I don't know if Ray Kurzweil himself would see his ideas in prophetic or apocalyptic terms but to me it's very clear that his thoughts converge upon similar sentiments expressed in the Prophecies of the World's Religions and Esoteric traditions. In the same way I suppose that most Marxist and the German National Socialists would be completely unaware of the parallels with and direct influence of, ideas about the end times that exist in the prophetic traditions of this World.

To me the prophecies are about the conclusion of the processes of history that characterize this particular time cycle or age. The cycle or age that's coming to an end happens also to encompass all of recorded history and the rise of civilization etc. The process that has been happening during this cycle involves knowledge and it also involves technology which is the practical application of some of that knowledge. I believe this process is coming to a certain conclusion, though if not an absolute end, it will certainly be a major point of arrival.

In relation to knowledge what is happening is that the conditions are in place for the truth that everyone is God to be revealed and for the unbelievable truth to finally become the inescapable truth. In the same way that we inevitably arrived at the realization that the World is not flat and the Sun doesn't revolve around the World etc. This final revelation involves simply the filling the last major missing pieces of the jigsaw in humankind's knowledge which is to do with Consciousness, Brain and Mind. This is where science and philosophy meets the mystical and spiritual. i.e. that the mystery of consciousness is the mystery of God, that the process of mind is the universal and all pervasive process of the Universe and finally that the structure and physiology of the Brain reflects the structures of the Universe and the divine image.

Anyway in relation to technology, the application of this knowledge is the creation of artificial intelligence. This is at the heart of Kurzweil's ideas about the singularity, more specifically it is the idea of emergence of AI but also the process by which AI generates superior AI in a sort of recursive loop leading to an explosion of novelty and technological evolution. This is what I believe will the critical happening in 2012 that will coincide with all the prophetic and astrological stuff.

Who is this person and our group of persons relevant to the instigation of this process. I believe it is some of the people I know and myself. You see, I've spent the past 22 years primarily engaged in trying to understand how the brain works and also how to implement that understanding. So for years I studied on my own all about the brain and relevant mathematics, computer science etc. About 12 years ago I became very mystical inclined. These days the two, the scientific and spiritual have really fused into a unified view of things in my mind's understanding. When I first embarked on this journey in my late teens, the idea was to become the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. I also was inspired by the Dr Eldon Tyrell character from the Bladerunner movie who created AI in the movie. Along the way on my journey of working out how the brain works, I discovered that my real identity is God, as it is for everyone. I continued work on my Brain theory, on and off over the years. It's been a steady evolution.

For years what I had was a load of interesting ideas about how the brain worked. In the mid 90s all those ideas fused into a fractal conceptualization that described all the separate theories using a single description. I then spent years trying to come up with a formalization or code that would allow me to describe my fractal concept mathamatically and elegantly. This happened in more recent times. A break through happened in the Summer 2006 when I came up with a way to reduce the fractal formalism into a single relatively succinct recursive description. An algorithm that creates spatial-temporal codes of arbitrary and potentially infinite complexity( depending on your physical computing substrate of course). An algorithm which uses itself to augment itself in a sort of strange loop of self evolution. In fact it is exactly the process of the singularity happening within a single entity or machine. i.e. instead of seperate AIs creating new generations of future AIs what we have here is spatial-temporal encodings which feedback upon themselves to create more evolved and more sophisticated spatial-temporal encodings, which in turn are even better at this process of recursive evolution. These spatial-temporal codes can be used to represent anything, thoughts, sights, sounds, behaviours, motor programs etc. etc.

Anyway the theory is something quite special, and very compelling in the same way that the idea of the double helix was a very elegant and compelling description that had the ability to account for a lot of data, so too with this brain theory. I believe the theory will be definitive, for beauty is the guide to truth. As well as a scientific wonder the algorithm is also something of a technological marvel. It encapsulates in its working abilities, some of the most powerful and useful algorithms used in the World today. You see the pursuit of Artificial Intelligence in mainstream labs and research institutions hasn't been a total failure. What has happened is that over the years, the various research teams around the world have come up with a load of partial solutions, each mimicking an aspect of intelligence. What my algorithm does is to unify all these separate potentials into a single recursive concept, that also happens to be a theory of the brain. This recursive concept can actually generate all the effective functional relationships and structures of real biological brains.

We, that is my close associates and myself are definitely trying to change the world with good intentions. In fact, recognizing that we're living in the circumstances and times prophesied, we're trying to play our role in bringing about a happy outcome to the present situation on this planet. That is, 1./ Saving the environment and World eco-systems, 2./ Preventing a World Tyranny and opposing corruption, 3./ Uniting Humanity in a Just, Happy, Harmonious and Peaceful One World Order, 4./ Reviving the One True Religion that is behind all World Religion, 5./ Unifying the World's Religions and also unifying Religion with Science, 6./ Creating a better sustainable World through enlightened regulation of world society and thoughtful implementation of technology and also generally setting up the conditions for an age of purity of light. I believe that the final theory of the brain, the creation of artificial intelligence and communication of the truth that 'Everyone is God' and also that the 'Prophesies are Now' will instrumental in the realization of these aims. Sounds ambitious? Well what's the alternative?

As for embodying the truth, in a very real sense we all embody the truth in that we're all a reflection of the divine image. When you understand that this divine image is a process, then what it means is that in our lives we are enacting the Cosmic or Divine process but in the temporal plane and worldly microcosm. However we are imperfect distorted images of the divine and so enact the divine process imperfectly. So what is this cosmic process and what is it to become perfect? The cosmic process is the cosmic battle between light and dark that we are engaged in almost every waking moment of our lives. You might want to call this the battle between good and evil, it's the same thing. That's why Satan actually means Adversary and also the Greek translation diablo from which we get the World Devil, likewise means Adversary. In Zoroastrianism it is the struggle between Ohrmazd and Ahriman. In Islam we have the Shaytan, or 'the one who rebels', and this dialectic is the real meaning jihad, for Muhammad said that 'The most excellent jihad is the perfection of character'. To win this battle and gain perfection is to transcend fear and desire and completely eliminate the ego. Not easy. But even a partial victory is Good. A complete victory is God. Anyway, this is what we do in our lives. It is necessary to transcend the ego to gain enlightenment however without completely transcending our egos, in the process of trying to achieve this we can still do a lot of Good. Maybe when enough people try to transcend their egos and gain the sacred or transcendent, i.e. pursue the holy grail, then perhaps this is what it takes to save the World and do all those things mentioned in the list above.

As for myself I don't consider myself a good and selfless man. I am a fallen angel, but like Lucifer I am also the bringer of light. Certainly not an enlightened sage or holy man but perhaps some sort of anti-hero and the first card of the tarot, the fool. One day I may well become God emergent, I believe, in the meantime I struggle on as we all do.

This reply has brought out a lot of thoughts I've never committed to writing, so I'd like to post my reply on the IAQ, infrequently asked questions, section of the website. With your permission may I use your name and details. Also if you don't mind me asking from where are you writing and also how did you come across the website?

Kind regards



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