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Concerning the poor sound quality on the Video Clips and the less than perfect elocution

On 23rd January 2008, D.A. from somewhere in Canada wrote:

I was watching a very interesting YouTube bit about Synchronicity is great  BUT I wish you would adjust the sound for less reverb or echo. I live in North America and his accent is so clipped that it makes it difficult to make out what he is saying.   His dialect tightens or shortens the duration of vowels and it ends up sounding like very loud whispering.  Then you add lots of reverb and a beautifully gifted speaker is reduced to  crackling whispers that don't improve by turning up the volume.

I've know guys like this.  They actually have something to say and are so filled with the essense of what they are thinking - there is a sense that like a surf boarder if they slow down, they will loose the wave they are riding on.  I could be true but it doesn't make it any easier for guys in Canada trying to discern some of the very important stuff he may be talking about.  Either this is true or he is one of the youngest of many siblings who at the dinner table learned to use speed and exitement to nudge their way into family conversations.  Shit I just missed something else he said - I have to go

Yours truly
left in a state of raging rancor



I replied:

Hi Don

Thanks for your honest and constructive feedback. Yes I get a little over exciting sometimes during the public talks, We're very much a work in progress. And yes I'm the youngest of 3 male siblings, good guess and nice theory. Thinking back on my childhood a bit you may even be right! At least partially anyway. Probably a better explanation is that I talk fast because my brain works fast and my mouth can't keep up sometimes. That's actually me talking slowly in the videos, but you're right I need to slow things down and take a lot more care over pronunciation. I'm currently working in a church and if I do the early morning shifts then one of my duties is to read aloud a long passage from the Bible in front of a few people. This is a God sent oppurtunity to regularly practice slow and deliberate pronunciation, and also get get paid at the same time too! Indeed the Universe conspires to help those who would like to help themselves.

Thinking about it most of my traffic and audience for both the videos and website are coming from North America so I had better improve my Americanese.

Concerning the sound quality. Originally about a year ago I put up on YouTube a dozen or so video segments taken from footage of some talks that my girlfriend filmed on her little DX camcorder, positioned at the back of the hall/venue. Surprisingly those clips got viewed quite a lot and some even got very good feedback. However the sound quality on them is very bad. Recently I purchased a new and better Camcorder which I position much closer to the stage, it's much clearer but yes it's very reverby. My next step is to invest in some decent microphones for recording. Anyway, check me out a few months/years down the line and hopefully things will be get a lot clearer, tighter and sharper. I'm currently in the process of getting my act and material together. First steps of a long journey and all that jazz.

Kind regards Wai



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