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On 11th July 2008, Micheal Wu from Shanghai, China wrote:

Hi Wai,

Thank you for your reply. I am now in Shanghai, China. I am 27 years old. My father passed away when I was 19.
I was born in Canton and lived there until 2001 and then I went to Wuhan city to have my 4-yearcollege education. My major is English and International trade. After graduation I went back to canton and jumped into the society. I changed my job frequently and I work for 3 different companies in the 1st year after my graduation. In 2006 I went to Zhejiang province and worked for 2 deferent companies. In 2008 I came to Shanghai to begin my new life.I am now a free man and trying to do something new in my life.

I believe in God and I am doing a little research about the Daoism. I believe that that every one is God, every one can be the superman, everyone can transcend himself and become excellent that he cannot imagine to be before. I try to know more by reading books and seeing relative films etc.
How can I found your web? Several days ago, I try to search “everyone is God” by google and your web turns out to be No.1 and the only websites that has the sentence “everyone is God”

Thank you for your passage. It is truly helpful to me. And wish you can help more people too.

God Bless you.
Michael Wu


I replied:

Hi Micheal

Thanks for your email and telling me about yourself. It's great that you studied english. I was hoping to become friends with a native chinese speaker who has studied english at University level and it's great to connect with people in China.

It's a funny thing, I was born in Hong Kong but because I grew up almost entirely over in the UK I can only speak my ethnic dialect which is Hakka, and then only basically. So when I goto Hong Kong or visit China Town in London, I might as well not be able to speak any Chinese at all. Hakka isn't used so much. Perhaps in the future when I need to do things in China I'll teach myself some Mandarin.

My roots are in China and I have a natural affinity for the place. At the same time I am very much of the West for I think entirely in english and mind works with ideas that have been absorbed through the medium of the english language. I saw clearly a few years back in early 2004 after coming back from a trip to Hong Kong that one of my future purposes in life, along with helping to bring about the coming together of the World's Religions and showing how to Unify Science with Religion; was also the bringing together of all humanity and of course a major part of this process will be the reconciling and harmonious integration of East and West, the Orient and the Occident. This is one of my explicit goals and one of the practical reasons for what I'm doing.

I understand totally what you mean about the superman thing. In the sense that the philosopher Nietzsche understood the concept of the Superman or Ubermensch as the ultimate goal of life. He talked about the age of the Final man when people would degenerate into a lowly unrealized state and when mediocrity would be elevated to be perceived as excellence. Final man is the degenerate, uninspired state of being and Nietzsche described how from this context of Final man, the Super Man (or Super Men I believe) will emerge. I believe the present age is the age of Final Man and also that what Nietzsche was describing is the same thing as what the Prophecies in World Religion are talking about, i.e. mankind's state of relative decline especially along the spiritual dimension and the coming of the future chosen one(s).

I know Nietzsche was heavily into Zoroastrian religion and in this faith is found the concept of the Saoshyant or future Saviour of mankind and renovator of the World. The Jews borrowed this idea during their exile in Babylon and which became the concept of the Messiah in Judaism. I believe all these ideas i.e. Superman, Saoshyant, Messiah etc. are really equivalent. Also the idea of the Mythic quest hero found in modern myths such as Star Wars, the Matrix Trilogy and Lord of the Rings etc. is really a reworking of this same general idea.

When a person recognizes that his or her true nature is God, then I believe that the path to realizing this truth within is really to awaken divine archetypes or facets of God within, and further to become a vessel for the sacred. I believe that the process of awakening the Superman, Messiah or Mythic Hero is to truly and seriously embark on the spiritual odyssey of self realization and divine manifestation. This process is akin to the practice of Deity Yoga found in Tantra in Hinduism and Tibetan Tantric Buddhism. This is the best and optimal path to God realization or Enlightenment in the present age I believe.

Thanks for your positive feedback and I'm very happy that the message has been helpful to you. I also wish it can be helpful to more people too and it's not inconceivable that we may be able to work together in this process in the future.

If you get a chance to come to London sometime in the future then we should definitely meet up. My Girlfriend and I are planning a trip to China in late 2009.

Sincere regards and much friendship

p.s. I think I'll post this reply on the website. With your permission may I use your name and details, else I'll use only your initials and paraphrase your email. Thanks.



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