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Concerning Gnosticism, reincarnation, Infinite parallel simultaneous lives and Carl Jung.

On 14th July 2007, Tonya Dunn from Kentucky, U.S.A. wrote:

Yes! Another person who "Gets it".  I have read through your site and have had many similar experiences.

Do you think you are a reincarnated Gnostic? I hesitate to use reincarnate because I really think we live our multiple infinity of lives simultaniously; outside the idealogical confines of space and time- but we don't really have a short word to convey that idea ;)

Also have you read about Carl Jung and his Gnostic interests?  If not, I think you would be very interested in it.

Let me know what you think about that. I would like to open a dialog with you.


I Replied:

Thanks for the email, and nice to connect with like minded people.

In a sense I think I'm a reincarnated Gnostic in that I believe we are all incarnations and reincarnations of the one undivided indivisible self that is God. The ultimate truth that everyone is God and the universal idea of reincarnation or metempsychosis, as the ancient Greek philosophers used to call it, really go hand in hand. Reincarnation is really the key to understanding how it is that the One, i.e. God, can be the all and at the same time, the divided all, including you, me and everybody, can be the Oneness that is God. The answer is that, space, time and matter are indeed illusory and that it is consciousness that is real. And as the conscious states in individuals are sequenced in the flow of subjective time, so it is that all the conscious beings of the Universe are sequenced in the flow of the transmigration of the one soul that we all share, that is God. Put another way, we are each others past and future lives, and life really involves God reflecting upon herself/himself/itself. So that in the same way we as human beings, sleep and awaken to a new day, so it is that as God we die and awaken to a new life, eternally.

I agree with you about the living a 'multiple infinity of lives simultaneously' thing. Because our true nature is God, within our being exists all things that ever were and all things that will ever be, all possible existences and all possible realities. This is the all encompassing nature of God that is our original and true mode of being. So even though I happen to be a particular incarnation of God, sitting at my laptop computer in the United Kingdom planet Earth writing to someone in the U.S.A; I know that this is only a lower mode of being, i.e. the state of embodiment or temporal dual consciousness. There is also a transcendent mode of being which is my true non dual self, i.e. God. In this original state, I am all things, all beings, all lives and all existence. This state of being outside of the idealogical confines of space, time, matter and energy is called variously Enlightenment, God realization, The Kingdom of Heaven, The Garden, Moksha, Awakening, Union with God etc. etc.

I love Carl Jung. He was a real mystic and modern era Gnostic. He financed and sponsored the recovery of many of the Nag Hammadi Gnostic texts which were found in Egypt in 1945 and sold off on the black market. I also like his ideas concerning Alchemy and Mythology. He really paved the way for people like Joseph Campbell who in turn inspired the likes of George Lucas( of Star wars fame) and others. He also had some good ideas about psychology too.




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