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Concerning the end game of the message that 'Everyone is God' and also the reasons why this ultimate truth will be widely accepted.

On 16th July 2007, Tonya Dunn from Kentucky, U.S.A. wrote:

Hello Wai,

Thanks for your very thoughtful reply.  You are welcome to use my email in your IFQ section.
Another question for you.  I wonder if there is any endgame for this.  You look into everything until you start seeing patterns and the truth starts revealing itself to you.  I just wonder what the point could be in knowing this individually because the only people who will believe you are those who have already found it for themselves. I just wonder if you build upon this knowledge from "life" to life, keeping what you've managed to piece together until- what? Any ideas?
Also I wonder if you( the ubiquitous, universal 'you') can bring others up so drastically to your level of understanding. There is so much study and experience driven by an overwhelming desire to know what you really are that got you where you are in understanding.  I think that we get to it sequentially and none of it makes sense until you spend some time studying Buddhism. I think Taoism is just the quentessential truths for those who have been with Buddhism a while and thoroughly "get it".  Where do you start with trying to help others see when your other person only has, say Christianity, as a starting point?
You mentioned your experience at the church near your University in England. You said something about being amazed by the narrow message that you thought existed only in isolated hill billy areas of the United States.  I am writing to you from just such a place.  I mention this to give you an idea of what I would have to overcome to be able to explain this ideology to anyone I know.


I replied:

Hello Tonya

Thanks for your very thoughtful second email and also for allowing me to use our correspondence on the website.

What is the end game to all this? The ultimate aim is to help make it so that one day the truth that everyone is God is fully accepted and becomes the dominant World view. In the process the truth will provide to key to unifying not just the Religions of this World but also the unification of Religion with Science and Philosophy. So all human understanding becomes a single coherent and logically consistent whole. This in turn sets up the conditions whereby people in large numbers, understanding the truth, then go of to try to realize it. I believe this is the ultimate destiny of the human race, for people to become God and also for society to become God.

Will this happen in our lifetimes?, probably not, however I do believe that the present time and conditions of the planet are ripe for setting into motion the process which over a succession of generations will inevitably lead to the truth being widely and fully accepted. As it was inevitable that during the course of humankind's advancement of understanding we would unavoidably come to realize that the World is round and not flat; so it is that the truth that everyone is God will become a common assumption.

I know this sounds optimistic but there are some very good reasons why all this will come to pass. Believe me, I understand the difficulties involved with trying to explain to people that they're God. And not so long ago I would often feel discouraged and be stricken with a sense of hopelessness with regard to communiating the truth. But over the course of time, as I played the game,  I came to understand that the problem of introducing large numbers of people to the truth isn't as intractable as I first thought and for these reasons.

Firstly, the conditions of present human understanding in the fields of science, philosophy and theology have set up the correct circumstances for the truth to be finally revealled. All these areas are mired in paradoxes, unsolvable riddles and seeming limits to furthur understanding. I believe that the idea that everyone is God is the necessary assumption that allows for the resolution of all the outstanding deep mysteries and will provide all the long sought after answers. For example it can be demonstrated convincingly to a lot of people that the mystery of consciousness and the mystery of God are one and the same. It has been said that "if the truth can be told so as to be understood then it will be believed", it is my conviction that the truth can indeed be told in a way that is understandable to ordinary folk, scientists, philosophers and theologians alike. Of course they may still not accept it but for the first time in history, the truth can be spoken not merely allegorically or in parables, but instead in direct language. This is what I am starting to do with my website and in my public speaking engagements. What's more the truth can also be defended in open debate and made to stand up to critical analysis.

Secondly I sense that there are a large number of people out there who are actively seeking for the truth. People who reject the narrow world view of the Materialist Scientists and who at the same time are appalled by the childish fantasies of the the Religious Fundamentalists. They don't quite know what they're after but they're asking questions along the lines of 'Who am I? Why am I here? What happens when I die? Is there a God and what is my relationship to God?' These are timeless concerns of course but they are also exactly the questions which are directly answered by the revelation of the truth that a person's real identity is God.

Thirdly, I believe that in times of chaos, calamity, uncertainty and transition, societies are more open to unfamiliar and radical ideas. It's not hard to see that we are entering just such a time, when the various culmulative problems of this World will present us with an interesting time period to come. Things will get far worse before they get better and these sorts of circumstances provide an oppurtunity for changing peoples way of looking at things.

Fourthly, the technology is in place whereby the revelation of the truth can be spread widely, rapidly and effectively. I'm talking about the Internet and modern mass communications generally. The Internet will be to the final revelation what the Gutenberg press was to the Reformation and birth of Protestantism. It is the enabling technology for dissemintating a  new dominant idealogy to be.

Fifthly, once you get the ball rolling and achieve a critical mass of people, the process by which peoples minds get changed take on a new dynamic. Once enough people believe in something then others will rapidly do so through a social psychological dynamic. For instance, the truth that everyone is God is perhaps not so far out compared to the central beliefs that lie at the heart of the cult Scientology. And also the Mormons believe in the doctrine of eternal progression which was summed up quite poetically by one of the early leaders of the Mormon church Lorenzo Snow; he said "As man is, God once was and as God is, man may become". There are a lot of completely unintuitive and contrary beliefs in both these movements, however this does not stop either of them from growing rapidly and spreading widely. It is through a social process that these sorts of beliefs become adopted, it certainly is not through a process of intellectual evaluation and reasoning. This gives me hope that a movement with the truth of everyone is God, at it core, may likewise be fast growing and widely accepted, by also taking advantage of these sorts of social dynamics.

I could go on and give more reasons, these are what come off the top of my head. So this is why I think a movement which champions the truth that everyone is God may ultimately succeed in its goals. Anyway, just by saying the truth and defending it, that is a worthwhile end in itself.

Realistically a lot of people will never 'get it', will never accept the truth. It's pointless trying to explain to some Fundamentalist Christian, Jew or Muslim that his or her real identity is God. A complete waste of time. It's a funny irony but it's probably easier to convince an atheist concerning the truth, than it is to try to do likewise with a religious fundamentalist. Jesus' parable of not throwing pearls at swine lest they turn around and attack you, is relevant here.

Ultimately I believe the people who will really 'get it' in large numbers are the young. I think it is the responsibility of the older crowd who have 'gotten it', to help them and everyone else of course, 'get it' as well. This should be done in all possible and conceivable ways. What I do with my talks, website and book to come, is my way. It's not the only way, but it is my given life path and destiny.

I like Taoism a lot also. Some scholars think that Taoism derived from Siberian Shamanism, I find this idea attractive. It is interesting that the merger of Taoism and Buddhism which was called 'Chuan', and which when imported to Japan became known as 'Zen', that this mystical strain has become relatively popular.

I don't envy the task of trying to explain to people that they're God in isolated hill billy areas. Things are much easier here in London because it's so Cosmopolitan and there are all sorts of different kinds of people to experiment on. It's also quite a liberal and open minded place. Anyway I hope through the Internet and having made a connection with me, that you don't feel isolated in your beliefs even if you are isolated geographically. It may comfort you if I told you that there are many many people out there who either know that they're God or else strongly suspect it. Probably many more than you think. It used to surprise me at first. What we're looking at here is really a Global heresy and also a modern manifestation of the recurring heresy, i.e. that everyone is God, and one which will finally win.

Best wishes



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