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How do I transcend mundane appearances, mundane states of mind & mundane feelings?

On 13th February 2008, Liam St John. from Ann Arbor, Michigan U.S.A. wrote:

Hey Wai!
I wonder, do you have advice for transcending mundane appearances, mundane states of mind, and mundane feelings?


I replied:

Hi Liam

Well how to transcend the mundane. Well the simple answer is to try to stay Cosmic, Mythical, Transcendental and maintain a Sacred outlook. How do you do that. That's what religion should be about, it rarely is though, and is what it really means to embark on a spiritual life. Religious ritual used to be able to give people a sense of the divine and allow people to rise, even if temporarily, above the mundane but these days the meanings of ritual have been lost or else people have changed so that the old rituals no longer have the effects that they used to on people. Sometimes a really epic and mythic-esque movie can give us a glimpse of something greater beyond hum drum reality and evoke in us a sense of the transcendent, for me films like the Matrix, Star Wars, the original Moby Dick(1963) etc. I guess the trick is to hang onto that state.

What practical advice can I give. Most important, get yourself a mystical and spiritual point of view, and then try to see all your life through this lense. i.e. the people around you, relationships, your purpose, what's happening in politices etc. etc. etc. This relates to one of the necessary preconditions of spiritual advancement in Tibetan Buddhist Tantra, i.e. correct metaphysical outlook. But this is a very general thing also and is a feature of all mystical practice in all religions. If you really want to transcend mundane appearances, states of mind and feelings, then it is essential to first recognize, believe and understand that there is a greater reality beyond mudane appearance, that there are higher states of mind and higher states of consciousess or higher feelings. From the kinds of questions you've been asking I sense that you're already heading in this directions. Then you have to re-orient your life to fully accept and integrate into your being and daily experience these aspects of the divine. It's a long and gradual process.

What can you do right now? If you haven't already then take up meditation, breath, body, mantra, yantra any and every and as much as you can. Spend as much time as you can reading and thinking metaphyical and mystical thoughts. Hang out with like minded people, this helps a lot. Finally formulate a purpose for your life that can accomodate all of your mystical and spiritual aspirations. Also Set aside time each day to align yourself to all these activities and actually do them. In a nutshell and in the space of a short email that's the best advice I can give.

Keep in touch!



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