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Concerning the nature of Truth, Belief and Proof

On 25th October L.S from Unknown location wrote:

Have you written and/or published any books? Truth has proof, belief does not is why belief is called belief.  BELIEF can not change truth but TRUTH can change belief.  The number one problem which surrounds all other problems of mankind is truth denial.  Knowing truth can set people free from the bondage of lies and deceptions.  Your comments please, in the interest of truth research, thank you


I replied:

In reply to your first question, my first book is in the pipeline. Up to now I've mainly focused on the public presentations and working on the website which has been the perfect prelude to working on the book. At the same time I'm also currently quite excited by the possibilities involving video and am diverting time learning to exploit the medium of Internet video for the purpose of spreading the message.

As far as I know, it is not the case that truth necessarily implies proof. Godel's celebrated theorem showed us that for any sufficiently non-trivial formal system from which we may derive our proofs, there will always be propositions which are true in that system but which cannot be proven. Instead they have to be added as additional a priori assumptions or axioms. Also any formal system for producing proofs will involve a set of initial axioms or given propositions which themselves cannot be proven but are taken as self evident, that is they are believed to be true. And history has shown that the seemingly most incontrovertable 'truths' have turned out to be completely mistaken, for example Euclid's Fifth postulate. So therefore proof doesn't even necessarily imply truth, there will always be an element of belief and uncertainty involved.

The situation in science is where just about every scientist accepts that nothing can be proven and that scientific theories can only be disproven. Karl Popper is the name usually associated with this line of thinking. So even in science there can be a lot of intuition, guess work and faith involved. We never prove anything about the physical Universe, all we can do is experimental verify or disprove our scientific beliefs.

Descartes famously thought about what he could have certain knowledge of, which lead him to his well known one liner 'I think therefore I am'. He arrived at this conclusion after deciding he could never have any certain knowledge concerning anything to do with so called objective reality because everything we can ever know about the external world is mediated through consciousness so that we never have direct apprehension of the world and therefore there is necessarily an element of faith or belief involved here too. Kant and Berkeley came to the same conclusion and no one has really been able to get around this problem. And so the only thing Descartes could be sure of was that there was some 'thing' or agent cogitating and that this was the 'I am'. So in a sense truth is subjectivity as Kierkegaarde proclaimed. We talked about seemingly incontrovertible truths being overturned, the next seeming certainty to be overturned is Materialism or the Ontological assumption that subjective existence is based on Physical existence, to be replaced by Idealism that it is consciousness that is real and objective reality illusory. See: http://www.iawwai.com/NatureOfReality.htm

So where does this leave us so far. Well, firstly that it is misguided to draw some sharp and mutually exclusive divide between truth and belief. We live in a World of relative and partial truths to which we attach varying levels of strength of belief depending on rational, evidential, political, emotional, prejudicial and myriad other factors. There is a complex interplay between 'truth' and belief, made even more complex by the fact that things or ideas can be true to a lesser or greater extent depending on context, which include semantic contexts, contexts in space and contexts in time.

However there is one truth that is absolute and can be proven. It is the only provable thing about the only thing we can truly know i.e. that we are or I am, following from Descarte. From the only certainty 'I think therefore I am' follows the ultimate question which is 'Who am I?', the answer to which is 'I am God'. This assertion is provable through the direct experience of being God. This is the truth that lies at the heart of all World religion. The experience of being one with God is the ultimate goal described in all Religion, i.e. Moksha, Enlightenment, the Kingdom of Heaven, etc. etc. See: http://www.iawwai.com/TruthBehindReligion.htm

The discussion is going to get a bit mystical. All existence is organized as a Cosmic tree that stretches out through space/time. In relation to this Cosmic tree all things have their meaning, purpose and existence. Matter is organized around points or nodes in this tree which correspond to certain configurations of matter becoming conscious and becoming God. These are points where absolute truth is realized, that is where embodied consciousness becomes God. Around these points radiate the rest of existence and this is the domain of relative and partial truth. The mundane everyday world you inhabit and see around you is one of these domains at a certain scale of consideration i.e. planetary. There is an all encompassing heirarchy of these God points or nodes and at the top of the heirarchy is the node which corresponds to the final state of Cosmic evolution when the entire Universe becomes self organized as a single entity, becomes conscious and realizes that it is God. Lower down the hierarchy are Galactic manifestations of God, lower still planetary manifestations of God and on a human level the phenomenon where people become God. The process of the Universe is a process of the evolution of partial and relative truths, which in a dialectic process compete against one another, combine, mutate and change. This process is convergent upon the points in the Universe where God emerges. As people we are indeed images of the God image but in partial and incomplete form. So as human beings we too are partial and relative truths. Made up of genetic truths, morale truths, truths in what we know and how we behave, but none of these truths being absolute. However when we align ourselves to the perfect image of God then a human may attain the divine whereby the consciousness of that person becomes God and absolute truth is gained and directly apprehended. This is the relationship between partial and relative truth and degrees of belief, versus absolute truth or complete knowing.

It's a beautiful thing this Cosmic tree. Scientists have in recent times come to see the Universe in terms of information. What they are waiting to be told is that this information, that is the basis of the physical Universe and its best description, is itself organized as knowledge. It has been said thousands of years ago that 'As is the Cosmic mind so is the human mind'. I'll add that as knowledge is structured in the human brain, so matter is organized in the physical Universe. The tree of knowledge of the human mind is of the same nature as the tree of knowledge that expresses the organization and hidden structure of the physical Universe. The final theory of the human brain/mind is also the final answer to the question of Epistemology or the question of how do we know what we know. This together with the above discussion about Ontology pretty much provides definitive answers to the two ultimate questions in Philosophy, i.e. Epistemology and Ontology to which all philosophical questions reduce to.

Furthurmore, the final theory of the brain is key to explaining to the World the idea that the mystery of consciousness and the mystery of God are one and the same or the idea that everyone is God. The person who solves this problem is also the person with the sanction and de facto authority to explain to the World the nature of consciousness and so communicate the true nature of God. This ultimate truth that is the experience of being God provides the key to the final Unification of all knowledge as well as the means to reconcile and unify all World Religion. See:
http://www.iawwai.com/UnificationOfRSP.htm http://www.iawwai.com/UnificationOfReligion.htm

The number one problem which surrounds all other problems of mankind is the problem that we don't know who we really are i.e. God. It has been said that 'The truth will set you free'. It is also true that the revelation of the truth that everyone is God, apart from enabling all the unifications described above, is also the key to the next great spiritual revival, peace on Earth and the bringing together of human kind in a way that directly challenges the coming global tyranny and as you put it the 'bondage of lies and deception'. Also a spiritually united humanity is the necessary condition if we are to have a hope of saving the planet and creating a World free of tyranny, injustice and iniquity.

The conditions of the World are ripe now for the truth that everyone is God to emerge. That's what we're all about. I have also been working on a theory of the brain since age 17. It's mostly finished. What I need to do now is to express my theory in formal language and implement it as software to demonstrate its properties. I'll use this as a platform for explaining to the World the everyone is God. Hopefully the revenues obtained from the commercialization of the algorithmization of the theory will help finance the mission to spread the truth Worldwide and to spark a true spiritual revival and restoration of World Religion.

I'll leave it at that for the time being. If you want truth then stayed tuned,

Best wishes



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