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A request to film the talks and the exciting possiblities of using video as a medium for communicating sacred truths

On 12th October, Paige Kaye from Santa Barbera USA wrote:

Wow, I am so thrilled to hear you speak. I started reading your website and it is like finding home. I have been thinking this way without the sophistication to verbalize it forever. I've been in the Christian Science and Religous Science churches and those are great, as is the Kundalini Yoga I studied and the community groups I have gathered with. You yake that even further. Thank you.

That you can acknowlege experience as the link and conscioousness being the science... wow, how can I help? I really want to live and breathe the energy and power of this work. I am so grateful to touch into a world where religion does integrate into a coherent whole with science. Where we accept consciousness as the bridge between thought and experience, where you KNOW a person's real identity is ultimately God... wow, wow, wow. Let's spread the word and empower people to live fully!

On a more serious note, I'd love to videotape you when you speak. I have a good amount of equiipment and can frame this into a compelling video where viewers can see you and are riveted to the screen. I have a small production company - KPRadvisors.com.
Thank you


I replied:

Hi Paige

Greetings from the UK. Thanks for your positive feedback and encouraging comments.

Yes, it's very exciting to be involved in this sort of thing, my work is also my spiritual journey and mythic/mystic odyssey. And it's a very exciting time to be living in right now, in that finally the truth which has been hidden for so long(since the beginning of time) can finally be spoken of directly and rationally, also convincingly and compellingly. Of course it will still be a challenge to communicate the truth to a lot of people and to a lot of others the exercise is futile. At the same time I believe that in our lifetimes, we may set in motion a process which will lead inevitably to the truth being commonly accepted and eventually becoming the dominant world spiritual and philosophical outlook. Also I believe that science will totally embrace and be made complete by the mystical dimension. And that it is the destiny of science to become sacred once again. This process has already started. Furthurmore I also believe that the truth that 'Everyone is God' and the correct interpretation of the prophecies(which are happening now) are the neccesary keys to saving the planet, unifying World religion, defeating the coming one World tyranny and creating a better, more just and fairer Global village.

I've come to realize in the past year, how video will be such an important medium for communicating these kinds of ideas far and wide. Of course the written word is powerful but a lot of people don't read very much, however almost everyone watches video in one form or another. I put a dozen or so clips on YouTube in February taken from footage of some talks I did last year, that were made by my girlfriend using a cheap DV camera placed in the back of the speaking venues; not expecting that many people would watch them. To my surprise they've been watched over 35,000 times, this is with no promotion or publicity. This really got me thinking about the possibilities involving internet video. So over the past year I taught myself how to use Premiere Pro and I've been accumulating a lot of video equipment, i.e. lights, blue/green screen gear and just bought a better camera, just a hi end consumer model(Sony HDR SR7). I am  about to make short scripted presentations for YouTube. Over the past few days I've been editing footage from a talk I did last week, this time filmed with 2 cameras and with much better sound. I also put all the diagrams I used in the talk into the video by superimposing it over the live footage. Should be posting the new stuff up on YouTube over the next few days. I wish I had access to your expertise right now.

So it is very synchronous to receive your email. You're most welcome to film the talks but from looking at your website I guess that you're based in California. So it'll be quite a distance for you to come to London to film the talks. However we should keep in touch and exchange ideas. I know there'll be a lot of scope for future collaboration. We may even be able to work out a way of doing stuff together over the Internet. Are you on facebook? if you are send me an invite my email is wai.tsang69@gmail.com

Also I'd like to put this reply and with your permission your email and name on the IAQ/Correspondence section of the website. They both contain some nice keywords for the search engines to find.

Till next contact Kindest regards


Paige wrote back:

That's fabulous that you have jumped into video. We use Premiere here also so it may be possible if you edit your Raw video and then need more polish or help in some way that we could help even at a distance. We can talk more about the technology of that if it comes up, but it's at least possible with the same platform and projects and we do have an FTP site for video transfer.

I wish I could get to London, perhaps I need to start intending that, and if I can will certainly let you know. Here in California there are a lot of progressives and I could get you a speaking forum and probably draw 1000 people or so. I participate in a series called Mind Supermind. Here is a link. We do get some great speakers and I am sure they would love to have you http://ce.sbcc.edu/psychology.htm - do let me know what it would take to make that happen.

I can't wait to see your new videos. You are so right, people don't read much, video is key. Of course you may post my comments and contact info. I am excited to help grow this message anyway I can.

I literally got chills when I read >" I believe that science will > totally embrace and be made complete by the mystical dimension." Yes, I think know day is coming (hope it is in my lifetime) and will be one of the first keys to establishing both inner peace and Peace on the planet.

Thank you again for you work and insight.


I replied:

Hi Paige

It's extremely synchronous and amazing to have made a connection with you. Just this week, days ago, at the church where I work, quite randomly I was talking to a lady from Canada but originally from Norway who has lived absolutely everywhere. I told her what I did. She told me I would do very well in the US and she kept stressing to me that California is the place that would be most responsive to the kind of things I talked about. It's so strange, just last Wednesday I did a talk, which I'm currently editing the video for, where I talked about synchronities. And in the days since that synchronicities have been happening at an unpredented rate. Cosmic indeed.

To set up a talk in California, If I've understood you correctly, is pretty straight forward. Pay my air fair, arrange some accomodation(doesn't have to be flash) and give me about 6 weeks notice so I can arrange some holiday time at work.

The possibliites with video are so many and varied. In no time with the proliferation of video on mobile phones, ipods, over the internet; the medium is going to almost ubiquitous, at least in the industrialized/industrializing  countries and even in much of the third World. My video efforts and plans have been rather inspired by our interaction.

Also it's so amazing, that now the talks are being videoed, you do the talk once and it literally gets watched everyday by dozens of people all over the World, with no promotion or publicity whatsoever. There's something quite magical about technology even you understand how it works.  Anyway... better start the day and do some video editing.

Kindest regards


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