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What do Psychiatrists say to you?

On 27th December 2007, Maxim from somewhere in Russia:

Dear Wai,

I have read a several chapters from your web-syte. It seems you have been in psychosis when you observed etymology of your name in different sources. What do psychiatrists say to you?

My name is Maxim. I saw it in the various companies'brands (journals, food etc). If I start to think that all of these sources tell me my way it will destruct my life absolutely.

You are probably know the Sting's song "Field of Gold". How do you remind you the God voice?

Hopefully you are well.

I do not hope to get feedback, but at least this letter can help to understand yourself better.

another Missier,


I Replied:

Hi Maxim

Sorry about this late reply, I've got a bit of a backlog of mail from the website to clear.

What do psychiatrists say to me? Well, I know 3 who are rather sympathetic to my work and one of them fully believes that her real identity is God. Generally speaking psychiatrists and psychologists who are into the writings of Jung and 'Transpersonal Psychology', will tend to have more of an affinity for mystical and spiritual ideas. Though of course not all psychiatrists and psychologists are open to these sorts of things and many not at all. Over the years many workers involved in the mind sciences, including psychiatrists, psychologists and cognitive scientists, artificial intelligence people etc. have come to my lectures or else have written to me through the website. Many of them are very interested in the parallels between some of the great puzzles of science and ancient mystical ideas. In particular the notion the the great mystery of Consciousness and the mystery of the nature of God, are one and the same. It has been said that, 'If the truth can told in a way that can be understood then it will be believed', This is what I do through my talks and writings.

I remember walking home from a party one night about five years ago with a psychiatrist, incidentally the party was full of brain and mind professionals associated with London's Institute of Psychiatry. Anyway I told him I believed I had schizotypal tendencies. He told me I was one of the most well adjusted people he'd ever met. Since that time I've learned more about real psychosis and have encountered proper cases of Schizophrenia and Schizotypal personality disorder. With the benefit of experience some of my wilder periods in the past seem like rather mild aberrations. As a youth I might have considered the idea of being some crazed derranged deviant renegade as something of a romantic notion and may have even consciously tried to gravitated myself towards this state. In a more sober analysis with the benefit of hind sight, these days I satisfy myself with being merely strangely eccentric.

Concerning the WAI Abraxas experience and the meaning of your name. Not all names are equally meaningful and not all people will encounter the sorts of strange coincidences or synchronities that I have experienced. It is also true that meaning is in the eye of the beholder. Also meaning is relation to ones destiny and purpose. The fact that the letters IAW presented to me as WAI that night is a Gnostic/Judeao/Egyption God name and the fact that the purpose of my life is to communicate the Gnostic truth that a person's real identity is God, I'd say this is pretty meaningful. Only a fool would fail to see the connection. I'm sorry your name doesn't have a higher meaning for you that's just the way it goes. You're probably right that it has no bearing for your destiny. More generally it's a good thing to see the Universe as imbued with meaning and messages from the mystery. Some of the greatest historical figures managed their great achievements because they were open to the mystery and its signs.

I believe that a narrow and closed mind is great mental deficiency. It stops people from seeing the bigger picture and grasping higher truths. It also limits people in their potential. Perhaps one day the psychiatrists will have a cure for this problem.

Concerning the Sting song, I don't know it. I don't really like his Solo stuff though I do like a lot of songs by the Police.

Regards Wai



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