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Is the World supposed to end?

On May 28th 2008, Chris from the U.S.A. wrote:

Is the world supposed to end? Or are we supposed to realize we are god and save it?


I replied:

Hi Chris

Thanks for your email. Is the World supposed to end? Well I suppose it will have to end one day when the Sun expands/explodes or when the Universe comes to an conclusion. But that's not what I'm talking about on the website. What I'm describing here is the end of a time cycle or the end of an age. All time happens in cycles, from the seconds on a watch, the beating of our hearts, the cycle of birth/death/rebirth, the cycling of night and day and the changing of the seasons. And the ultimate the Cosmic cycle of the birth, conclusion and renewing of the entire Universe.

The Cycle that is ending imminently and definitely within our lifetimes and in this generation is quite a large one for it encompasses all of recorded human history. And this grand finale, but not ultimate ending, is what the prophecies contained in most of the major religions of the World is all about.

Though the World isn't going to end, none the less, there are going to be major upheavals and calamities that will be unfolding, and indeed are already starting to unfold right now but on a smaller scale than what is to come. These are the birth pains of a new age. So one cycle ends and another cycle begins. At the point of transition, major changes occur that lay the ground and set the scene for the new cycle. So even though the World doesn't end, the World as we know it today will change dramatically. These changes will be political, cultural, technological, environmental and importantly spiritual. An important catalyst for the spiritual transition will be the spreading and greater acceptance of the idea that a person's real identity is God. This 'Apocalypse' in the literal sense, i.e. unvieling of the hidden thing (that is the truth behind all World religion) is the necessary key to the revival of true religion, the unification of religion and the unification of religion with science and philosophy. This will provide the foundation for the central ideology of the New Epoch, an ideology for a peaceful, happy planet and tyranny free One World Order. The belief that everyone is God, apart from being the ultimate self affirmation and ultimate statement about the sanctity of human life, has also built into it the idea of mutual respect and also the ideal of egalitarianism. So in effect the idea that everyone is God is one that implicitly opposes Tyranny and Oppression, at the same time supporting the values of Equal Oppurtunity and Democracy.

And yes, in reply to the second part of your question. The revelation that everyone is God goes hand in hand with the notion that the Messiah is within, that is really up to all of us to play the role of World Saviour. When we stop looking for God outside of ourselves, so it is that we no longer hold out for the hope that some outside agency will appear to sort out the problems of this World, i.e. the Coming One World Order, the problems relating to the environment and spiritual also political problems that we're facing. We stop escaping into fantasies like Jesus appearing in Sky to save us or the UFOs finally landing and fixing the planet on our behalf.

I believe that the spiritual mystical path of the 21st century, cannot be properly considered in isolation of the political, social and environmental problems of this World. I also believe that the correct and only truly effective path to enlightment and attaining the Holy Grail of mystical union with God, i.e. to realize our true nature, is one that fully involves the spiritual aspirant with engagement with the World and it's problems. So yes, I believe and hope that people will realize that they're God in large numbers, then go on to do things to save the planet, fight the coming world tyranny and create a better, fairer, more just World; in the knowledge that what they're doing are sacred acts of worship, partaking of the divine in order to obtain the transcendent.

Regards Wai



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