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If you believe all this stuff what would be your religious alliliation?

On 13th of March 2008, K.L. from Wisconsin U.S.A. wrote:

Just a quick question. If you believe all this stuff what would be your religious affiliation. Mystisims? or something like that?


I replied:

Hi K.

Nice to hear from you.

There's probably not a simple well known expression to express someone who believes the kind of things expressed on the website. However an approximation might be something along the lines of 'Universalist Gnostic' (Universalist- someone who believes all religion is really one and gnosis- to know). Sometimes the expression 'non-dualist' or 'monist' is used. Perhaps esotericist or yes mystic. But really non of these labels is satisfactory and non of them sounds either catchy or sexy. If you think up a good name then let me know, I'm still trying to come up with one.

Best wishes




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